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There is a stage in one's life when questions arise and emerge from behind the curtain of gloom, the hidden place where the demons thrive housed by the worst of dreams. Only this was no mere illusion and, though many times I fought to believe this all to be a deception, the scene was not changing anytime soon. Not this time, for instead the story was taking me elsewhere…and to a place I never imagined I would face until decades from now.

I could only ask myself: "How did it all manage to turn out this way?", "What did I do to deserve this?" And "Why?"

The latter request rang through my mind, echoing through this prism, into my memories, and only then to break this falling stone into a million shattered dreams. Whenever I gazed into my image, I beheld a cracked reflection of a man where only a fraction was recognizable. I was never the philosophical type, since that was Touma's jurisdiction, but now it seemed that was all I could do. Time was of the essence and that was all I had left, and time and essence called for inner reflection as I tried to piece what was left together… And, terrifyingly, the sands of time were quickly passing through my hourglass.

I found myself powerless with these shackles, drained of my strength, forlorn, and locked away within this hell.

Funny, I have never been so afraid yet so alive in all my life. It's just—I have never imagined it would all come to this, that it would all end this way—but then again, I rarely ever imagined anything to start with. I rolled with the punches, took life as it came, and lived in the moment rather than dream-gazing into the future or wallowing in the past outside melancholy lane. I was a BIG PICTURE kind of guy, so you know, rather than one who focused on the trivial particulars located in one spot of the image.

I did not just live for myself, either; I lived and fought for everyone. I took it all on because I had to and without question, because I knew that if I balked I would find myself knee deep in shit. One thing must be considered and never forgotten: I was thrust into the midst of wars and, within wars, one kicks ass and asks the questions later. In fact, I was born for war, built for war, and born in war; moreover in rigidness yet self-realized to be fluid. No matter the obstacle, or the foe, I took each on indomitably—but all that had changed and quite suddenly; like the majestic dunes of Thar, the Great Indian Desert. And like old times, it all caved in around me, what I thought was solid ground, and trying to look the other way was completely futile when once is incapable of turning around.

It has been near a decade since Arago's defeat and half that time since we have drifted apart. These days, I hardly ever see a hide or hair of my best buddy; much less ever hear from Shin either way. Ryou still keeps in touch, and from him I get updates on Touma. Naste and Jun are frequent visitors, like family, especially Jun whom I had enrolled and taken under my wing. As for Seiji, I work with the guy...on a DAILY basis, day and night, seven days a weekthat is, IF he was not preoccupied with meditating at the temple on our private sanctuary. He and I teach classes at the dojo we both invested heavily in. He teaches "mindful-awareness" and "Samurai Arts" to our students, while I teach "Kung Fu" the Taoist way while incorporating Tibetan Buddhism into my instructions.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Shu? A teacher? PffftHAAHAA! Yeah, right!" And you know what? I will not argue with you right there, and you can hate me if you want. Though I am not the picture of perfection in the eyes of the peanut gallery, I am not the same guy who I used to be even though I am always up and willing for a good challenge. But as for inheriting the family business: Be all the more amazed when I tell you that owning an eatery was NEVER my dream to begin with.

Stereotypes are laughable, because most of the time they are rarely ever true and shallow minds only perceive that which is on the outside.

Just because my family was into the restaurant business, does not mean that was all we ever cared about, much like my thoughts on food. Have you ever wondered why my family reared me the way they did? As to why my family raised me up on martial arts since I was five? As to why the taught me "the way" and taught me well with strict hands and spared none of the disciplines?

Well, it was not simply because they were antique soothsayers, foreseeing my fight with Arago long before it had taken place… No, my elders are WATCHMEN and they were raising me to replace them.

What role did these "Watchmen" play exactly? A character not at all different than being a Samurai Trooper, but the differences were still there and far more convoluted. Here, I was considered neither a hero nor a villain and, yet, it was a role that was just as inescapable and imperative as facing the evils that emerge from Makai. Here, it was a matter of flesh, blood and honor rather than facing the deranged visions of a super-powered lunatic.

My family carried secrets, and those secrets were many…

Funny thing is, I never once thought about the nature of secrets, and I was not so sure if I was ready to know just yet. Those secrets, for whatever reason, never faded away and had risen from the grave in retribution, stealing away all familiarity and comfort. And before I knew it, what came to haunt me was now breaking down my walls—all at once—and pulling me under with them.

Ready or not, they were coming for me, ravenous after my entire life.


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