Hey you guys, I made a REPLAY. Inspired by Magmared, ILovedogs12, Chidori Minami, and Shayminmarx. It is about Dina and her friend Todd. Read to find everything else out.

Dina the Champion: a Fossil Fighters Replay

Hi I am Dina Solis. I am in the 6th grade and I am 11 years old. I have long blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. My best friend is Todd Tucker. He has mousy brown hair and an archaeologist's hat. His family is CRAZY. His dad is a monster truck driver and a bodybuilder. His mom is small and loves to cook anything. I kind of feel bad for his mom, because when they kiss, I bet his mom needs a stepstool. I mean Todd's dad is 6'7''. He is tall. Anyways it is summer. Well let me tell you where I live. I live in a small town. RICH people live there. I am not saying I'm rich but I have money. My dad's a lawyer. He gets 190 dollars an hour and he works a 5 hour shift. It's cool. Anyways I am at my house.

"Hey mom can I go to Todd's house," I asked my mom.

"Sure," she said as she cooked breakfast. My mom had long wavy blonde hair. She was an average height for an adult. She was 5'11''. She was wearing her usual sundress.

"You are going to there house again!" my dad says walking with his usual tuxedo on.

"Dad, why can't I," I said.

"Well, his families crazy," he said.

"Crazy!" I said.

"Yeah, well his dad. His dad is just crazy. Why would he put his poor son through his special training," my dad said. I shuddered. That was really hardcore training.

"Well, Todd doesn't mind anymore," I said.

"Well, still. That is just really cruel," he said.

"Can I please go," I said.

"No," he said. Never get in a fight with a lawyer. You will lose, especially to my dad. He will literally win any argument.

"Here honey, don't you want a cinnamon roll," my mom asked.

"No, I'm on a diet," my dad said.

"Liar," my mom muttered under her breath. When my dad gets to work he pigs out on anything. But he is still tall and skinny. I have no idea how he does that. My mom get's jealous when she gains five punds and my dad loses five.

"Well, see you guys," he said.

"Bye dad," I said.

"Bye," he said suspiciously. Right when he left the door my mom said…

"Why yes, you may go to Todd's house." Todd's mom and my mom were best friends since preschool.

"Thanks mom," I said. I helped myself to a cinnamon roll and left. I got on my bike and rode down the street. I then stopped at Todd's house and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Tucker opened the door.

"Hello Dina, come on in," she said.

"Thank you," I said and walked in. Mr. Tucker was working out. I gaped at him. He was doing those ab crunches. He had no shirt on. I mean, one time he went to a formal party at my house. He had a dress shirt on. It looked like it fit but his tie covered the unbuttoned parts. Todd was playing the X-Box.

"Todd, Dina's here," his mom said.

"Yay," he said and ran toward me.

"Again," Tina, Todd's older sister said as she came out of her room.

"Uhhhhh, yeah," we said.

"Are you heading to Tribal Peak?" Tina said.

"Yes," we said.

"Did you know wild vivosaurs live on that mountain," she said.

"Awesome," we said.

"Well have fun and don't get killed," she said.

Then the doorbell rang.

"Yes, Mark is here!" she said. Mark was her boyfriend. He was pretty hot. Then Todd and I went to get our bikes.

"Hey remember the story Tina told us," I said.

"The high school one," Todd said.

"Yep," I said.

"Tell me it," he said as we pedaled.

"She said she hates all of the ids younger then her," I said.

"Yeah," Todd said.

"She gave us classifications on each year, FRESHMAN: Quote: I got more swag then you. Sophomore: Why do freshmen think they are so cool? Junior: what is wrong with the little kids? Senior: Yes, screw this school and everybody, we are leaving this dump!" I said.

"She's a senior but she is going to become a model," Todd said.

"Tell her good luck because wearing 10000 pounds of makeup isn't going to help," I said.

"Yeah," Todd said. Then we got to the foot of Tribal Peak. We set our bikes down I climbed up. We got really high and we saw Seaside Canyon. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!

"Hurry up Dina," Todd said.

"Coming," I said.

"Wild vivosaurs live up here!" Todd said.

"I am not deaf Todd I listen to your sister as much as I hate her," I said.

"Yeah, but race you to he top!" Todd said and took off.

"Cheater," I yelled. Then I took off. Then we got to the top of the mountain.

"No fair Dina, you are like an Olympic runner," Todd said panting.

Then we looked around.

"Where are the vivosaurs?" I asked.

"Tina must've lied to me!" Todd said. Then we heard thumping. It got louder and louder.

"What is that," Todd asked freaked out. Then a blue dinosaur popped out of the bushes.

"That's…that's an ALLOSAURUS!" Todd shrieked.

"Run," I said.

"TAKE DINA NOT ME!" Todd screamed. We took off and we soon found ourselves at the edge of the cliff.

"WE ARE GOING TO DIE," Todd said as the Allo got closer and closer. Then we heard a shriek.


"Wait, there's a man on it," I said. It got closer and the man became visible.

"Jump on pardners," he said.

"Wait," Todd said.

"Baby," I said and jumped on to Ptera.

"Phew," Todd said.


"What," he said. I made my voice squeaky and said,


"I didn't sound like that," Todd said.

"Yeah you did!" I said. Then we landed on the ground. Todd came to his senses.

"OMG YOU ARE JOE WILDWEST!" Todd said sounding like a crazed fan girl, like the ones I see at the One-Direction concert.

Todd ran up and hugged Joe. "Good that you know my part," Joe said.

"Yeah, Dina and I are huge fans," Todd said.

"Cool," Joe said. Then we heard a roar.

"That Allo is madder then a sack full o' hornets," Joe said.

"Yeah," I said.

"We need to take it out in battle, how about you small fry," Joe said looking at Todd.

"Uhh," Todd said.

"I'll even lend you my vivosaurs," he said.

"Oooooh, my stomach, it shouldn't have been that rotten banana I ate this morning," Todd said.

"Todd, your mom gave you cereal," I said.

"Well anyways, how about you Dina," he said.

"Okay," I said.

"Choose on that strikes yer fancy," Joe said showing me four dino medals. The green one glowed for a little.

"I choose that green one," I said.

"That's an Aerosteon," he said.

"Cool," I said. Then I heard a voice in my head.

Thanks for choosing me it said.

Your welcome I said.

Then I let it out. "You are going down Allo!" I said.

"Well I would show you how to battle..." Joe said.

"No thanks, I got this!" I said.

"Okay then," Joe said.

I beat that Allo in two hits.

Hey Aeros, can I call you Windblast I asked.

Yes he said.

Then Joe talked about wild vivosaurs. I was too busy having a conversation with Windblast.

"Oh here, here is your dino medal," I said sadly.

"No you may keep it," he said.

"Awesome," I said.

"Awwww man, if only if my stupid stomach didn't hurt," Todd said.

"Anyways, I must mosey down this trail for more vivosaurs," Joe said.

"Adios," Joe said.

"Bye," we said.

"Hey next time we see Joe we will become full fledged fossil fighters," Todd said.

"Deal," I said giving him a high five.


EMILY: Calm down 1T1S1T



Me: Okay

Emily: So we got a new friend named Dina

Dina: Wuz up

Me: Anyways I will update soon!

Dina: Yep