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As eyelids flutter open slowly, I curse the sun for ever existing, its light beaming in from the window and obscuring my vision. I squint while quickly raising an arm to my face in an attempt to block the harsh rays, but was abruptly halted by an intense pain immediately shooting from my shoulder blade and down my spine.

"Owww.. What the...fuckk?" As the words came from my mouth, my lips burned.

Huh? What the hell did I do yesterday..?

Forcing my eyes open wider, they finally adjusted to the intense light shining in from the window as I rolled over groaning in pain. One quick glance at the walls got me standing in seconds, however.


Red smears decorated the walls in random places in my apartment..

Red smudges in such contrast to the white paint..


Who the fuck did I kill?


Another string of pain shot through my neck when I turned my head, and I couldn't help crumbling to the floor. I feel like I got hit by a fucking train; my entire body sore and stiff.

Just what the hell is going on?

Urging myself to my feet once again, I stumbled around in the same spot, trying to calm myself. Though, as my eyes darted around the room, I found no clues aside from my pain that would account for what I was looking at.

A stubborn groan in my throat, I pushed myself forward. Jogging into the master bedroom I found the mirror and looked at my reflection in horror, tensing muscles and hissing with each movement.

The mirror reflected my image in such a way that I wasn't sure if I was still dreaming. My lips were bloody and sporting a few cuts on the inside that stung as my fingers ran over them.

"...the fuck? I look like Simon got a hold of me," I hissed, dry blood cracking from my mouth as I spoke.

Following the trails of blood, I was led to the bite marks littered down my neck and to my chest, dried blood covering them as well.

Smears of blood..


Spinning on one heel, I turned around to look at what was paining my back, only to find gashes, bruises and more blood.

"What kind of shit is this...?" I gasped, finding more bite marks on my ass and inner thigh.

"Seriously.. what the hell is going on?"

Leaning back against the nearest wall, a soft sigh escaped my lips as I tried to decipher the situation.

There wasn't anyone in my apartment. No indication of who was there or what happened.

Hissing from the pain in my bottom and back, I decided that maybe leaning against something probably wasn't a good idea. I pried away from the wall, briefly closing my eyes for a moment before taking a deep breath.

Aside from the obvious evidence that someone else was in fact in my apartment, there was not much else I had to go on at the moment. However, I'm Orihara Izaya, famous information broker. With a little time and research, I could easily have the culprit pinpointed.

And besides.. I should pay that motherfucker back.

Crimson eyes slid over to the adjacent mirror again, my head slightly tilted as I studied my reflection for a second time. I dared to reach forward, fingers connecting to their reflected counterpart against the cool surface of the mirror. They lingered, tracing the outline of my reflection slowly as an unexpected grin formed on my lips.

Hmm... well I must be delicious!

A soft string of laughter escaped me as I stripped what little clothing I had on (my briefs) and stepped into the shower. Stretching my arms above my head and keeping the smile in place, I began to relax... until a memory of the night before caused an eyebrow to twitch and I dropped my hands at my sides. The water fell over my hair as I stood shocked, remembering everything.


I couldn't move, the sheer irony of the situation causing an eruption of giggles to escape me as the thoughts came flooding in. I leaned back into the flow of water, its warmth soothing my bruises as I contemplated my options. I quickly opted out of going to Shinra's to have my injuries looked at. After all, the doctor would just laugh at my predicament.

With a few other scenarios playing off my thoughts, I finally left the shower and dressed myself, stopping to smirk on the way out when I found the door halfway off the hinges and shoddily replaced.

Shizu-chan... such a neanderthal.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I decided it would be best to get my jacket back before any questions arose about the marks on my neck.

Ha, what would they think anyway? Why would it matter?

No, I love all my humans the same. I can't allow them to think I have a lover. Plus, if they knew it was Shizu-chan then I would have all sorts of gangs after me, knowing that I got caught by that stupid brute.

Especially if they found out the circumstances of being caught.. Although it's not like it wasn't willingly but what did I want to gain from this? What did I learn? What information did I hope to obtain? I didn't get anything useful.

I wonder now if he had any issues with pride. He accepted each challenge with ease and even left before I woke without killing me.

Just what were we turning into..?

"Hah!" I laughed aloud at the thought of seeing that blonde again. What expression will he show? I can't wait to see the uncertainty on his face!

And it was in this moment of triumph that I remembered exactly why I had done this. He will be lost in our fights. Whatever will he do with those odd feelings burning on the inside?

Though he said he'd never fall for me... what was that last night? Haha! He can fall in love, even if he is a monster.


On second thought, I hope he can't... Because then that would mean even a Go-


An abrupt shout from somewhere behind me jerked me from my burdening thoughts. Recognizing the voice, I forced a smirk to my lips as I slowed my pace, glancing over one shoulder to see Kida approaching, practically running to catch up to me.

"What do you need?" I asked dryly, still trying to reorganize myself. There is definitely something going on here. I never get lost in thought... only ever momentarily distracted.

"Whoa..." The blonde high school student gasped as he side stepped to my left, panning his head close to mine to get a better view of the marks I had wished to conceal on my exposed neck.

"There's no need to get so close to me, Kida-kun," I said, immediately stepping away from him. Of all the people to notice me, this little brat... Oh, that reminds me.

"So, where's my pay?" I wondered, stretching my fingers slightly before displaying an open palm in front of him.

"Your pay..?" Kida asked as if he suddenly forgot what I did for him and his little boy toy classmate.

"Oh? I'm sure you had lots of fun last night! So, where is my pay?"

Kida's face turned down at my words.

"You!? I knew he was drugged! I can't lie though, it was nice.. It was actually pretty awesome~!" Kida's face held a reminiscent smile until he came back to my question, all previous euphoric remembrance soon forgotten. "Hold up! I don't remember any deal about this."

"Of course you don't! I did a nice thing for you, now you should do a nice thing in return! Isn't that the human way?"

"Tch, you're human, too, Izaya-san. Plus, looks like you had more fun last night than I did!" He shouted, spinning on his heel before slipping around me and jogging off, waving his goodbye.

My gaze followed his disappearing form, crimson eyes narrowing slightly as I pushed myself forward, hooking my fingers in the front pockets of my jeans. He'll keep what he saw to himself like a good little pawn.

I continued walking along the sidewalk, absentmindedly kicking a soda can into the street, my mind suddenly deep in thought again. This, in all honestly, is beginning to sicken me. I'm not the one who is supposed to be dwelling on this.

...So, I won't.

Turning down another street, I finally reached my destination, wasting no time in peeking into the club doors and paying absolutely no mind to the fact that it was closed. I hadn't even stopped to check the time. I didn't know if it is early or late.. I probably should have asked Kida.

Oh well.

I pushed my forehead against one of the club's windows, the cold glass momentarily soothing my headache, but that relief was unfortunately very short lived, failing quickly and causing me to frown. Giving up on relief, I strolled around to the back of the club and jumped on top of the dumpster, and after some wall climbing, swinging like a monkey and a few other strange parkour moves, I was on the roof and opening the window to the VIP room which I often visited.

Once inside, I went down the stairs and around the corner to find myself staring at the door to the 'lap dance' room.

Yeah, that was the one.

Pushing aside memories of the night before, I took a small step back before thrusting a leg forward, the impact of my foot against the door causing it to nearly jerk from its hinges. Skipping passed the limp frame, I quickly retrieved my jacket and phone that were arranged on opposite sides of the room before exiting the way I came.

Ahhh, much better. I let out a sigh of relief as I raised the hood of my jacket over my head. I always feel at home in my hoodie; It's almost as if I keep every single one of my lies inside right beside my heart, where I can easily pull them out as needed.

Smirking to myself, I rounded another street before finally looking up, finding that I was standing outside of Shinra's apartment. Contemplating whether or not I should stay or go, I decided on the first and sighed, shuffling forward into the building. I needed to have a talk about why Shizuo was at the club last night, anyway. But damn that guy for living in Ikebukuro! I'd much rather be relaxing in my luxurious Shinjuku apartment.

Although, it's not that I would want to avoid Shizuo... but denying the pain I'm in and obvious handicap that my reaction time would not be quite as superb would definitely make me as stupid as him.

Either way though, calling the underground doctor would have brought me nothing but a bunch of talk about how he loves Celty and gibber jabber about what odd projects he's working on. If he sees me face to face then he'll know I mean business.

As I knocked on Shinra's door, I could hear him speaking in his high pitched and excited tone about a date, only to seem disappointed by whatever response it was that Celty gave. A few moments later the door opened.

"Oh, Izaya! How was your night?" Upon hearing my name Celty rushed up behind Shinra to hear my answer as well.

"It was amusing as always, nothing new." Leaving a smirk on my lips, I looked to the illegal doctor who seemed disappointed. Well whatever, I won't give him the satisfaction of hearing my story.

Ugh, I'm not myself today. I can tell. Even on the inside. Why am I getting so irritated about everything?

I need a change of mood.

"Anyway, I'll only be staying for a moment. I was just wondering why Shizu-chan was at the club last night?"

Get to the point then get out, no use in lingering any longer than necessary.

But Shinra never makes it easy, even if he wasn't trying to distract me. He looked at me with a strange expression, one that, for once, I couldn't read.

"You came all this way to ask that?" he questioned, tilting his head slightly to one side.

"No, I was still here in Ikebukuro so it wasn't that far."

His face distorted a bit into something a kin to a smile.

"You stayed in Ikebukuro last night?"

Yes, I can already see where this is going... Why didn't I see it before? Why do I even care to know why he was at Unknown? I guess what I really want to know is if Shizuo stopped by to see him.

"Yes, at my apartment. Don't give me that look, you know I don't favor any human over another."

"Oh, so I guess the injuries Shizuo was sporting weren't you after all. Guess it makes sense since there weren't any clean cuts. Some vampire of a chick she was, though! He even had me check him for STDs."

My eye twitched. I could feel it. This is enough, the final straw. I just want to go back to Shinjuku where I can sink myself in my office chair and drown myself in information.

This is so much more fun when it is other people's lives..

"Hah! Sounds like he had fun, I'll be sure to pick on him about it when I see him next. So.. I'll see you around." I want to get out of here. And I guess it makes sense that Shizu-chan would show up here, but if Shinra sees my marks he'll know.

"Oh, Izaya! One more thing." As I turned around I felt a hand on my hood and before I could react, I felt a cool sensation of air whipping passed my ears and suddenly my head was exposed, my comfort zone momentarily ripped away.

I should have seen this coming. Shinra only smiled.

"Uh huh. I thought so. Haha, I wondered who it could have been that would allow Shizuo that close. I also wondered what type of person could give Shizuo a run for his money."

I immediately replaced my hood, jerking my head over my shoulder and glaring back at the doctor.

"I'll see you later, Shinra."

"You should really let me look you over before you go! Shizuo isn't exactly a gentle person."

"I'm fine, it's nothing. Like that brute could hurt me, anyway." And with that, I left, ignoring whatever else Shinra had to say. I didn't care. He probably thought we were switching our hate for love.


How wrong he would be.. If anything, I'd say the hate was growing by the second.

But as I walked outside, I began to wonder just how many other people are going to ask questions when they realize in their soberness that the two in the spotlight last night were none other than Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo.

Oh well. The more the rumors, the more fun things get for me.

My legs carried me in another direction without my paying attention, and soon enough I found myself in front of Ryugamine Mikado's apartment. Shrugging a shoulder, I decided that since I was here, I would check up on him since whatever state he was in... was my fault anyway.

Shaking my head, I laughed dryly at my own conscience before knocking on the door once.


I felt myself growing impatient with every proceeding knock, but soon enough my ears picked up on a low groan that came from the other side of the door followed by an interesting request.

"State your name." Wow he must be really out of it, not even willing to answer the door.

"Orihara Izaya," I stated confidently, as if it was the password to a secret club house that only I was allowed.

"Text me the Dollars password." He really did ask for the password.

What a careful kid. Smart..

I pulled out my cell phone, flipping it open and doing as I was told.

"Come in, it's open," he said, voice hitching slightly. I complied, opening the door and stepping inside. Glancing down, my crimson eyes were met with a crumpled up Mikado on his futon huddled in the covers like it was the middle of winter.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, trying to sound as concerned as I possibly could.

"What do you need, Izaya-san?"

Oh? So he saw right through it.

"Just wondering how you were feeling.. I noticed that the fake ID's must have worked since you were in the club last night."

Of course they worked, I supplied them.

Mikado rolled over, groaning again and hiding his flushed face in a blanket. He was panting. Hmm, he must be worse than I thought.

"Kida should be back by now," he huffed, burying himself deeper beneath the blanket.

"Eh? Are you two going to live together now? How cute, little Mikado.."

I knew those two would start up a relationship. It was sort of inevitable, as they were extremely obvious with their feelings for each other but staying together so soon? That certainly was an interesting piece of information.

"No, he was supposed to get me some medicine for my stomach."

"Hangover?" I moved myself from the door and sat beside him on the floor.

"I don't know. I don't think so. Does drinking make you throw up?"

Oh, this is perfect. It was his first time getting drunk..


"Does it make your body feel like it's on fire?"

No, but the drugs I slipped you last night do.

"It can."

A fever? He was complaining that he's hot, and yet there he is huddled in the blanket.

"My whole body is on fire."



Kida didn't take care of it? Or maybe this kid was insatiable..

Mikado shifted uncomfortably in the blanket.

"Yes." He paused. "What do you mean still?"

"Eh? Well alcohol can make you feel like that, but it should be out of your system by now."

"Feel like what?"

I smirked, pushing myself forward to lean closer. "Mikado, do you feel hot as in it would feel better to turn the AC on or do you feel hot as in you are turned on?"

I could see Mikado's body tense all over at the question. My apologies, young one, I'm a blunt person.

Another minute passed, and he still didn't answer. So, this kid is bound in a blanket trying to forget about his boner.. Hahaha! Such an innocent kid! I wonder if Kida even did anything with him.

"Hmm, are you sore all over?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't seem to matter."

So Kida got him after all.. and wait just one minute, was he hinting that he wanted me to take care of it? Hah! What a disgustingly cute kid.

"Are you in love with Kida-kun?"

"I..I think so."

"Ah, well..I guess I'll stay here until he gets back then."

About an hour passed in silence, and Kida still hadn't returned. I sighed softly, leaning back against the wall before suddenly jerking forward, hissing at the reminder of the pain in my back. My brows pulled together in a narrowed gaze, thoughts of the previous night flooding my mind once again.

This is all extremely infuriating!

I know what is bothering me about this. I know why I'm dwelling on it. And it irritates me to no end.

I've never been sexually interested in much of anyone, but the moment I was, I ran with it, only to find it was my dear Shizu-chan.

I won't lie, I was scared; scared that he would break me, scared that he would kill me while I was vulnerable, and even more scared because he was my first. For a brute like him, he made it far more enjoyable than I could ever ask for though, and I would never ask for it. What is bothering me however, is that I can't stop feeling like I wanted more of it.


More of that stupid brute's hate. I want to feed off of it. Every bruise on my body, every gash and bloody print he left behind; it's true that they burn. They burn, spreading like a wild fire throughout my body and to my lower region, waking it and causing my discomfort.

I can't love. I don't love him. I love his hate. His unaltered and unconditional hate. It's beautiful and I'm the receiver of such a pure emotion. I can't help but wonder if he feels the same.

Yes, I can feel the desire building up in me even now. I can feel the tightness in my jeans, though I choose to ignore it. Would it be so bad to want it again?

"You were at the club last night too, right?" As Mikado spoke, it startled me out of my thoughts. I thought he had fallen asleep, his breathing evening out quite some time ago.

"Yes. You weren't looking too good. Want to tell me what happened?"

He let out a shivering sigh, probably remembering something from last night.

"N-not really. I can't think straight right now."

Ah, that's right. His body is on fire, he said. So he's just like me..though his feelings are probably more pleasant than mine will ever be.

I feel like a high school kid right now; feeling so worked up all because I got a slice of something new.

My urge feels insatiable, and it disgusts me.

The soft ticking of a clock marked another hour, making three in total that have passed and yet, still no Kida. Where is he anyways? I have things I have to do. And more importantly, why did I even volunteer to stay here? It's not like I care if Mikado was alone.

Eh, maybe it's because I'm going through something similar. Waking up with the sudden realization that you now need something you never thought you would need before. God, how human of me...

Mikado shifted again, this time letting out a small high pitched moan that was probably never meant to escape.

Leaning up from the wall, I crawl over the bundle of blanket that is Mikado at the moment. Lowering my lips to where I can guess his ear is, I speak in a low tone.

"Ryugamine-kun.. It hurts to know that you want something so badly that you know you shouldn't have... doesn't it?"

The younger brunette shivered unintentionally from my touch, and I can tell it's exactly what he wants, but my words startle him.


"You want me to scratch your itch?"

He lied still on his side, my legs straddling his hips as he tried to think calmly. His exposed face blushing madly.

"Eh, Izaya-san, umm...Kida should be back any minute... I don't thi-"

I cut him off, looking into his eyes as he attempted to avoid mine. I know that he knows what I'm talking about. I know he's defending himself, I know he doesn't want to hurt Kida, and I'm fairly certain he has no feelings for me. He just wants relief and the poor boy is feeling guilty.

Realizing that I feel absolutely no guilt in this situation, I start to feel less human again. And as sickening as some might find that, I find it relieving.

Letting one of my hands find its way beneath the blanket and to his lower regions, I continued to speak. I keep a low, husky tone in order to keep the mood, however, my words are nothing but degrading.

"Where do you think Kida-kun has gone? It has been over 4 hours. Maybe you weren't good enough.."

A sigh of frustration and pleasure, both from my words and my touch escaped his lips. He's stuck. The pleasure is something he needs but his overflowing insecurities about the whole situation with me right now, and obviously earlier with Kida, are plaguing him.

How cruel of me, feeding off of him like the little parasite Shizu-chan tells me I am.

His breaths are ragged and needy as I stroke his clothed erection. I close the gap between our bodies, leaning my chest on his shoulder, my body weight being shifted to my elbow as I use my free hand to stroke his hair. It's false comfort and I can sense that he can tell, but the poor boy can't help but succumb to it.

Am I like this? Is that what I was like when I ended up completely surrendered to Shizuo?

Like a high school boy with an itch I can't scratch?

Nah, he's on drugs right now. They just lasted longer than I expected. Not to mention the fact that I encouraged Shizu-chan.

…and I just admitted it.


"I-Izaya-san!" He's getting close already. And how cute, he even moaned my name...

If I could get hard for this kid, I might have even tried to take him.


Now he's begging.



"Sono umi o nomikomu
Soshite sono karasa o kanjiru
Hakidasu kimi no hiza ni
Hajimari o omoidasa-"

Oh, my phone.

"Moshi moshi."

I continued my sinful movements as I moved to sit behind Mikado, paying him no mind as he panted into my ministrations.

"Yeah, that's him. Why?"

I listened to Shinra's concerned voice while ignoring the muffled moans coming from Mikado as he covered his mouth with his hand.

"Oh, really? I wonder what they want from him."

My eyes averted down as I felt a familiar warmth envelope my hand.

"Yep, thanks. I guess I have work to do then. Who's paying me for this?"

I wiped my hand on a towel conveniently placed next to the bed before silently patting Mikado's damp hair. He's really not going to like this news.

"Eh? Really now..? How interesting. Bye, Shinra."

The small brunette looked to me with questioning eyes. I'm not sure if he's concerned about what I just did to him or the phone call. Maybe both.

"Your boyfriend has been kidnapped."

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