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"Your boyfriend has been kidnapped."

The words echoed softly in Mikado's mind, crescendoing louder until they were the only five things that mattered. His world was crashing at an alarming speed, the impact of the realization causing him to tense, his expression disbelieving and yet filled with deep concern.

And I was the cause of it all. I had just taken advantage of him, but of course I had my reasons; not only to fulfill some sick desire to remind myself of my place in the world, but also to relieve him of the awful heat that I found myself succumbed to last night.

He's confused.. but who wouldn't be?

Right after I relieved him of his stress and what was causing his discomfort, I told him something just to replace it.


His voice was surprisingly calm for the severity of the situation. I turned my head away, averting my gaze as a look of sheer boredom flashed across my features.

"Don't know! However, it seems Celty is funding my research, so I'll have to be on my way soon."

Mikado suddenly shot up from his place on the floor, finally feeling a burst of energy.

"How do you know?" His eyes widened and then narrowed shortly after, obviously suspecting me for having information on the subject. Or maybe it was for insulting him the way I did during our little encounter just moments prior.

"Ah, our dearest of dullahans caught a glimpse of him being snatched off the street and pushed into a van."

I stood, continuing to ignore Mikado while heading toward the door. At least something interesting is happening! Although, I can't help but wonder if I should take part in this. Oh, how Mikado's heart must be torn! I can imagine it must suck to finally be with the one you love only to have them snatched away and out of your grasp. It was as if fate was playing a cruel trick on them. It could even be compared to Romeo and Juliet. Hmm I just have to get them to kill themselves.

"Hehe." Oops, I let that laugh escape...

"I don't see anything funny about this," Mikado spat, rustling in a change of position from behind me. Before I reached the door he spoke again, this time in a much easier tone, apparently remembering just who he was speaking to.

"Umm... C-can I come with y-you?"

No. Absolutely not.

However, I didn't want him to continue to use me as a suspect. It would certainly be bad to have all of The Dollars targeting me, even if they are a bunch of softies.

"Oh sure, why not! But hurry up, I need to get back to Shinjuku quickly."

Mikado took a quick shower, dressed himself and was stuffing some clothes in a bag when my patience ran out for the second time in my short stay at his apartment.

"Expecting to stay the night?"

He looked up from his bag for a moment.

"Ah, well we don't know how long it will be before we get any information on the guy..."

Eh, he had a point.

"Alright, alright. Just hurry it up. I really think you're underestimating me, though. Your lack of confidence truly pains me~!" Sarcasm dripped heavily from my lips as Mikado shot me another suspicious glance before we finally took our leave.

On our way to the train station, we ran into Simon who begged us to come in for sushi. We complied, but I made Mikado pay for our meal. He and his little boy toy still owed me for last night anyway, although I'll never tell him that I drugged him. There is no need for the unnecessary questions from his somewhat naive mind. Well, maybe naive isn't really the word for it...


While we ate, Mikado texted something rather rapidly on his phone. He was probably typing to someone from his precious Dollars or sending an alert. If so, I'd know soon enough.

As we stepped out of the restaurant, a shiver ran down my spine when I heard Simon's voice speak the name of the last person I wanted to see right now. Immediately darting around the corner in the opposite direction, I hoped that Shizuo didn't see me. I would hate to have to fight him right now in my weakened state.

I grabbed Mikado's hand and dragged him along with me as I ran quickly in the direction of the train station. I should have just called someone to pick me up but it's too late for that now and it was getting dark.

I slowed down for a moment to turn down another street only to see a vending machine land in my previous spot.

Well, shit.

"Oppa Gangnam sty-."

Ehh? What was that?

I quickly side stepped another vending machine, spinning on my heel to look up at the beast, only what I saw forced my lips to curl up, a genuine grin spreading across my face. Shizuo stood there, all attention suddenly focused on his phone; his phone that was spurting that annoying popular Korean catastrophe of a song.

Aha.. Hahahahaha! Shizuo's ringtone?! Bwahaha!

"Sono umi o nomikomu
Soshite sono karasa o kan-"

Oh, and that would be mine~!

Slipping my hand into my pocket, I didn't dare look away from Shizuo as I pulled out my phone and flipped it open, momentarily glancing down only to find that it was just as I suspected. Mikado had sent out an alert about Kida-kun.

He probably sent it to distract us. Too bad for him.

Shizuo was still reading the post when I looked up. I guess he found The Dollars more important than his fights with me. That or he thinks that I won't attack him after what happened?

"Shizu-chan, forgetting something~?" I yelled to him to catch his attention, flicking my blade out threateningly.

He looked up from his phone, an excited smile crossing his lips as he flipped his phone shut and dropped it back into his pocket.

"What? You want my attention, flea?"

Ah, what an amazingly pedophilic sounding voice.

"As dense as ever, ne Shizu-chan? You're the one throwing vending machines my way. What do you want?"

The blonde's smile grew darker. What is he thinking about? Where is the confusion I was looking for? Why isn't he lost? He's...

"I told you to stay out of Ikebukuro."

The same.

And there it is again.. that growl in his voice. The same words over and over.. could I really be growing tired of this routine?

"Mm yes. But since when has that stopped me?"

He looked at the ground and pulled out a cigarette, eyes flashing with anger.

"So what, you have a point. I'll just have to make you remember why you shouldn't come back!"

Here we go. The insults always lead up to him chasing me and him getting hurt, then I run away. I'm not even listening anymore, just staring at the cigarette between his lips.

"That's all well and good, but I actually have work to tend to right now. See you later, Shizu-chan~."

I turned, sliding one foot forward in an attempt to walk off confidently, but as I slipped around another corner, I quickened my pace. I needed to get away before he tried to fight me. He knew damn well I couldn't run well right now, and I'm sure he's probably counting on it. As I dart around another alley, I'm made fully aware of the quickening steps behind me and the pounding of my heart as it beats louder, and faster.

I'm going to get caught.

I start to run, leaving Mikado behind. He'll be fine, but me? I'm not so sure.

Hearing the menacing laugh behind me only confirms the fact that I am indeed limping and staggering through my pace and it's noticeable. I'm out of breath already... I need to lose him.


Sprinting down an alley, my lungs burn for more air as I run in slight panic, though I don't allow it to show on my face. Every step I take vibrates through my bones and stings every bruised and sore muscle, hurting and burning every one of my brand new wounds.

The heat... the fire spreading throughout my body was like a wild fire and it enveloped me in such a way that I may never be able to escape. I briefly contemplated if I even wanted to.

What is this?


Huh? What was that?

He can't laugh like that, can he?

No, his voice doesn't sound anything like that...




I'm laughing?

My hands reach up to my face to confirm the smile plastered across it.

Well, I guess this is pretty damn funny. I'm always living in constant chaos and yet my thoughts always remain clear. That is until I let myself get caught. Now, the same things that have always been so fun for me are possibly deadly.


Darting down an alley way with new found energy, I succumb to the laughter. I mean... really. This is exactly what I needed, a change of mood. Plus, what am I so glum about? This is my favorite thing to do! What's a little more danger added but a little more fun?

The alley has several turns and twists in which I choose with ease, but my body struggles to keep up with my willpower.

Just as I was about to round another two way split, a landing vending machine blocks my path and I'm forced to choose the opposite direction. This is all very unfortunate considering the only other option to choose would be the dead end. Have I been underestimating him all this time? Is he really able to read my thoughts in such a way that he can predict where I'm headed?

Or is it just that he also knows this alley way well? Probably the latter, this isn't the first time we've done this here. He's like a trained puppy! He's finally learning after all the times I used this alley as an escape before.

Swiftly changing my direction I have no choice but to follow the path he leads me down. My eyes scan the area as I run, looking for any possible way to escape but there is nothing.

But I don't mean that there is no way to escape. I mean that it is nothing but walls.

No windows to sneak through, no fire escapes to jump up to, nothing but a door. A door that I jiggle the handle to but of course, it's locked.

And so here we are. I turn around to face Shizuo, walking forward as I catch my breath and leaving about ten feet between us.

Here we are...

A place I would never have been able to foresee before today. A place where I have no other options and Shizuo is smiling brightly at his victory.

The world falls silent aside from the shallow breathing coming from both of our throats; our chests rising and falling without any particular rhythm. Just him and I, locked in a glare that seems to try and guess the other's move. Each waiting for the other's attack but neither budges.

I'm trying desperately in this moment to read him. I want to know what he feels. I want to know if he's confused, if he's hurt, if he wants to throw up at the sight of me or the memory of our actions.

What is this?

Why the fuck can't I read him?

The only thing I can see are his eyes glaring back into mine. His waves of anger seemingly dissipating but determination and victorious smirk still present.

No trace of any of the emotions I had hoped to see.

Just that simple, victorious smile.

It irks me. It pisses me off and Orihara Izaya does not allow himself to get pissed off.

Giving up on guessing his move, I relax a bit. He's not going anywhere until I do. Looking past him, I judge the distance between him and the wall, trying my best to figure out if it's just enough space to slide through without him getting a hold of me.

I was contemplating all my options when Shizuo shifted. It was the smallest movement, but it caught my eye and once again crimson orbs were drawn back to him, scanning him over and searching for even a drop of emotion or any indication of his next move.

Still nothing.

Let's see... Where did he shift?

His leg?

My eyes trailed down his body, halting abruptly once his lap was in view. Crimson orbs quickly narrowed and I changed my tone, a smirk forming across my lips.

"Shizu-chan? Where did you go this morning? Did you miss me? Is that why you came to bother me, my love~?"

Making gestures as I spoke, I looked into his eyes. But there was still nothing. No change at all.

The pit in my stomach almost made me nauseous. Why couldn't I stir him up at all today?

His lips curved into another smile, something that made me shiver involuntarily. That excited smile usually brought me potential pain. A dangerous fight that fulfilled my need for exercise and a good troll, but recently that smile meant something completely different.



No, no.

"Hey flea, how does it feel to get caught for a second time?"

"Hmm I don't know, Shizu-chan. I don't remember getting caught the first time."

He chuckled darkly.

"I'm sure you remember last night."

"Hehe! As if I didn't let you catch me. Don't get all cocky just because you're standing in the way of my only exit."

He turned around confidently as he spoke calmly, eerily calm, waving his hands for emphasis.

"It took me almost all day to figure it out and remember where I was, why I was with you and.. these marks.."

He gestured toward himself.

"You must have really liked me fucking you. Look at all these marks you left on me!"

He was actually teasing me, or at least, trying to. That's wasn't going to work, or at least I didn't think so until he started to unbutton his shirt and show me his chest.


His chest was covered.

Completely covered.

Blanketed in red marks, some bite marks, some nail marks on his shoulders...

Shit, he was just covered in marks period.

Just like me.

They were everywhere, and seeing them only caused me to react, the fire that had already begun with the fight spreading through me like never before.

"Who would like fucking you, Shizu-chan? I just like hurting you."

Well, I must have had a strange look when I said that because he really didn't take me seriously.

"Is that so..."

Shirt still hanging open, he lunged forward at me. Fuck me for missing the fact that he was trying to distract me. He had moved closer during his display of my pleasure and was now slamming my chest against a wall. His hand on the back of my neck was hot, so hot that if I didn't know better, I'd think he was sick.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Shizuo chuckled again. I'm tired of him getting the chance to laugh at me, at my misfortune. Nobody likes having their crown stolen right from under their pampered feet.

He never said a word, but I felt the hand creep into the front of my pants as he pushed my face further into the wall.






Gripping my erection, he lowered his head to my ear and whispered lowly, flicking his tongue out to circle the lobe.


And with that, he quickened his pace as he pressed against me, reminding me of all the pain I was in.


"Uh huh, I thought so. Here you are getting off on your pain and my touch..."

Shizuo repositioned himself, allowing the hand that was previously around my neck to find its way into the back of my jeans, pressing against my sore entrance. Shifting his weight, he dug his shoulder into my back, effectively holding me in place while my hands were busy trying to push away from the wall.

Everything aches. My back, my ass, my neck, my head, even my hands. Everything hurts.

And everything burns from his touch.

His tongue ran over my ear again as his hands switched positions. He was using my own pre-cum to press a slimy finger into me.

And my body was reacting yet again.

What is this?

What does he want from me?

Why did this backfire on me? And why does it feel…



"You don't want to hurt me, Shizu-chan."

He took a deep breath in. "Hmm..maybe you don't but I really want to hurt you... and you...you like it."

Eyes widening as another moan escaped my lips, I began to realize what I already knew.

I can't allow this.

I can't like this.

Shizuo wasn't letting up however and ripped my pants down, one hand pressed against my back and his other attempting to hold me in place. And it worked, my muscles were too sore and stiff to try to push against him and yet, it heightened my senses.

I could feel him moving around behind me, I could hear him spitting on his hand. I knew what came next and I was terrified to know what amount of pain I would be in within the next few moments.


The smirk that I always wore found its way to my lips once again. Shizuo positioned himself and began to slowly press into me, a low groan escaping his throat as his head made its way in. He paused for a moment, possibly wondering what my face looked like, what expression I was showing.

I let my hair hang over my eyes, widening my smirk as I pressed back against him, taking his full length inside of me. A very unmanly moan escaped my lips.

"Fuckkk... Izaya."

He took a few deep breaths before he spoke again.

"Just what amount of pain can you take?"

A low cackle escaped his lips, and I'm sent into ecstasy. He pounded into me roughly, testing the amount of pain that I can in fact take, but the only thing that escaped me were sounds of pleasure, not by my choice of course.

But..God, if there is one..I want more. I want as much as I can take. Push me to the edge, Shizu-chan.

Push me as far as you can because I'm drowning in you.

He pulled my hood from my head and latched on to the back of my neck, his teeth digging in and creating a new wound to hide.

"A-ah.. Mmmnn.. S-Shi...Shizu.."

I can't even get out any insults. I can't even use my tongue to speak. I bit my lip, reopening the previously closed wounds, breath completely escaping me as I release on to the wall. He's filling me up, feeding off the pleasant sounds coming from my mouth.

And when he's done with me, I fall immediately to the ground, but a cigarette and a lighter falling into my lap caused me to face him.

And with that, a heap of Orihara Izaya is now watching his 'dear Shizu-chan' zip himself up and walk away with a simple, "See ya later."

Laying my head in my hands, I sighed.

Thank you.

And just as I finished zipping my own pants, I was met with an innocent face.

"Orihara-san, are you okay!?" Mikado asked, his eyes following my lit cigarette in disbelief.

Exhaling a puff of smoke, I flipped my hood over my head and walked ahead of him, steering myself in the direction of the train station as originally intended.

"Better than ever," I replied with a smile.