Dina the Champion

Me: I am so freakin' sorry guys. I was invisible for so long. So I decided to update my stories. Well I am now going to Dina

Dina: Ok, let's do the reviews!

Me: Okay.

Trin: Good chapter, loved the title

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Rupert better not hurt my best friend I thought as we went to the snotty boy.

"Hey can we battle you?" Todd asked.

"What?" Rupert asked.

"Can we battle you?" Todd asked.

"We," Rupert said.

"Fine, can I battle you," Todd said.

"I have no time for your nonsense," Rupert said.

"This is not nonsense," Todd said as his voice cracked.

"Fine, you want to battle me, and then remember your mommy isn't here so you can't run to her," Rupert said.

"Just get to the battle guys," I said annoyed.

"Fine," Todd said readying his Stego dino medal.

"Prepare to lose," Rupert said holding two dino medals out. He threw them out in the air. His silver hair flowed with the wind.

WTF brain I said.

Ha-ha Wind Blast said.

Very funny I said.

You're right, it's not funny, it's HILARIOUS Finn, my Shoni said.

You too I groaned. I ignored their talking and watched Rupert battle. He had a Mapo and a Raja. Todd only had a Stego. I knew Todd had to attack Mapo, because Mapo was in range. Instead, my dim-witted best friend attacked Raja, who was not in range, and was way stronger than Stego.

"Use Spike Tail," Todd yelled. I face palmed. Well Stego missed.

"Use Raja Fang," Rupert yelled.

Damn, his voice is sexy I said.

OMFG, that is funny both of my vivosaurs said.

Stop it I said.

Anyways, Raja beat Stego in one hit. Todd fell to the ground and picked up his Dino Medal.

"How did you win," he asked.

"Well, Raja was out of range, Mapo would have been a much better target because of it's type," Rupert said.

"Type?" Todd asked.

"Oh dear, this is bad," Rupert said.

"What?" Todd asked.

"Well, your Stego is an air, air is weak against earth, earth is weak against fire, fire is weak against water, and water is weak against air. Then there is one type that has no affect. It is neutral," Rupert said annoyed.

"Oh, I get it now," Todd said.

"Yeah, now I must go train my vivosaurs even more, I have no time for the likes of you two peasants," Rupert said. I got mad.

"Dina, don't," Todd said. I ignored him.

"Hey what are you doing," Rupert asked. I didn't answer. I balled up my fists.

"Are you ready to get a facelift," I asked.

"What?" Rupert asked confused. He looked pale. Oh wait, he already was. Then I punched Rupert in the face. He screamed and fell in the water.

"What a drama queen," I said annoyed.

Go Dina my vivosaurs yelled. I bet they were eating popcorn.

"Now please GTFO of my face," I said.

"You know what, I am not ever going to be seeing you again, you are like rotten plum pudding," Rupert said.

"Well, I will see you, in the cup," I said.

"Sure," he said sarcastically.

"Do you want me to stab you with your own ribs," I asked.

"No," Rupert said and took off.

"WTF Dina," Todd said.

"Somebody is crying to daddy," I said.

"Good job," Todd said. Then our paleopager's rang.

Round 1 of the Caliosteo Cup is starting. Dina's opponent is Todd.

"Noooooooo," Todd yelled.

"This sucks," I said.

"Boo man, I wanted to battle you in the finals," Todd said.

"Well no use fighting," I said.

"Yeah," Todd said.

"Well you are going to be my rival now until we finish the Round," I said.

"Alright," Todd said. We did our best-friend high-five. Then we ran to the lobby. Devon was standing there.

"I expect to see flames shoot out of the stadium," he said.

"Thanks," I said and ran to the door that leads into the common room.

I entered and ran to Todd.

Me: Hey guys, so sorry about the cliffy but I was in no mood to finish. I have writers block and I am in pain. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Florida. (I live in California). And I was riding one of the horses they had. Well my luck, I chose the evil horse. It bucked me off and I landed on a barbed wire fence. I got stitches on my arm. It is PAINFUL.

Dina: Well it's okay because I beat up Rupert

Me: Sorry Rupert fans

Dina: They're okay, Rupert only has a black eye

Me: Next time break his arm

Rupert: I am right here you guys!

Me: We said give him a break, his arm hurts

Dina: *nods*

Rupert: Okay, but now review and favorite

Dina: That's my line

Me: It's fine

Dina: :(

Me: Well no bad comments are allowed!


Me: Or put your head in a blender

Dina: Or BOTH

Me: Let's get Rupert