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"My best friend's got a boyfriend, my best friend's got a boyfriend!" Trish sang, making Ally smile and roll her eyes. They were sitting at the food court in Miami Mall, pondering on what to eat, Ally clicking and clacking away on her laptop. The Latina had been singing that all week.

"Okay, Trish, I think everyone gets it now," Ally said. "What do you wanna eat? We've got a lot of choices here. Chik-Fil-A, Subway, Taco Bell…"

"I don't know, you pick." Trish rested her hand against her cheek.

"Noooo, I picked the last time. It's your turn."

"You're helping me manage my diet. If you let me pick, you'll regret it later."

"I trust your judgment."

"You reeeallly shouldn't."

Ally's phone buzzed.

"What does Austin want now?" Trish asked.

"How do you know its Austin? It could be someone else!" Ally defended.

Trish arched an eyebrow. "Oh really? Check your phone then."

Ally reluctantly picked up her phone, unlocking her screen to read the text, which was indeed from the blonde. She avoided Trish's smug gaze as she typed a response.

"Since we can't choose, then why don't we let the boys choose?" Ally suggested.

"They're here, aren't they?" Trish said flatly.

Ally nodded, and she couldn't help it as a huge smile spread across her face. She continued doing whatever she was doing on her laptop. When Trish looked around to see the screen, she saw that Ally was on the Entertain Me Tonight website, checking out some of the latest stories.

"Hey, guys!" Dez called out then as he and Austin approached the table. Austin came up from behind Ally, wrapping his arms around her, making her smile.

"Hey," said Trish as Dez sat next to her. "Pick what we're gonna eat, will ya? I'm starving!" She said impatiently. The two looked over as Austin swooped down and gave Ally an over-the-shoulder kiss on the lips.

"You guys couldn't pick?" Austin asked, exchanging glances with Dez, and he felt Ally shake her head, her hair brushing against his chin. He stood up straight, hands lingering on Ally's shoulders before he sat down next to her. "Hmm. How 'bout…" He looked around the food court, eyeing each option that they had. He was about to suggest Chik-Fil-A since it was one of his favorite fast food places when he spotted something else.

Or someone else.

A girl had caught his eye, making him blink several times to make sure that she was really standing there. She had long blonde hair, but it wasn't as blonde as the bright shade of his. If he were to describe the shade, it would be a unique mix of bronze and sandy brown. She was also tall, with a thin physique, and hazel brown eyes. Wearing a graphic tee half tucked in her daisy duke shorts and brown boots, she was wandering around the food court, trying to figure out what she was gonna eat, like they were.

"…Cassidy?" he finished his sentence in disbelief, making his friends and girlfriend whip their heads around to look.

"What's she doing here?" Trish thought out loud.

"Wasn't she still on tour with her band?" Dez wondered next.

"What if she's back to take up Austin's offer for that date?" Ally murmured quietly, and Austin heard her. Sensing her discomfort, he intertwined their fingers, gently squeezing them. Ally looked over at him, and he gave her one of his lopsided smiles that always made her want to smile back.

Apparently, Austin's outburst was loud enough for Cassidy herself to hear, making her head snap up and look in his direction. She rose a hand, smiling and waving at him.

Austin beckoned her over.

"Austin!" Ally whispered to him. "What're you doing?"

"Just trust me, Alls." Austin kissed her cheek, making them redden.

Cassidy approached the table.

"Hey, guys," she said, smiling. "Long time no see, eh?"

Team Austin said their hellos at different speeds, Ally less enthusiastic. She was so nervous now, feeling automatically intimidated by the tall beauty.

"Is your band off tour, or…?" Trish said to her.

Cassidy's smile fell. "Yeah…about that. 'S why I'm back in town."

"Did something happen?" Austin asked with concern.

Cassidy's eyebrows scrunched down. "Yeah. You know T-Fame?"

Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez made identical facial expressions of disgust.

"Yeah, we know that no good-dirty rotten-pig stealing-great-great-" Dez started up until Trish interrupted with, "This isn't Holes, moron."

"T-Lame and the rest of us have history," Austin explained to Cassidy. "First he pretended to like Trish and be her boyfriend just so he could be my backup dancer. Then he has the nerve to come back-"

"And steal my song," Ally added in a growl.

"And steal my video techniques," Dez pouted. "I knew he was up to something!"

"Even though we got him back-well, technically the bees did," Austin continued, "he's still as famous as I am. Always in competition against us."

"Wait a minute…" Cassidy looked down at Ally. "T-Fame stole your song?"

Ally nodded.

Cassidy placed her hand over her chest. "He stole my song."

Ally's nervousness suddenly faded into something more sincere and friendly. "He did?"

Cassidy nodded. "Yeah, and we were also a part of the same record label-kinda like 'friendly competition' and all that. That jerk stopped by the studio-said he was 'just listening' to me and my band. Next thing you know, when it was time to perform the song to the head boss, he performed the song his way and the others loved it! I tried to tell them that it was mine, but they took me for a liar and dropped us from the label."

"You mean his so-called hit, 'Wanna Give It My All'?" Trish asked, and Cassidy nodded again.

"The band blamed me for it all and kicked me out. So now it's just me."

"We're so sorry about that," Austin said.

"I swear, the next time I see Trent…" Trish cracked her knuckles.

"Don't strain yourself, sweetie," Dez said, patting her shoulder, and she shot him a look, making him cower back in his seat.

"Wanna have lunch with us?" Austin offered, then he looked around the table. "That is, if it's okay with you guys?" His eyes fell on Ally last as he fell silent. Dez and Trish were cool about it, nodding in agreement and saying, "Sure" at different speeds. Ally took more time to think about her decision.

Okay, so I guess she's not so bad...she thought. She's not doing what I thought she would, and she seems like she's telling the truth. Since T-Lame destroyed her hopes and dreams, it wouldn't be a problem for her to hang out with us, right? I mean, she's so nice and he's so...just ugh! He's gonna pay for messing with my friend! she even my friend? It would be nice to have another gal-pal, maybe become a part of a little girl trio, like in the movies. Hmm.

Oh, I can't just say no! What kind of person would I be?

"Of course she can join us," Ally said, smiling up at Cassidy, who returned it. "Go grab a chair, Cassidy."