Title: Assigned Beds
Author: DaletheChu was my name once upon a time but I used iantojjackh now to match my LJ name.

Characters: John, Rodney, Ronon

Summary: It's the same beds every damn time.
Rating: T
Notes: I know it has been forever and a day since I've written SGA, but a prompt muse struck me and this was the result. This was written for comment-fic prompt- he/she tried not to think to hard about the fact that he/she/the team had their own designated beds in the infirmary. And I survived Superstorm Sandy in one piece as did my family.

Assigned Beds

"You know McKay if you didn't whine and complain so much they wouldn't keep putting us away from the other patients," John looked at the men to each side of him.

"He's right. Every time we come here, it's nonstop complaining," Ronon chimed in.

"We wouldn't be here all the time if you two didn't rush into things without thinking. It's a wonder we haven't been killed yet. In the seven years we've been here, we've had to be treated three hundred times because of stupidity on one or both of your parts. That's right, today makes that special mark. Congrats to us for such a momentous achievement. When we hit four hundred they are going to have golden plaques with our names fitted to the foot of these beds," Rodney ranted in his typical manor. His face was flushed as he crossed his arms over his chest and refused to look at his teammates, knowing one day their luck would eventually run out.

"Stuff it, Rodney. Get some sleep," John did not want to admit that the blustery astrophysicist was right, knowing he would never hear the end of it. He did not want to point out that the three of them had been placed into the same beds every time for the last five years. It did not do well to dwell on such thoughts as long as they were put in these same beds they always made it through. Why mess with what works?