A/N: I have quoted a few lines from the episode Damaged. This is unbetaed. All mistakes are mine. Hope you enjoy!

"You know that nothing can ever happen between us."

Those words cut through him worse than any torture he had received while he was on the island. She had been the one thing that had gotten him through the darkest days and loneliest nights. She was the one person that he had needed to see most when he finally returned, not just to atone for his sins.

"Why don't you hate me?" The question was asked so quietly it was nearly breathed out. He could handle hate, even welcomed indifference but compassion broke down his wall. It broke his heart to see the tears in Laurel's eyes that threatened to fall at any moment. He had caused that and more, yet she was still here with him. This visit he could tell was not out of duty or wanting to prove a point. She genuinely cared – for him. He hadn't planned on that.

"I did." Laurel answered. "For a long time I did. I was so focused on what had happened to my family I didn't think about what was happening to you. I didn't know about the torture, the scars. I need to see."

"Are you sure?" Oliver asked as Laurel stepped forward. Oliver could smell the light, floral perfume she wore. He stood still as she examined his scars. "Oliver how did you survive this?"

"Sometimes, I wanted to die, but I found out there was something I wanted more." Oliver stood still for a moment the tension between them like a coiled spring ready to explode at any moment. At the moment that their lips meet he felt at home for the first time since his arrival. He had longed for this moment for so long and to have it finally happen was almost too much to comprehend. But, just as quickly as it begun, it was over. Laurel quickly headed to the door.

"Laurel, you don't have to leave." He whispered to the room as she paused only slightly before continuing out the door.

The sound of Diggle opening the door brought Oliver out of his reverie as his mask fell back into place. It was not to be and he had things to accomplish.