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He's surprised when he feels the redhead's cold fingers against his.

Yuki wasn't usually the type to initiate the small touches or intimate words that were so few and far between them, especially in public. Then again, the chilly train was empty today, filled with only two passengers and their tiny clouds of breath.

So, when Yuki's hand slowly, anxiously, curled around his, entwining their fingers together, Natsuki sent him a glance out of the corner of his eye.

His redhead was focused on the dirtied train floor, cherry cheeks from the cold and the embarrassment, using his free hand to fiddle with his backpack's handle on his lap. 'Is this okay? Can I hold your hand?' was what Natsuki understood from his companion's lip-biting.

As he looks forward once again, out the window to a setting sun, a small sigh puffs out of his reddening nose and an equally tiny smile graces his lips. His fingers tighten ever-so-slightly around Yuki's in reassurance, 'Yes, you can.'

Inspired by a post on Imagine Your OTP. I should do more of these drabbles.