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Kagome stood in front of Inuyasha with a glare firm in place. The stupid half dog had yet again said something that made the miko angry. A 'sit' command sent him face first into the dirt below there feet. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, Rin, Kohaku, Hakudoshi, Kagura, Kanna, and Sesshomaru knew to stay a few feet away. A tick mark was evident on Kagome's forehead .Of course their fight had been about Kikyo who wanted to join their group. The weird thing was that Kagome wanted her to join the group but Inuyasha didn't want her to.

"Why can't she join?"She yelled."It won't hurt anything and anyway you love her so let her join!"

Inuyasha glared and yelled,"She would kill you in a matter of moments and I don't want you to die!"

Kagome's mouth was agape along with everyone else's. This was a surprise but it reeked of something suspicious in their minds. Why would Inuyasha say this when he was hell bent on having her in their group months ago. Now he was so sure she would kill Kagome. Had she said something about killing her? Sesshomaru stepped beside Kagome and glared at his half brother. Kagome was now an Inu/Fox demon because of the ritual they performed a month ago. She was Sesshomaru's sister and Shippo's mother.

They all knew something was up with the way Inuyasha was acting. If he was acting like this maybe Kikyo was a threat to the miko Inu/fox demoness. Kagome dragged Inuyasha to the middle of the camp. This was her own little interrogation method of Kagome's. She would sit him till he gave up what they needed to know. Inuyasha looked fearful but kept it to a minimum. Kagome muttered a 'sit' sending him to the ground yet again.

"Why are you acting so suspicious?"Kagome asked."What's wrong?"

Inuyasha finally gave up and answered."K-kikyo is eight months pregnant and I didn't want her put in danger.

Most of them were glaring at him, a couple of them had their mouths agape, and one looked absolutely hurt. He looked away so he didn't have to see Kagome's hurt expression. Kagura,Kanna ,Rin, Sango, and Kagome went to the hot springs to talk. Shippo and Kohaku took Kirara to go hunting for food(unnecessary). The rest were glaring at the father to be. Sesshomaru was about to kill him but remained calm(shocking).

Hot Springs:

Kagome was looking at the jewel shards hanging around her neck sadly. Of course her feelings had changed but she still felt hurt that he would keep this from her. Sango put an arm around her sister like friend .Kagura had mated Sesshomaru making her Kagome's sister in law. Kanna had regained emotion and was angry at the hanyou who hurt Kagome. Why hadn't he said something earlier? They could have done something to keep Kikyo out of danger at least until she got proper care for her pregnancy.

"Why hadn't he said something earlier?"She asked to no one."We could have prevented this whole thing."

Kagura answered."He probably felt backed up into a corner because he hadn't planned for her to become pregnant or ask to join the group."

"We can always place someone to watch Kikyo so she doesn't get in the line of fire."Sango stated obviously agitated."That way she can't fight or be in the way."

Kagome nodded and leaned against a rock. This situation was making her even more confused. She knew she wasn't in love with him anymore after she caught him and Kikyo making out. Slowly she had warmed up to her and became her friend. Although Sango ,Kagura, Kanna, Miroku, Sesshomaru, and Shippo were wary of her. The others didn't care as long as she doesn't get in the way.

All of them finished washing up and got dressed. Kagome set an indifferent expression she learned from Kanna in place. The rest did the same not to give away what they felt. The guys(accept Inuyasha)were sitting by the fire. The hanyou was sitting in the tree with his ears drooping and a pained expression on his face. They were going after Naraku in a matter of days and planned out what to do.

"Rin,Shippo, and Kohaku will be with Jaken protecting Kikyo in a far away cave. If anyone survives we will send them to the cave with the whole story."Kagome stated."I hope we all live past the final 's taking on the lower class demons and Byaku?"

Miroku answered."Sango,Kanna,Hakudoshi,and I will take care of the incarnation and demons while the rest of you kill Naraku."

"When we complete the jewel who is making the wish?"Shippo asked.

Everyone(accept Inuyasha and Kagome)answered."Kagome."

"Let's get some sleep."She stated even though she didn't need to.

Everyone layed down accept Inuyasha who went to go tell Kikyo she would be protected during the final battle. Sesshomaru, Kagura, and Kagome stayed up to make a game plan for killing Naraku.

"He will obviously put up a barrier and we have Inu-baka use his sword to take the barrier down. Sesshomaru and myself will distract Naraku while you find the jewel. Once it's out we combine attacks for our final blow. Purify the body after."Kagura stated.

"Sounds like a plan to me."Kagome chirped happily.

The next day came and went faster than expected. Finally it was the day they would kill Naraku for good. He had absorbed his heart and only needed the jewel shards of Kagome's to complete the jewel. They sent the kids to a cave where Kikyo was waiting already. Naraku's laugh rang out through the quiet morning. They all stepped back waiting for the first wave of demons. Kagome was standing in the back to hide her demonic features. She had silver hair ,a fox tail, and a maroon crescent moon.

It was like they had thought before. Naraku had put up a barrier that was easily taken down. Kagome searched for the jewel and found it in his shoulder by his heart. She shot an arrow through it and it flew into Inuyasha's hands. They all used their strongest attacks. Kagome her sacred arrow, Sesshomaru's sword, Inuyasha's backlash wave, and Kagura's dance of the dragon. Naraku was destroyed and they all sighed in relief.

Kohaku was limping from getting his leg crushed by a demon who was after Kikyo. Sango was covered in multiple cuts and bruises. Miroku was the same way but he was jumping for joy because of no wind tunnel. They all sat by a tree waiting for pain to subside. When Ah-un came down Kikyo ran over and hugged Kagome with all her might. What surprised them was when she hugged her back. The jewel glowed and Midoriko stood in front of them.

"Who's making the wish?"She asked in her bell like voice.

Kagome stepped forward and answered."I am...I wish the jewel was destroyed and everyone was transported to my time with me."

"Then that is what will happen."Midoriko stated.

Everyone was standing in the well house on Higurashi shrine. Tho only thing different was that the well was gone! They knew it would happen but not so soon. The door opened to reveal Souta and Kagome's mom. They had told her that her Grandfather had passed away. Kagome was depressed for a couple days but she soon became cheerful again. Then her mom said that they were moving in with Koga and going to Ouran academy. She sighed but was happy because they were alive and that's all that mattered.