Elliot Enchanted

Chapter 1: Prolouge

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Hey guys! Thank you to everyone who took my poll that allowed this story to exist. Just for an extra warning Char is still a male and so this is a Gay story. Now on to the story!

It was known throughout the land of Frell that Lucinda the fairy godmother gave horrible gifts. Sometimes she turned children into to squirrels or other small creatures. There was no exact reason as to why she did it but she did and made many people miserable while she was at it. But she had never cast a spell as horrible as she did on the fateful day of Elliot's birth. You see Elliot did not get turned into any kind of small creature nor was he changed in appearance at all. However in many peoples minds it would have been a much better fate then what had befallen oor Elliot. Because you see Elliot had accidentally gave Lucinda a idea. One that she got after he through up on her and then wouldn't stop crying. The idea that turned into Lucinda's gift and later into Elliot's curse was that he should always be obedient. He had no choice but to follow orders and for a while this made Elliot quit miserable. Until one day that was followed by a strange series of events. Events that would change Elliot's life forever. And that my friends is where our story begins.