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Izaya allowed an involuntary moan to escape his lips as he felt his body collide with another wall. Shizuo responded quickly, a low growl in his throat as he spun them around, hungry lips capturing the informant's while he proceeded to carry Izaya down a narrow hallway, stumbling over nothing but his own two feet and intentionally slamming the smaller man into any other obstacle along the way.

The sweet sounds he earned in response only fueled him as he bit the crook of Izaya's neck hard enough to break skin, eager tongue quickly lapping up the red substance that escaped. Everything he did to the informant earned him a harsh breath in his ear, or moan that went straight to his groin, and all he could think is that he wanted more.

"Haa, Shizu-chan.. So rough!"

Shizuo growled again, ignoring the flea's comment. He promptly continued his abuse on Izaya, suddenly pushing the informant through the open door into the bedroom and slamming him up against a wall, the force of the impact causing Izaya's legs to lose hold on the blonde's waist. He slid down a bit, tightening his grip on Shizuo as he felt his feet touch the floor.

"Shut up, flea," Shizuo whispered, curling his fingers into the smaller man's dark locks before jerking him forward and crashing their lips together again.

Izaya instantly let out a muffled moan into the blonde's mouth, sinking his own hand into Shizuo's hair as his other found the man's cheek. Absentmindedly tracing patterns against the ex-bartender's smooth skin with his fingers, Izaya moaned again, fingernails dancing lightly down to brush across Shizuo's neck.

"Mm.. Shi..zu..chaan.."

Shizuo was just as lost as Izaya was. He could only feel Izaya, think Izaya, smell Izaya, hear Izaya, breathe Izaya and taste Izaya mixed with the coppery taste of blood and alcohol. Izaya was everything to him in this moment.

He wanted to kill him and pleasure him all at the same time or maybe... pleasure him to death.

He wasn't even thinking anymore when one of his hands grabbed the informant's wrist and roughly slammed it against the wall, pinning Izaya as he nibbled his way down to attack the sensitive flesh on Izaya's chest and collar.

"Ngh!" Izaya's lips parted just enough to let the sound escape but his teeth stayed clenched as he felt the blonde's other hand find its way down his back and into his pants.

Instead of dwelling on it, he pushed any thoughts of hesitance aside and welcomed the feeling of his ass being firmly squeezed and even moved his free hand to Shizuo's shirt and began skillfully undoing the buttons one handed. He honestly couldn't hold off any longer. He needed relief now. He had been teased enough and his movements turned desperate when he felt the blonde's fingers glide over his sensitive entrance.

Shizuo, however, became impatient when he felt the informant buck into his hand for more contact. He smirked, reluctantly pulling his hand from the other's pants and following his body up to his mouth. His shirt hung open as he felt a hand creep over his toned muscles, tracing the indents along the way.

Shizuo ghosted his fingers over the informant's lips before snatching the captured wrist down, causing the rest of the smaller man's body to follow. He released one of Izaya's hands for a swift moment to snatch the other's pants and pink and black briefs down in one, smooth move.

Left in only his shirt, Izaya was in a drunken stupor.

"Shizu-chan, what the hell!"

He was still trying to process how he ended up on his hands and knees on the floor but was snapped out of those thoughts when both of his hands were jerked towards his knees and held in place firmly on either side of his body. His head and chest hit the carpet of the floor and before he could protest or resist, a slimy sensation crawled through his exposed backside that caused glistening beads to drip from the head of his full erection.

"Ah..! Stupid.. protozoan.. Nn.."

Catching his bottom lip between his teeth, Izaya moaned, arching back into Shizuo's touch. His eyebrows pulled together in confused pleasure as the carpet sanded his skin when he turned his head to the side. He gasped, moaning again into the feeling of being taken over, not to mention the sensation between his legs as the blonde's tongue shot in and out of him gently but with enough force to make him sweat.


Izaya's eyes shot open and he struggled lightly against the grip, feeling the urgent need to brace himself but ultimately calmed and closed his pale lids slowly as the sensation took over him.


Shizuo's tongue would swirl around the rim of the ring of muscles and then dip back in causing Izaya to shiver intensely, letting out a string of moans. The informant wondered for a moment how Shizuo could do this with such perfect skill if he had never done something like this before, but was quickly void of all coherent thoughts when he felt that tongue dip inside again.

The gentle treatment the blonde was giving to his backside was in great contrast to the harsh bruising grip the man had on his wrists. It seemed to give him the same amount of pain as pleasure in the form of an ache down to his bones. The informant's member longed for attention, but Shizuo seemed more set on torture.

The brute sure was unpredictable..

However, in Izaya's inebriated lust, he wasn't able to tell the difference. All of his feelings just blended together in a spectrum of ecstasy. And oh, how he wanted more! No.. He needed more!

Izaya turned his head, glancing over his shoulder while struggling against Shizuo's determined grip. Crimson eyes settled on the sight of that surprisingly skilled tongue dipping in and out before trailing across pale skin.

Sensing eyes on him, Shizuo glanced up, halting his movements momentarily before turning his head to bite down on the soft flesh of the informant's leg. He slowly moved back up, kissing and nipping across Izaya's exposed skin before sinking his teeth into the man's ass cheek.

"Haaaah Shizu-chan.."

Izaya pushed back against the sharp pressure and slight tickle of Shizuo's touch, cursing the brute as his erection began to throb painfully. Shizuo quickly read Izaya's surprise at the feeling and even arched a brow at the string moans that told him there was no way the informant had ever felt anything like this before. Izaya's hips slowly began to press back against his ministrations and Shizuo knew he may have taken the teasing a bit too far.

Who knew leaving Izaya without attention for so long would cause him to be so sensitive?

Izaya was drowning in the pleasure but his member still lacked attention. He was so desperate for contact that he wished he could touch himself but with the grip on his wrists, there was no way that was going to happen. He cursed himself inwardly for letting Shizuo have control of the situation. Aching for some relief, the informant glared up at the ex-bartender.

"Shizuo, I swear if you don't put those lips somewhere else, I'm going to cut.. ahh.. you.."

Shizuo paused, slowly dragging his tongue down to Izaya's puckered hole and back up before glancing down. "Too bad. It pleases me to see you there, helpless and writhing."

Izaya curled his fingers into fists, feeling Shizuo's tongue on him once again. He managed a chuckle, pushing further back against the brute. "Mm writhing? That's a fairly large word for someone like you.. Nnn!"

Shizuo growled, biting down on the informant's flesh again. He could tell that Izaya was on his last leg. Revenge for what he had pulled at the club was definitely in full play here but he was suffering, too. Shizuo abruptly jerked his head to one side, feeling the familiar anger build up inside of him.

Screw Izaya. He'd much rather torture the smaller man, deliberately ignoring the twitching erection between the other's leg.

Resting his chin on the small of the informant's back for support, Shizuo brought the captive hands together. Holding them with one of his own, Shizuo dipped his other hand between Izaya's legs, brushing his fingers over the tip of the man's erection. He moved slowly, slathering the digits with the informant's fluid, which in return earned him a low moan from the dark haired man.

"You're so hard already, Izaya," Shizuo whispered, squeezing the information broker's member roughly. Izaya felt his breath hitch in the back of his throat. He bucked his hips, silently pleading for Shizuo to continue. The ex-bartender simply shook his head, abruptly pulling his hand away before thrusting two fingers deep into the informant's bottom.


Izaya's body jerked a few times, his utter shock was sheer amusement and much more of a turn on for the blonde. He held the informant's hands in place as he began to move his fingers in and out. There was no resistance from Izaya at all. The hole welcomed him and he throbbed painfully, wishing he had pushed a different body part inside of the other man. He began to accelerate his movements while the informant gave slow, breathy moans in between gasps for air.

That is...until...


Izaya's back arched as much as his position would allow and his head came up off the ground a bit before slamming back down. His eyes clamped shut and he completely surrendered to the blonde.. Surrendered to his greatest enemy.

Surrendered to Shizuo Heiwajima.

Shizuo was almost thrown over the edge when he felt Izaya's muscles tighten around his digits and clamp down on him as he periodically drummed the two fingers lightly on his highly sensitive prostate.

He was excited to see Izaya relaxing and ultimately enjoying the hell out of his actions. He was sure that Izaya would want to try to top him considering his personality, but the way he rubbed his ass on the blonde during the lap dance decided for him. He was going to have that ass and now that Izaya was completely at his mercy, he felt satisfied with himself. It's not like Shizuo would dare let anyone top him, anyway. That just wouldn't happen.

Glancing down, Shizuo noticed that Izaya was being strangely docile aside from the struggle caused by the tensing of his muscles. He loosened his grip on Izaya's wrists, immediately wrapping one of his hands around the informant's dripping erection and began to pump him quickly.

"...AHH!...Ahnn! Oh...Ngh!..."

The sudden contact caused Izaya to jerk his hands free to grab the carpet on either side of his head. The blonde continued his ministrations on the other's prostate, all while stroking his erection roughly, causing the informant to arch his back intensely. It was too much for Izaya to handle, and Shizuo was about to lose it just watching the informant's reaction.

Izaya never stopped the blonde's movements. The thought to resist never even crossed his mind. He needed 'his' Shizu-chan's touch. He wanted the blonde's touch more than he wanted to breathe.

Shizuo hovered over Izaya, using his wrist to pull back against the smaller man's hip bone, nudging him to move closer. Izaya happily complied but instead of just scooting backwards, the informant raised his upper body, pressing his back to the toned chest behind him. He snaked his arm around Shizuo's neck and moaned into his ear before turning the blonde's head and connecting their lips into a panicky kiss.

The muffled moans Shizuo was receiving on his neck and lips when they kissed warned him of just how close Izaya really was.

"Mmf, Izaya?" Shizuo breathed as their lips parted, and Izaya leaned his head back on his shoulder.

"Ahn...Hmm?" Izaya's concentration seemed to be momentarily disrupted.

"You really like it when I touch you, don't you?" Shizuo whispered seductively in Izaya's ear, enjoying his position of control.

"Tch." Izaya scoffed. Of course he enjoyed it, but would he admit it? Hell no.

Shizuo smirked, feeling quite generous. Technically he had already lost and poor Izaya was at his breaking point. He would give him what he needed... but only this once.

"You're such a dirty slut," Shizuo whispered in Izaya's ear. Izaya wanted to retort but what could he say? He was drowning in the blonde's touch and for this moment he was.

He was Shizuo's dirty slut.

The blonde suddenly pushed him forward to his knees, snatching one of his legs up and effectively flipping Izaya over on to his back.

"Eh?" It was the only sound that escaped Izaya before his member was engulfed in the wet cavern of Shizuo's mouth.

"Ngh!" Izaya eyes popped open, and he desperately tried to act as composed as he could but this was not something that he could simply smirk away. It was happening here and now and it was exactly what he needed. As much as Izaya wanted this... he didn't want it to end here. But if Shizuo had already gotten off and was still here and touching him... that means he still wants something more.

"God... Shizu-chan, could you be... anymore—Ahn!" Izaya was trying to insult the blonde in between breaths but was cut off when that skilled tongue swirled around his tip, causing an abrupt moaned to slip between his parted lips as he jerked forward.

Izaya sat up, crimson eyes averting down to take in the scene before him. He shivered, placing one of his hands on Shizuo's back and ran his hand over the soft fabric, losing his breath rapidly. Taking short shallow breaths and feeling his climax close in, he clenched Shizuo's shirt in his hands, moaning out his enemy's name when he finally hit the ecstasy he was waiting on.

Shizuo wiped his mouth on his shirt as he leaned back on his hands, eyes finally adjusting to the darkness. He saw the informant trying to catch his breath, but the look on his face was less than satisfied, his erection never changing in firmness.

Before he knew it, Izaya had pounced on him, catching the skin on his neck between his teeth. He chomped down on Shizuo's flesh, causing it to bleed and continued the process down his chest, taking a special moment to lick at the scar that he had created years before. Moaning a string of lustful mewls, Izaya pushed the collar of the shirt back and down the blonde's arms.

"Dammit, flea.. Ah.."

Shizuo was now the one suffering, but he quickly concluded that anyone would be after seeing Izaya like that. He let the informant do as he pleased, allowing low moans to escape at each bite for awhile before catching Izaya's lips and kissing him hard. The brunette's wet erection skipped across Shizuo's abs as he bit down hard on Izaya's bottom lip.

"...Nnn..." Izaya growled, pulling away slightly from Shizuo to lick at his lips, clearing them of any blood.

"You're disgusting, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo only smiled darkly. He was glad to know that they were still on the same terms even if being together like this.

It was better than fighting..

"Yeah.. You're no better, Flea."

Izaya smirked, pushing himself forward, slender fingers reaching out to undo Shizuo's pants as the blonde worked to pull Izaya's shirt over his head. Shizuo soaked two fingers in his own mouth while leaning on his other arm. Izaya hummed, drumming his fingers lightly down the blonde's leg before wrapping them around Shizuo's member. He stroked slowly, the tantalizing pace earning him another low moan.

Shizuo growled, arching up into Izaya's touch as he pulled the brunette closer, his own fingers thrusting back into the informant.

"Shizu..ohhh.." Izaya dropped his head to the other's shoulder, tongue swirling around the blonde's exposed flesh. Turning his head, he smirked again, nipping at the toned skin lightly.

Even though Izaya was enjoying it just as much as before, he had a new found energy that begged him to tease the blonde. He couldn't stand the thought of being around him without insulting him. What had he been doing?

"Look at you. Are you falling for me already?" Izaya teased and he felt Shizuo jab his fingers inside roughly in irritation.

"The only falling I'm going to do is in laughter after I kill you," Shizuo growled, pushing his fingers even deeper. "..and you?"

Izaya caught himself contemplating on it for a brief moment before he ultimately laughed out loud.

"The only falling... I'm going to be doing... is down the stairs... if you get the chance to push me." His breath was hitching again. He was starting to hate himself for his body's reaction to Shizuo's touch.

Damn protozoan..

Shizuo glanced down at the brunette, meeting Izaya's intense stare. They held each other's gaze for a moment, both grinning as they nodded in agreement. Lifting the informant up, Shizuo suddenly ripped his fingers away before abruptly replacing them with his own erection. Izaya groaned, pushing against the intrusive pleasure, attempting to angle himself properly and moaning loudly when his prostate was hit directly.

"You're gonna want to fuck me... more than kill me after this...you know that right?" Izaya breathed as he began to raise himself and slide back down, pace staying slow as nails dug into the blonde's shoulders. Shizuo gritted his teeth, making a point to intentionally miss the informant's sweet bundle of nerves.

"Maybe I'll just kill you while I fuck you," he whispered, the soft breath at his ear causing Izaya's body to tense and he heard Shizuo grunt approvingly in response. If having sex and appearing vulnerable and unarmed in front of your arch nemesis (A.K.A. The monster of Ikebukuro) wasn't risky, he didn't know what was, and the blonde's words reminded him of this. It was scary and exciting all at the same time, just knowing he could be crushed at any moment, but he would never allow himself to show any concern.

"Oh? ...Are you a necrophiliac?" Izaya smirked for a moment until Shizuo thrust upward into him, hitting his prostate dead on, causing Izaya to let out a high pitched breathy moan. He crumbled, pressing his forehead to his enemy's.

"Ahn!... I...hate...you Shizu...chan."

Izaya moaned in between breaths and thrusts as he sped up his movements. He wanted this to be over. He'd won. He didn't need to prove himself anymore. He didn't want to fall for this stupid protozoan's touch.

"And I hate you more... Izaya."

Shizuo would never admit it but this sex.. Sex with your enemy. And Izaya's control.. it was the best thing he'd ever felt in his life. It was sex where he didn't have to worry about hurting his partner. He could beat the shit out of him and never feel guilty. Plus, Izaya seemed to enjoy his abuse. Could he say they were the perfect playmates? His drunken thoughts took him to a new high as Izaya rode him, his heat clamping down on him and moans filling his ears.

Shizuo was losing it. His body felt like it was going to melt into the carpet. He leaned back, laying his back on the floor and letting Izaya take complete control of him as low moans escaped He could feel his own climax surfacing. Reaching forward, he grabbed Izaya's thighs tightly, giving his enemy warning that he was close.

"W-what's the...matter Shizu-chan?" Izaya sped up his movements, he was also close. "Does it feel... too good?"

Shizuo moved his hands up to Izaya's torso and brought him down into a desperate kiss, forcing the informant into silence.

Savoring what felt like would be the last moments they would ever spend like this, they moaned and breathed into each other. Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck, pulling the blonde even closer as his pace slowed, the pit in his stomach erupting as he came on to Shizuo's chest. He felt the blonde's member twitch inside him, soon followed by hot liquid that filled him. He collapsed onto the man beneath him, only one thought swimming through both of their minds.

'I... fucking... lose.'

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