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Shizuo had Izaya's body pinned to the wall, covering the informant's small figure with his own. The blonde's hands were supporting Izaya's legs and their mouths were locked in a trap that neither of them could escape. Izaya moaned and Shizuo grunted as they shared the type of kiss that only rivals could.

"Mmm...You lose, Shizu-chan!" Izaya giggled in between kisses, body unconsciously arching into the other man's touch.

"Huh? Oh, I don't think so. I'm only switching up the game, flea," Shizuo breathed as he nipped at the informant's collar bone.

"Wha-? But you gave in! Fine, what are the rules of this game, Shizu-chan?" Izaya spoke between breaths, feeling his body already start to betray him when he felt Shizuo turn his head, the man's surprisingly skilled tongue swirling around Izaya's pale neck and up to his ear.

"Whoever cums first loses," the blonde whispered seductively, deep voice sending shivers down Izaya's spine.

'Shit! I'm going to lose this one. No, no, no! I can't let that happen!' Izaya thought as he suddenly tried to slip from Shizuo's grasp.

Even though the ex-bartender loses his strength when he drinks, he's still much stronger than Izaya. The information broker didn't stand a chance, his physical strength below par when compared to Shizuo. His parkour and ranged skills are what has kept him safe from the blonde all these years. Even as a normal man, Izaya's strength is no match.

And then it hit him.

Izaya slowly realized through his misguided judgment just how serious this entire situation could be. Technically, Izaya was caught. He was within the beast's grasp.

There couldn't possibly be anything more unsettling for the informant. And yet, it was probably the most exhilarating experience of his life.

Shizuo was running off of impulse. He struggled to focus but it was proving to be difficult as he pressed the tightness in his jeans against Izaya. He felt the informant try to wriggle away but all efforts were futile. He was clearly enjoying it, so why was he trying to get away?

"Challenge accepted," Izaya suddenly whispered, breaking the silence as he took advantage of Shizuo's slight shock.

Smirk gracing his thin lips, he slid down to his knees and lifted the ex-bartenders shirt up, ghosting one hand across the man's toned abs. Shizuo frowned, gritting his teeth as he tried in vain to avert his gaze.

The tables had turned on him.

Although, Izaya's form of payback was surprisingly pleasurable. Shizuo never thought the informant could look so seductive, the man's small, pink tongue mimicking Shizuo's previous actions during the body shot. Sharp teeth scraped across warm skin, eliciting a soft moan from the ex-bartender as he leaned forward to place his hands on the wall in attempt to brace himself. Taking a deep breath, Shizuo sighed softly, inclining his head down to see Izaya slowly pulling the zipper on his pants down with his teeth. Shizuo's eyes widened, lips parting slightly as Izaya suddenly took him in his mouth without warning.

Swirling his tongue around the bartender's erection, Izaya smirked, paying special attention to the tip. He grazed the flesh with his teeth, pulling away to blow softly on the sensitive skin. Shizuo instantly hissed and grabbed the back of the informant's neck, reassuring him that foul play was not a good idea. Still, the hiss sounded like a cross between pleasure and pain, and it piqued Izaya's interests even more.

Testing the water, Izaya snuck his hands up the blonde's back then jerked them back down, raking his nails into Shizuo's skin.

"...Nnn..." Shizuo let out a deep moan as he let go of Izaya's bobbing head and reached back to the wall. The informant's crimson eyes flashed approvingly, glancing up to catch the expression on Shizuo's face before fluttering closed.

'Just as I thought, Shizu-chan. We're a lot more alike than I thought.'

Izaya's lips curled into another smirk. Perhaps it was time to put an end to their little.. game. Speeding up his movements, Izaya moaned, the jolted sound causing a deep vibration to snake up Shizuo's member and spine. It wasn't long before the blonde was panting and grunting while watching the informant with his forehead pressed against the wall.

Shizuo knew he was getting close. He tried to break away from the informant so that he wouldn't lose, but Izaya wrapped his arm around the blonde's ankle, preventing an escape. When Shizuo tried to step back, he fell backwards. Izaya wasted no time however, a determined look in his eyes as he crawled forward to continue his actions while the blonde lay on the floor.

Shizuo let out deep moan, fingers curling into fists when he felt Izaya's head bob even faster, that skilled tongue working magic on his erection..And all while looking up at the blonde with seductive eyes.

Shizuo's breath hitched and he moaned again, cursing himself when he heard the flea's name escape from his lips. His hands found their way into raven colored tresses as he spilled his seed in to the informant's mouth.

"Heh.. I win again," Izaya said, turning his head to wipe his mouth on his sleeve.

Shizuo stood up, catching his breath. He felt dazed and was pretty sure it showed on his expression. Then again, why wouldn't it? He had just found pure ecstasy.

He found a heaven in his hatred ; one good thing about the informant that he had wanted to kill all these years. And dare he say, maybe even a reason to keep him alive.

But as it turned out, Izaya had won.

And Shizuo was pissed.

Grabbing the informant by his neck, Shizuo suddenly slammed him into the wall, never bothering to zip himself in the process.

"You really think that's gonna get you off the hook?"

Izaya was surprised. He should have known it wouldn't have been enough for Shizuo, but he didn't really want it to end here either.

"Mm I hope not," Izaya struggled to say with an unexpected wink.

Shizuo's grip loosened as his lower half began to stir again. He pressed forward, grinding himself against Izaya. Fingers drumming softly against the informant's pale skin, Shizuo pressed harder, lowering his head to Izaya's ear.

'That expression...' Shizuo was losing himself again.

He was just about to speak when the door randomly flew open and two high school kids burst into the room, the blonde one dragging the other along.

Shizuo instinctively narrowed his eyes at the two for bothering him and his prey, but Izaya simply smiled. He figured he would see those two again at some point tonight, but certainly didn't expect to be caught in a situation like this..Currently being held against the wall with Shizuo pressing against him, his erection visible to all in the room.

"Shizu-chan! No! You can't do these types of things!" Izaya called out, voice dripping with mock distress as he feigned a worried expression and squirmed against the ex-bartender.

Shizuo gritted his teeth, brows pulling together as he glared back at the informant and tightened the grip around his neck, stifling any further attempts to speak.

Both intruders, however, looked shocked at the scene before them. Though, the brunette's half lidded eyes and blush showed just how much his concentration wavered. He probably didn't care about what he saw; he seemed more concerned about his obvious sensitivity to the blonde's touch, even though it was just a grip on his wrist.

"Haha! I didn't mean to interrupt!" The younger blonde slurred as he turned to leave. He pulled the brunette along with him, casting one last glance over his shoulder.

"Oh and Izaya? You're no victim."

The blonde shut the door and Shizuo found himself quickly agreeing with the kid. After all, they seemed to be in a similar situation because of the flea to begin with.

"Who were they?" Shizuo suddenly asked in a menacing tone, picking up on the fact that Izaya knew them.

"Ahh, just some kids trying to have a good time," Izaya began, slipping from Shizuo's grip as his smooth voice echoed softly around them. He chuckled, crimson eyes giving the blonde a quick once over before he turned away.

"You should zip yourself up, our secret hide-out has been compromised~! Mm, want to go somewhere else, Shizu-chan?"

Izaya didn't give the ex-bartender time to answer, however. He promptly opened the door and stepped out, not even bothering to check if Shizuo was following. He paid for his and Shinra's tab and left the club. As he walked around the corner, the slow footsteps and the sound of a lighter flicking reassured him that Shizuo was in fact following. A smirk forming on his lips, Izaya spun around, turning to face Shizuo as he proceeded to walk backwards.

"Ready to lose again, Shizu-Chan~?" Izaya teased, nearly tripping over his own feet while trying to maintain his usual balance. His body was swaying back and forth, or at least that's what it felt like.

"Heh, what do you have in mind?" Shizuo wondered aloud, his voice sounding more intimidating than he originally intended. He exhaled the smoke from his much needed relief while watching the informant's body move from side to side as he walked. His gaze was just set on Izaya, there was nothing else he could do but think of all the things he could do to him.

"You'll see~!" The informant sang as he spun around on a heel and stumbled a bit before continuing along the path. He didn't even want to wait until they got to where they were going, he'd much prefer to just shove the blonde in to an alley and finish it there.

"Where are we going?" Shizuo asked, chuckling softly at Izaya's loss of balance.

"Around the corner."

Izaya abruptly halted his movements, trying to regain what composure he could. "Gah! How can you walk normally?" he asked, words slurring together. He sighed, flustered at himself for being so obviously intoxicated.

Shizuo laughed, jogging for a moment to catch up to him.

"What's the matter, Izaya? Are you that drunk?" The blonde leaned in close, leaving himself only inches away from Izaya's face. "Flea, your face is red."

Izaya jerked his head away, quickly averting his gaze to the ground as he felt a warm sensation brush across his cheeks. "Tch, your face is red, too!"

Sliding his foot forward, Izaya suddenly side stepped around Shizuo, not wanting to be caught in some mushy conversation or be read by his most hated enemy. Instead, he began to skip along the path, coming up to an apartment building on their right. Glancing to the side, Izaya couldn't help but smirk again upon seeing the expression on Shizuo's face.

"This is your place in Ikebukuro?" Shizuo growled in obvious irritation.

This was the same apartment building that he lived in...

"It's one of them." Izaya moved to step up on the stairs but quickly stumbled to a sitting position, a low growl in his throat as he sighed, giving up on attempting the stairs. Leaning forward, he placed his head in his hands, trying to organize his thoughts.

Just what was he about to do in this apartment?

..And with Shizuo of all people?

Shizuo, on the other hand, was not really feeling guilty about this at all. He was learning some information on his own about Izaya. He now knew the flea had more than one apartment in Ikebukuro, that he has been hanging around some high school kids and that he can be extremely sexy when he's drunk.

Still, he wasn't sure if he would remember that information in the morning after how quickly he took those shots. Truth be told, even he wasn't sure how he was walking straight. He certainly didn't feel sober.

Glancing down, Shizuo leaned closer to Izaya, positioning himself so the informant could slide onto his back. The smaller man never lifted his head however, and appeared to be deep in thought. Izaya suddenly growled again, resisting the urge to tackle the ex-bartender to the ground. Their situation was proving to be worse than either of them thought, and the informant's unattended erection was making actions like thinking and walking harder than they already were in his intoxicated state.


Izaya raised his head and instantly flopped forward on to the blonde's back. Shizuo immediately stood, carrying Izaya up the stairs but came to an abrupt halt. He glanced over his shoulder, suddenly realizing that he had no idea where he was going.

"What floor?"

Izaya was clinging to him desperately, his erection being pulled and tugged by the friction caused by Shizuo's back as they bounced up the stairs. He made an attempt to speak but all that came out was a high pitched moan.

"Eh..?" Shizuo attempted to turn his head further to find out what the problem was, but was stopped by the feeling of the informant's lips against his own. Izaya moaned again, brushing his tongue along the blonde's lower lip as he slowly bucked against his back. The two of them swayed and Shizuo's concentration wavered. He reluctantly broke the kiss in favor of watching where he was going.

"Flea!" Shizuo growled, struggling to maintain his composure as he took another step up the stairs. He wanted to finish this, dammit. "What floor?"

"Mmnn, 4th floor," Izaya whispered, licking across Shizuo's neck and up to his ear, catching the blonde's lobe between his teeth and causing the taller man to shudder as he tried his best continue up the stairs.

The informant tortured Shizuo all the way up to his floor and toward the middle of the hallway. The blonde waited for Izaya to finish leaving his mark on him, catching his own breath before questioning him about his apartment number.

Once they arrived at the door, Izaya tried to get down so that he could unlock the door but fell into a heap on the floor. Shizuo arched a brow, reaching out to catch the falling informant but was to no avail. He quickly tripped over his own feet and lost his balance as well, following suit. The two simply sat there, sharing a laugh at their own misfortune until Shizuo settled against the wall. He leaned back, slipping a cigarette from his pocket before raising it to his lips.

"Let me hit that," Izaya said without thinking, holding his fingers out.

"Yeah, I could say the same to you," Shizuo murmured, looking the informant up and down before chuckling. He handed the brunette, who was smiling like an idiot, his lit cigarette.

"I really didn't expect this to ever happen... but if I were to have imagined it, I would have expected you to be a lot shyer."

"Heh! You don't know me that well, flea. Plus, you're not exactly like I would have thought, either," Shizuo stated what he felt was the obvious, but Izaya was thinking deeper than that, even though his face was one of obvious drunken enlightenment.

"Well, it's either that or we know each other a lot more than we thought," Izaya mumbled, pursing his lips before exhaling the smoke and passing the cigarette back to Shizuo.

"So, what is this? You a social smoker? Smoke when you're drunk... or what?" Shizuo asked, deciding to ignore the informant's comment.

"Ahh, something like that," Izaya admitted, leaning back against the wall as well.

They continued taking turns passing the cigarette back and forth as they spoke, until Shizuo snuffed it out and leaned toward the shorter man on the floor.

"So, flea.. let me hit that," he whispered in a sultry tone that begged Izaya to lean forward and catch the other's lips. Shizuo took this opportunity to scoop up the smaller man and burst into the home.

They bumped into anything and everything in the dark on the way to the bedroom, sharing a deep kiss that caused them both to grind more furiously against each other. Every time Izaya's back hit a wall, it caused a confused sensation to crawl its way through his body. He wasn't sure of the difference between pleasure and pain anymore. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he cared. The fact that he moaned into the sensation of the skin on his back tearing was proof that he was lost in some sort of ecstasy that he was sure only his most hated enemy could give him.

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