Hey guys, I thought I would write this one just for fun. It will have multiple chapters. Let me know if you think I should continue it. To enhance the effect, please read while listening to you favorite club music. (I prefer dubstep and electronic music over the 'hip hop and pop' styles, so that's what I describe in the story)

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So here goes...

Izaya sat in the corner of the club at a lonely table, stirring his fruity drink with his straw and occasionally taking sips. He watched his humans as they attempted to make relationships in a shady place drowned with dub-step music and alcohol.

'How funny they are, constantly looking for comfort or even satisfaction from the random people in places like this... yet they wonder, after creating a relationship, why the other is searching for another behind their backs... pitiful. Not to mention it's so dark that you can't really make out facial features unless you're around the bar... You don't even know who you're dancing with. Maybe that's the fun? ...Must be.' He thought as he observed the others in the club. He might not admit it but he was a little jealous of his humans sometimes. He was so above them and it did seem a little fun to throw out all of his inhibitions for one night, not that he could.

The lighting was dim with a purple hue and there were periodic lights beaming over the dance floor in which roughly 100 humans were currently flailing around on. Definitely one of the more popular clubs in town and the only one worth getting a drink at. Izaya knew the bartenders and the club owner personally though, so service was always best for him here, anyway.

The informant watched intently, waiting to pick his next victim. There were all kinds of people here, black ones, white ones, tan ones, gay ones, straight ones. He thought that the latter sounded like a good one to troll tonight. He took a moment to contemplate what kind of personality he should put on tonight.

Izaya wasn't gay and he wasn't straight, he wasn't anything. He couldn't love one human over another at all. He couldn't love romantically. He had thought about it several times, over and over how it would probably be nice to have a warm body to lie next to but it just wasn't something that he could do. He thought about love as a disease, something that takes over your life, makes you do stupid things and even kills you. He'd rather steer clear of something like that. Even so, who could Izaya love? He couldn't dare show more attention to one human rather than others, could he? Man, woman, race, these things didn't make a difference at all. He didn't despise the thought of being with another, though, it was just something he didn't think was possible.

The deep sound of the beat and accelerating pace of the song dared to make his heart beat a little faster as it mixed with the smell of sweat, alcohol and smoke in the air.

'Maybe it wouldn't hurt to let go.. just once?' The thought passed through his mind just as the song changed to something a little more exciting and fast paced. It seemed like it was just a mixture of different sounds that came together with a beat that matched the quickening pace of his heart. And with that, a plan formed in this intelligent yet slightly eccentric informant's mind.

Allowing the song to lead him, he quickly downed the remaining amount of his drink and slammed it down on the table. Realizing it wasn't quite enough for what he was going to attempt tonight, he slipped through the crowd towards the bar. He asked for a shot Patron thinking that the burn and taste of tequila would be fit for a high school party type. He already had the look, now all he needed was the attitude.

The bartender gave Izaya an odd glance at his request, clearly wondering what the man was up to but he poured the drink anyway. He then set a lemon and salt on the bar for him as well. Izaya chuckled a bit, figuring that it couldn't have been more perfect. His humans are going to adore him tonight ,he thought, as he grabbed the salt and licked the back of his hand slowly. Pouring some salt on it, he gave seductive glances to several random people in the crowd though he wasn't sure if they saw it. Frankly, he couldn't see the features of anyone in the room other than the people at the bar and that was only because of the very dim purple hue that was lit up behind it. He wondered how the bartender was sure of what he was giving anyone but quickly dismissed that thought, his drinks always tasted the same after all.

Izaya grabbed the shot in his salted hand and the lemon in the other, he gave another long slow lick to his hand as he stared in the direction of another man at the bar. The man didn't seem object to the gesture but not really comfortable with it either. Izaya smiled a bit before downing the shot, he didn't really feel the need for the lemon but he sucked on it anyway. Just as he thought, though, he did feel quite a bit more loose as he stood from his chair and slid his jacket off.

Feeling quite full of himself, Izaya left his jacket on the chair and started his journey sliding through the crowd, slowly getting used to and adapting his movements to the random people in the crowd. He smiled rather genuinely as he watched the reactions to his rather girly way of rocking his hips to the beat. Many different people were staring at him. Girls were jealous of his moves and his over all sexy appearance that was ultimately stealing the attention of their partners. Guys were staring from a far, shocked and too shy to make a move yet, or so it seemed.

It wasn't too long before the mixed drinks and shot were absorbed fully and Izaya was moving a lot more confidently. He was now rocking his hips and nearly dirty dancing with arms raised in the air. He had received many slaps on the ass and it only fueled him further. His personality as a young gay slut was proving to be a lot more fun than he thought, he almost forgot his main purpose when he spotted a straight looking man dancing alone.

Izaya made his way over to the man and began rubbing his backside on him while swaying his hips. The man seemed okay with it at first. Izaya assumed that the man didn't realize that he, in fact, was not a short haired female. Izaya then went as far as grabbing the man's hands and holding them over his waist. He couldn't help but feel like this was so fun but the guy hadn't reacted yet, so it was time to make that happen. Some of the other men in the crowd were making eyes at him, wishing they were his current victim.

Izaya grabbed the man's hands once more and dragged them up to his chest and back down slowly which was in great contrast to the pace of their hips. It still didn't register to the man so he did it one more time. Izaya let a smirk come over his lips as he felt the man stiffen and try to pull his hands away. The man had finally noticed that this was one seriously flat chested chick.

'You're not getting away that quickly. Haha!' Izaya laughed inwardly as he gave a more serious grip to the man's hand. Raising the hand above his head, he began to sway his hips downward and sliding down the man and then back up. Once he was back up and pressing against the man he could clearly feel something hard against him before the man ultimately ripped away from Izaya and ran off.

Some in the mass of people saw what happened and it resulted in the sound of a loud 'aww' resounding throughout the dance floor. Realizing he was a bit more popular with his moves than he guessed, he raised both of his hands out to his sides and shrugged with a 'his loss' expression on his face and then started dancing again.

It wasn't long before girls and guys were dancing in front of him and behind him. While one girl was dancing on him, he felt a vibration in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone to see Shinra's name on the screen. He stopped dancing with the girl and opened the text message.

[Hey, me and some of our friends are out on the town and I was wondering if you wanted to come along. We're going to the club Unknown, you in?]

Izaya smiled.

{Already ahead of you :P I'm feeling kind of... different tonight... so don't mess with my mood, kay?}

Izaya continued dancing for a moment before he felt another vibration and read the text.

[Oh, yeah? Sounds interesting, are you actually dancing?]

{Yeah, I'm kind of a star right now. My humans adore me! :) You should come dance with me, Shinra~!}

[Haha, sounds fun, we're not too far away now. Be there soon.]

Izaya giggled a bit and then decided he needed to return to the bar for another shot. This time, the bartender smiled as he poured the liquor.

'I must be good for business right now, men trying to drink and tricking their courage to dance with me. I guess I can be pretty intimidating.' He thought as he downed the shot in the same manner as before.

Once he was through, he went back into the crowd and began dancing just as he was before. He rocked his hips side to side and even ran his hands through his silky hair and down his body, which only ended up giving him some kind of sexy Anime hair. He moved his ass around like he was just asking for someone to take him, he was lost in the music.

Each and every male that danced on him left with an unattended tightness in their jeans and it made it all the more fun for the informant. After 2 shots and 2 mixed drinks down, he was really feeling relaxed. Somewhere over the last fifteen minutes, he stopped caring about his quest for reactions and started just letting go and having fun. It was a different kind of fun than he was used to but it was definitely subconsciously rewarding. He was lost in the music, that was all there was to it, though the shots he had were definitely helping as well.

Shinra walked into the club with Kadota and a few others. He motioned his friends to a table and immediately went to the bar for a drink. He knew that if Izaya was dancing he must already be a couple shots in and he would need to catch up. Shinra bought a few rounds of shots and brought them to the table. After everyone took a few shots, they ventured out into the crowd as well.

Izaya was currently having the time of his life dancing up on a taller guy that looked about 20. His dark hair made him look almost as mischievous as Izaya and he also had some rather sadistic looking eyes. Once Shinra caught sight of the two of them, his jaw dropped. He was already feeling the effects of the alcohol and he couldn't help but think that the two really matched each other. Izaya and the other man's movements were completely in sync, they would rock their hips together when the beat was quick and when it slowed down they swayed and slowly lowered only to come right back up. When Izaya would bend down and push his ass up to the man he would run his hand down the informant's back. The dark haired male really had no qualms about feeling up the informant in front of everyone and Shinra was surprised to see Izaya acting the way he was.

Izaya just went along with it, the man really was good at dancing with him so there was no reason to stop. He felt amazing, he had never felt so carefree before. Well, he was always carefree but he wasn't planning anything at the moment. His mind and body were practically driven by his subconscious desires, nothing else.

Shinra's gaze was interrupted by a vibration in his pocket.

(I changed my mind. I'm coming. Only this once though. Cause I don't want to give you any blood. That threat won't work forever.)

A bout of anxiety crept over him when he realized what he had just done, but after a glance at the very carefree, very seductive Izaya, he relaxed a bit and decided it should be fine.

[K make sure you get some shots in you when you get here. Three should be enough. We've already started.]


Going to clubs or popular places in general was not really a Shizuo thing to do. He hated violence and those places usually piss him off. When he drinks he usually does it over at Shinra's or at home, but Shinra keeps insisting that he get out and have some fun with others. It also made Shizuo pretty uneasy because, although he never told a soul, he loses his strength when he drinks. He assumed his reputation would be sufficient for staying out of trouble tonight.

Once Shizuo walked into the club he immediately felt uneasy and the loud music was kind of an irritant. He decided it probably got better after a few shots, which he headed to the bar to get. The bartender lined up three shots for him and he downed all three, one after the other with ease. It wasn't long before he felt the burn in his stomach and the mood change, though. Luckily, he didn't see the signature fur coat hanging on the chair beside him, instead he went to the tables and found Shinra who had returned to his seat.

Shinra met him with a bright and smiling face. "Hey, you made it. I think I'll faint."

Shizuo rolled his eyes, "Tch, yeah. Today was rather stressful so I kind of felt like relaxing a bit."

Shinra smirked as he spoke under his breath. "Perfect."

The blonde cocked his head to the side. "Huh?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing. Did you take your shots?"

Shizuo nodded while looking over to the crowd and debating on whether or not he would attempt to go out there. He didn't really dance and that was just one more reason not to be here. But just as he was about to wuss out...

"Haha, Shizuo, you wanting to go dance~?" Shinra's mind was already plotting something rather unhealthy for his own amusement.

"No." Shizuo firmly stated.

"Aww, come on. What, you can't dance with anyone? Come on! It's fun!"

Shizuo just realized what a horrible idea it was for him to have come here. He tried his best to stand his ground.

"There's no way I'm going out there. That's that." He said as he exhaled the smoke from the freshly lit cigarette he held in his fingers.

"What!? You're kidding me. Well, I'm starting to lose respect for you. Nice job being a downer. Well, I'm going to dance." Shinra's cheeks were already red and he was shifting his weight to keep balance.

Just when he thought he would throw something at Shinra, two things happened.

He realized he was in a room full of innocent people.


The third shot finally dissolved and he wasn't feeling quite as strong as he normally did.

As far as Shizuo was concerned, he still wasn't going out there.

But then Kadota chimed in, placing his arm around the blonde's shoulder. "Come on man, loosen up a little."

This, however, seemed to work in Shinra's favor. He decided that would probably be enough so he headed out to the dance floor to embarrass himself with his lonely dancing and rather cheesy moves. The other friends they had come with were already dancing and Kadota joined the girl he invited out on the dance floor.

"Tch." Shizuo stubbed his cigarette out in the ash tray and took another shot from the tray at their table. He took a deep breath in and moved his way through the crowd of people and it wasn't long before all kinds of women were trying to make moves on him. He shrugged a few of them off before the effects of his last shot really started to hit him. The next girl that made a move on him must have given him some kind of courage because he just went with the flow and eventually was able to match his movements to hers. He actually kind of liked this. Someone was dancing with him like this and not really caring that he was the monster of Ikebukuro. It was somewhat comforting.

Shinra was moving through the crowd doing silly choreography like the robot or the sprinkler. Some girls giggled at him but no one made fun of him, everyone was just having a good time.

Izaya was just returning from his 3rd shot, when he noticed Shinra's white lab coat. He knew that it couldn't be anyone else in a place like this wearing something like that. It wasn't necessary but Shinra wore it anyway, like always. Izaya's body was right back to dancing around again when he made it over to Shinra and began dancing up on him hard. Shinra was only shocked for a moment. It didn't take him long to figure out who it was and so he decided to play along.

Izaya was smiling seductively as he moved his body on Shinra like a dirty little slut. Somewhere in Shinra's mind, he found Izaya to be really sexy and he felt like ' this is Izaya.' Shinra was already pretty drunk, he never could hold his liquor. This is why Izaya felt like Shinra was always a good person to drink with, it was amusing. Izaya moved with Shinra the same way as he did with the man before but Shinra wasn't very good at matching his movements... at all. They eventually split and danced alone but in close proximity.

Shizuo saw Shinra through the crowd, he wasn't hard to spot. He was dancing in such a silly manner in front of some short haired girl. He moved over to him and as soon as he did... that same short haired girl accidentally backed up to him. Once she figured out there was someone behind her she began to dance up on him. No, not just dance up on. She even moved her arm above her head and wrapped it up around his neck. She massaged slowly on the sensitive crook between his neck and shoulder as she pressed her body to his.

Shinra couldn't help but laugh. He never said a word, he just laughed and then laughed harder when he saw that Shizuo had a slight blush as he placed his hands on Izaya's hips and matched his movements. He knew it would happen sooner or later, he just didn't think it would work so perfectly. He didn't even have to force it!

Shizuo looked over to Shinra who was holding a thumb up. "Keep it up!"

Both Shizuo and Izaya were already pretty drunk and feeling great. Shizuo was becoming more bold and dancing with Izaya about the same way as the dark haired man had before. Matching just as good if not better than the other man had. It's like they were perfectly in sync, like someone you know so well that you can finish the other's sentences.

Izaya really couldn't help but feel really turned on by the man behind him. He danced even more confidently with each second, the faster the beat the more he rubbed on the man behind him. He pressed his backside to the man and rubbed it in slow circles periodically then continued to the beat again.

Shizuo was really intoxicated by this woman's scent, it was so familiar. At first, he thought he could put a finger on it but it never happened, he just got lost in her movements.

Izaya was now sporting a blush that showed just how much he was feeling the shots he had done.

Shizuo's interest was starting to become apparent through his jeans and Izaya was feeling the same way for the first time with one of his 'partners' on the dance floor. He turned around to put his arms around the man's neck. He faced the direction of their laps that were now grinding together as Izaya rocked his hips against the other's leg.

It was in this moment Shizuo realized that this was not a girl he was dancing with at all, apparent by the sudden sensation of a rock hard erection pressed up against his leg. He laughed inwardly at himself for trying to read a book by its cover.

The blonde wasn't really worried about the fact that it was a guy. Who cares? It was someone who was able to be around him and even get aroused by him instead of cowering away from him in fear. If this guy wanted to give him attention then, why fight it?

The two were both shuddering from the friction that Izaya was creating between them. Feeling brave and comfortable, Shizuo leaned forward, finding the other's neck and bit softly. The form practically melted into him, visible shivers and jolts running throughout. Shizuo took this as a good sign and bit a little harder at which he earned a small moan and breath in his ear that went straight to his groin. Right at the moment he let go of the other's skin, the form looked up into his eyes...

Mauhahahaha, I'm so evil.