A New Life Character Sheet one


Species: Tyrannosaurus.

Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Family: Older sister, brother in-law, nephew, Dragonfly as her mate, and 5 hatchlings.

Appearance: Mottled brown skin. Same size as the sub adult seen in JP3.

Biography: Kanna was created by Ingen along with many of the dinosaurs on the island. Unlike the other tyrannosaurs she was a runt. She is very close to her older sister and best friends with her male play mate Dragonfly. Together the two would play games like wrestling, chasing, and then hunting bugs. One day there was a hurricane and the humans abandoned the facility. She was an adolescent when she escaped with her young adult sister. The two stayed together for the next two years until she was old enough to fend for herself. Two more years passed and she met Dragonfly again. It was joyous reunion and they stayed together for a week. Then came mating season came and she watched as Dragonfly battle another male t-rex for her affections. After he won she allowed Dragonfly to court her. They did this for two minutes before officially becoming mates. She is now a mother of five babies.


Species: Tyrannosaurus

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Family: Kanna as his mate, two in-laws, nephew, and five hatchlings.

Appearance: Same appearance as the rex from JP2 without the scars and the same height.

Biography: Dragonfly was created by Ingen along with many of the other dinosaurs. As a baby he was very rambunctious. Favorite activity of his was to chase dragonflies which were why his caretakers named him Dragonfly. During that time he met Kanna and became her playmate and best friend. The two were inseparable. After escaping he spent several years honing his hunting skills not on dragonflies but on real prey. Some time past before he was happily reunited with Kanna. After fighting another male he became mates with his childhood friend. He is now a father of five babies.


Species: Tyrannosaurus

Gender: Male

Age: Two days old infant.

Family: His parents Kanna and Dragonfly, four older siblings, aunt, uncle, and older cousin.

Appearance: Hand sized baby tyrannosaur. Resembles a smaller version of infant from JP2.

Biography: Shorty was born to Kanna and Dragonfly. He was the last one to hatch. Apparently he had difficulty getting out of his egg so his concerned mother had to help him out. He is runt like his mother is but is noticeably weaker than she was. Hopefully he will survive childhood and become a powerful dinosaur.

Four older hatchlings

Species: Tyrannosaur

Gender: Two males and two females

Age: Two days old

Family: Parents, each other, little brother Shorty, aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Appearance: Slightly bigger version of Shorty

Biography: Born to Kanna and Dragonfly, these baby t-rexes are the hope of the future. They will display protectiveness of Shorty as they grow older, Names are currently unknown.


Species: Apatosaurus

Gender: Male

Age: Three months

Family: Unknown parents, unknown siblings

Appearance: Mottled brown skin, size of a large horse.

Biography: Gar is a young apatosaur. He lives with his mother in a herd of five adult females and a female a month younger than him named Jen. He is the only male in the group until they reunite with another herd. Gar has known Jen since she had hatched from an egg a month after he did. Since then he has been her friend, constant companion, and protector. At his young age he had some knowledge of fighting having held his own against a full grown Ceratosaur.


Species: Apatosaur

Gender: Female

Age: Two months

Family: Unknown parents

Appearance: Smaller version of Gar.

Biography: Jen is the youngest in her small herd. She is best friends with Gar ever since she first met him. The two were inseparable. She has recently been injured during a fight with a Ceratosaur but managed to help Gar in fighting him. She nearly got killed when her mother saved them.


Species: Spinosaurus

Gender: Male

Age: Two months

Family: Unknown parents, unnamed older brother, unknown other siblings.

Appearance: Small Spinosaur with a blue tint on his brow. Sail is two inches tall.

Biography: Bluebrow is a very playful young dinosaur. He will do anything to have fun whether it means annoying his family or some random creature that he can chase or play with. This feisty little predator causes a lot of headaches to many around hi. He is the only one so far to encounter many of the other characters.


Species: Gallimimus

Gender: Male

Age: Three months

Family: Members of his herd.

Appearance: Dark orange Gallimimus with a white underbelly.

Biography: Zephyr is a very prideful young dinosaur. He constantly believes that his species is the best in Isla Sorna. He loves running because of his speed. Zephyr looks down on most of the slower dinosaurs. He had no knowledge of how skilled predators are in chasing his kind believing them to be nonexistent. Zephyr was last seen getting attacked by a juvenile raptor on his first hunt. His fate is currently unknown.


Species: Stegosaurus

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Family: Members of her herd.

Appearance: The baby stegosaur seen in JP2

Biography: Tala is first seen in The Lost World, encountering Sarah Harding and bonding with her. She never forgot that encounter and always wondered whether they will meet again. She dislikes predators and had no qualms with killing some as evidence with her and the compy.


Species: Saltasaurus

Gender: Female

Age: 13 hours old

Family: Siblings and unknown mother

Appearance: Same size as one of the baby t-rexes, grey, and round stomach.

Biography: Briar was born amongst hundreds of other baby Saltasaurus. She and her species were unique in the sense that they appear to have memories of their past lives. Her own memories feel greatly familiar to her as though she had experienced it. It is suspected that she holds the memories of Alpha, a female Saltasaur from millions of years. Briars memories serve to help her survive the first night.

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