AN: So I was watching 'The Avengers' on Sunday and this idea simply would not leave me alone. I know it's been done before but I wanted to do my own version of it. Mainly a crack version if Mordred does turn out to be a bad guy.

The battle was waging all around them. Mordred had revealed himself to be a treacherous little snake after all and had managed to summon his own army to try and take the Camelot throne. Mordred sneered down at Arthur as he used his powers to easily bend his sword in two. This was what he was destined to do; he was destined to kill Arthur. As Mordred raised his hand to kill Arthur, Percival suddenly attempted to charge at him and Mordred blasted him back easily, Percival tried again and Mordred drew himself up to his full height and quivered with rage.

"Enough!" Mordred yelled. "You are, all of you are beneath me. I am the Druid destined to kill the Once and Future King, you dull creatures and I shall not be…"

Just what Mordred would never be, none of them found out. That was due to Percival grabbing the baby-faced traitor by the ankles and repeatedly lifting him bodily and smashing him into the floor at least half a dozen times. Leaving Mordred whimpering in the newly made crater in the floor, Percival turned away and walked back to the others who were staring at him with appreciation, respect and gratitude.

"Puny Druid," Percival remarked.