Ste woke up one morning feeling lost, and feeling like no in the world cared for him anymore. He still loved the very bones of a man called Brendan Brady, but was to scared of getting hurt again.

He went into the kitchen and had some toast whist looking at his phone to see if Brendan texted him yet. There was no sign of a text from Brendan, so Ste decided to get dressed and go to Chez Chez to see Brendan.

Ste went to the shower to get all cleaned up so he'd look nice for Brendan. He had a good 10 minute shower, and when he got out, he put a towel round his waist and got another towel to dry the top half of his body. He then went into his bedroom to get dressed. After he was dressed Ste walked to the club a bit worried on how Brendan would react when Ste told Brendan he still loves him.

Ste walked up the stairs of the club and went into Brendans office seeing Brendan laid back in his chair with his feet on the table.

Ste looked and said "Brendan?"

Brendan turned to look at Ste giving him a small smile

"Anything I can help you with Steven?"

Ste got closer to Brendans body and said "I just need to tell you something Brendan".

Brendan walked past Ste to shut the door.

"What's up Steven? Brendan asked looking at him

Stes heart started to beat faster as Brendan got closer to him.

"Brendan I've realized that I still love you, and I just can't get over you no matter how hard I try. I want to be with you Brendan. Ste looked quite scared