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The world is a funny place. Watching people go through it has always been my favorite pass time.


"People make the world go around."

That's what people say but it isn't true.

They also say that money makes the world go around but we all know that isn't true either. The world spins on its axis all the same whether money or humans exist or not.

Humans seem to think that each and every one of their lives is the most important thing. It really is too funny. Their emotions are the best though! To watch them go through things and be able to predict exactly what their thinking, what their feeling, even though every single one of them are just pawns.

I love to see them react.


I don't love seeing myself react.

I'm not really sure how much of last night Mikado remembers. I don't know if he remembered seeing me and Shizu-chan together and I'm not really sure how much he saw today but it doesn't really matter, does it?

I don't care.

I don't care because I feel much more at ease right now, a weight simply lifted from my shoulders. I stretch my arms above my head as we exit the train, massaging my sore muscles.

Mikado hasn't said a word since he asked if I was okay.

Eh, whatever. He's upset about Kida-kun, his poor love being snatched away.

Honestly, none of this concerns me. I will do the research, give the information to my favorite deliverer, receive my pay and all will be back to normal. The only thing that is bothersome is that one of my favorite pawns is missing. Aside from that fact, one of my other favorite pawns will be useless until the other is found.


I thumbed Shizuo's lighter in my pocket as I waited for him to acknowledge me.


Well, it's about time I start gathering info from him.

"How long was Kida-kun gone before I showed up at your place?"

Mikado looked up to the air as if counting imaginary clock numbers.

"Two hours, probably."

"You don't know for sure?"

This isn't going to work well if I can't get exact numbers.

"Do you know anyone who would do something like this to him?"

His eyebrows furrowed for a moment, and then rose as he seemed to remember something.

"His phone!"


"I didn't call him because he left his phone at my place!"

Are you kidding me? We finally arrive in my safe zone and now you're asking me to go back?

"Ah, well what a great time to bring that up. We'll have to get it later, I'm sure I'll have to head back to Ikebukuro sometime soon for more information."

Mikado looked to the ground. He didn't seem to like my answer but oh well, I finally feel relaxed and I don't feel like ruining my perfect mood.

In fact, I really want to know what happened between them~! Sounds like fun~!

As we walked to my apartment, we talked about what they had done this morning. Basically that Mikado felt sick and Kida ran off like a prince to save his princess, even forgetting his phone, to find a cure.

After we arrived, Namie was shuffling papers into a pile and was seemingly heading out the door.

"Yagiri-san, make me some coffee and some tea for the little one."

She gave a look of displeasure to both of us but it lingered for a moment on Mikado.

"I don't think so; I'm off now and about to leave. Plus, I wouldn't do a damn thing for that kid. "

I let a laugh escape my lips, geez these humans.

"Still holding a grudge against him? It doesn't really make sense. The only thing that set you back in your quest for your brother's love was yourself."

I waved my hands for emphasis as I sat down in my office chair, motioning to the couch for Mikado to have a seat.

"Eh? Your brother's love?" He asked innocently, picking up on what I meant as he took a seat on the couch.

"Yes, yes, Ryugamine-kun. Yagiri-san has been in love with her brother, Yagiri Seiji-kun, for quite some time. But as you know, Seiji-kun was in love with a severed head, instead."

As I finished my statement, I let a chuckle escape. I just can't get enough of teasing her about her incestuous love. Not to mention that her brother would rather love something that can't love back.

"It's none of this kid's concern." She said as she poured my coffee. Her expression was nothing but content until Mikado opened his brave little mouth in response.

"No offense, Yagiri-san, but I think you made it my concern back then. You came after me to save the object of your brother's affection in hopes of redirecting it to yourself."

Mikado shifted in his seat as he looked at Namie sternly.

"You came after me." He reminded and then paused for a moment before he spoke again.

"So, I see you're working for Orihara-san, which makes even less sense than your love for your brother or your grudge against me. You do understand that he is the root to most of your problems...right?"

Eyes narrowing at Mikado for a moment, I watched him blush as he realized that he was speaking too much of his mind at the moment.

"Eh, umm..."

Mikado's face peeked over to catch my expression before tensing his hand's grip on his pants, suddenly finding a keen interest in the floor.

So, he is talented in observation, as well.

How interesting.

Namie's eyes narrowed on me and then moved back to Mikado.

"Ugh! Really? You two are so alike that it's disgusting." She spat as she served our drinks before turning and leaving, letting herself out of the door.

For a moment I realized something about Mikado that I hadn't really thought about. He is innocent but he understands the situations of others. That being said, when his eyes followed my cigarette and when he stayed quiet on the train...

He was remembering.

He was realizing.

He knows exactly what happened in the alley.

I let my hands support my chin as a smirk formed on my lips. It's time to distract him. I don't need him prying into my life.

It isn't important.

"So, I find it interesting that someone would just take Kida-kun like that. I mean, he's been back for a few months and he gets taken the day after he goes into a club for the first time? Seems kind of odd, don't you think?"

Honestly, it isn't strange at all. There are so many people who would like to torture the head of the Yellow Scarves just because he's the leader. It could just be a whim some other leader had; maybe someone just had a grudge against him, or even a close friend.

Who knows?

The point is that I need to test him. I need to know some of his limits and I need to distract him away from me. He doesn't need to analyze me.

The sickening part is that normally I wouldn't care but this is my game of chess. It always has been and I don't need my pieces moving around on their own or even to as much as glance my way.

Not to mention... right now I'd rather not even analyze myself.

"Right." Mikado's expression sagged as he was pulled back to the reality of his situation.


"So, with that being said, I need to know everything that happened that night."

"Ehhh?! Everything!?" He blushed furiously as his faced whipped in the opposite direction, unable to look me in the eye.

Haha! Even better!

So, I was right!

He can't observe a situation or someone's intentions as long as it has to do with his personal affairs. I just manipulated him in to believing that he needs to tell me all the events of his night but in all reality I just wanted to deflect him from me.

Not to mention the fact that I'm so curious~! Just how did things go down between them!?

"So, start from the moment you stepped into the club," I said, looking down to my phone to check when I sent Mikado the Dollars password.


I got the call from Celty at 4:34pm.

I probably saw Kida right after he left, since I stopped by Shinra's.


"Well, we showed up at the club, Kida showed the bouncer the fake ID's he had for us."

As he spoke, I moved to sit down across from him on the opposite couch.

"Mhmm, and then?"

Mikado sighed as he scooted around to get comfortable until he was laying down staring at the ceiling.

And suddenly I felt like a psychiatrist.


"Kida ordered us some drinks and then we danced a little bit. Then Kida got a text and I lost him for about 30 minutes."


"Where did you find him?"

"Ah, somewhere in the crowd."

"Oh? Did he say where he had been?"

"No." Mikado looked down, not having the answer still seemed to bother him.

"Okay, and then?"

I want to get to the good stuff!

"We went back to the bar for a little bit; Kida talked to the bar tender and ordered more drinks. Then Kida tried to teach me how to dance. It didn't seem to work very well, Kida said I just needed to drink more so we went back and drank some more."

Mikado shifted uncomfortably and I became excited, knowing that this meant that we were starting to get close to the juicy stuff.


"Well, we danced a bit more and I started to feel... funny." His face turned bright red.



Mikado's eyes wandered in every direction except in the direction of mine.

"You have to give me a little more information than that." I scoffed, trying to squeeze every last detail out of him.

"Well, I started to feel very..." He took a deep breath and then his eyes glazed and snapped to mine.


"Uh huh, must have been the alcohol. And then...?"

Leaning my arm on the arm rest, I laid my head on my wrist. I'm trying to make him feel as comfortable as I can in this conversation... because I want to hear it all, especially the part where they run into me and Shizu-chan.

"He kept asking me if I was okay, saying something about the expressions I was making when people bumped into me."

In this moment, I decided I didn't need to speak anymore. His memories were taking over and I can tell he no longer remembers why he's telling me this or the fact that he's even telling someone about it.

Mikado's eyes closed slowly, allowing his flashback to fully take over and I decided to join him. I shifted around to a lying position as he continued to speak, closing my eyes and imagining his story.

"Kida was much more excited about being there than I was. His cheeks were pink and he kept looking at me in a way I'd never seen before, or maybe never noticed."

"While we were dancing he suddenly stopped and stared at me for a few moments. His eyes actually widened as if realizing something."

Hmm, realized that he liked Mikado? Or maybe that he was drugged?

"He got really close to me, behind me. He started whispering things in my ear."

Hehe, Kida! You suave guy, you!

"What things did he say?" I asked in a calm voice, trying not to disturb his state of mind.

"'You're so cute like this.' and 'You should try moving like this.' and then he pulled my body backwards to him with his hands on my hips. I tried to stop him at first! But... then he started rock my body with his and suddenly nothing seemed to be that big of a deal."

"Mmm... sounds nice." I said so but honestly, I can't say that my experience was that different.

"Yeah... It was really nice."

Hehe, he's being honest again.

"So, then what?"

"Well, we danced like that for a while; Kida led me with his movements."

"Hmm? He's a good guy."

"Eh? Why do you say that?"

"Well, honestly, when you dance like that the one in front is supposed to lead the one behind them. The one behind them is just supposed to match the movements of the other... but since you're shy he led you. He's a good guy..."

The thought briefly crossed my mind that it would be nice to be in that type of relationship. Warm and caring. A real blush, not one induced by alcohol or over exertion.

Wait, what is happening to me?

Shaking my head, I pushed the thought out of my head. Thinking things like that is what got me into my little problem in the first place.


"Sorry, go on please."

Why on earth would I go out of my way to complement someone? Grr... Since when do I say things that are unnecessary? Oh, of course, because making him seem like a good guy would make Mikado miss him more, throw him more in despair.

...yes... that's it.

"Well, I started to feel even hotter and he flipped me around and we danced the same way but facing each other... and he realized..."

Mikado got quiet.

"Realized you were hard."

I heard him gasp.



"So, what did he do?"

Mikado seemed surprised by my lack of reaction, but it seemed to make him more at ease as he explained the rest.

"First he turned me back around. I was really embarrassed because I felt like he was disgusted and didn't want it touching him but then he started to... touch me and kiss my neck."

"And that only made it worse, ne~? Where did he touch you?"

"On my hips beneath my shirt at first... but after a little while he started to move lower and about that time he started pressing his to my backside...'Me too.' was all he said."

"Hehe, Kida's a natural! He made you feel comfortable with it didn't he?"


"So then?"

"I started to lose my breath as he touched me and he asked if I wanted to get off the dance floor. I agreed. We went back and finished our drinks and that's when he dragged me to the room you and Shizuo-san were in."

Tingles ran all through my body at the mention of Shizu-chan's name and sudden realization that this kid remembers everything... in detail.

I wonder if he'll ask... or if he thinks me and Shizuo have been doing these types of things for a long time...

Trying to pass it off, I continued as normal. "Uh huh. What did you see?"

"Well Shizuo had you pressed against a wall, his hand around your throat. His pants were undone and... Well he was pressing against you with his... and he looked like he was about to kiss you but was interrupted."

"Hehe!" I couldn't suppress the laughter! That was too cute. How the hell am I going to explain myself?

"Uh huh. I'm sorry, go on."

"You said something about Shizuo-san being indecent and Kida said that you weren't innocent. Then he dragged me into a different room that was empty."

"Oh? And how did seeing Shizu-chan's hard on make you feel?"

He giggled a bit and continued. "That's the same thing Kida asked!"

I let out a chuckle. "Oh, but I'm sure he was only inches away from you when he asked, ne~?"

Mikado quieted.

"Right... He was sitting in a chair and pulled me to sit in his lap."

"He was giving you a handjob right? Asking you dirty questions about what you just saw with me and Shizu-chan? What were the questions? What did you answer?"

"How did you know?"

'Cause that's probably something I would do.

"Hehe, you are kind of cute. Now really, answer me!"

"Fine, fine. Yes he was... err... giving me a ...hand job." His voice lowered, letting only a whisper escape as he muttered the last word.

"He asked me things about how it made me feel to see Shizuo-san's 'big hard cock' and seeing the blood running from your mouths. He asked how it made me feel to see 'the all mighty Orihara-san with eyes...glazed and cheeks pinker than my tongue.' and also... the stuff on your lip... and the 'tent in your pants.'"

I couldn't hold in my laughter at Kida's choice of words and the way Mikado hesitated in saying them.

"You mentioned the blood from our mouths twice. Hehe! If he was asking all those questions... I can guarantee you it got him going, and what about you? How did you answer? Or was there more questions?"

Mikado giggled in agreement with me but began to reply.

"No, I didn't."

"Didn't what?"

"Mention blood twice."

"Eh? Then what was 'the stuff on my lip?'"

Mikado didn't answer and I opened my eyes and turned to him.


He stared hard at the ceiling as his hands clasped between his knees. A serious blush forming all over his face.

"Oh... Shizu-chan's... Haha! Did I really have some on my lips?"


"Well, that's embarrassing."

Well, no excuses now, he already knows just how close we got that night.

"He also asked me if I wanted Shizuo-san to touch me and stuff like that, all of which I answered no."

"Oh? But what did you answer to the questions about me? Hmmm?"

I really am too conceited for my own good.

"I'm sorry!" Mikado suddenly busted out and I fell off the couch laughing.

He feels guilty that he used my weakened state as fap material! Bwahaha, this kid really is too honest. I can't take it!

How cute! How disgustingly adorable!

After a few more moments of giggling, I collected myself back on to the couch and willed Mikado to continue his story.

"Umm... I'm not really sure how the rest of this will help you."

Tch, how sad! He's been brought out of his little flashback... well that's no fun.

"So then you two went back to your place and fucked, ne~? So, did you run into anyone on the way home?"


Mikado shifted again, turning his body to face me.

"Well, Kida bumped into someone on the way while trying to carry me."

"He carried you? And what did the person look like?"

"Yeah, on his back. I thought I'd be too heavy for him but he insisted."

And at the mention of a piggy back ride with a hard on, my whole body jolted with my own memory of the same. The way the friction tugged and teased me, and how I tortured the hell out of him.


I wanted him so much in that moment.

And right now... my body is reliving that same desire.

I'm so pathetic.

"It was a guy with a tattoo behind his ear. He didn't say anything, just watched us pass him after Kida apologized."

I've suddenly lost interest in everything this kid is saying... I need to go to bed. I need to forget. I can't want that stupid Neanderthal.

But I do.

So badly.

"Alright, well I think that's enough for tonight."

I wonder if I should try this kid. I need to take care of this... my body is burning... again.

I can't take it.

Deciding a kid is better than nothing, I moved over to sit next to him but he scooted further away, guarding his hands between his legs like before.

Ugh. I don't want to work for it. I just want Shizu-chan to jump me.

Take it, take it.

No. What am I saying?

"Well, I'm going to go to bed. It's been a long day; I'll do more research tomorrow."

I stood and turned to go up the stairs and to my bedroom.

"Oh, and there is a spare bedroom down the hall, first door on the left. You can sleep there. 'Night."

I continued on up the stairs and as soon as I was in my bedroom, I locked the door and dove into my bed.

My breaths were short and shallow but I tried to calm it. Unzipping my pants and releasing my erection, I gripped it and began stroking myself with thoughts of Shizuo in my head.

What am I doing with my life?

With my most hated enemy?

My mind is seriously faltering.

A few involuntary moans escaped before I realized that it was literally impossible. I couldn't get it. No matter how hard I stroked, no matter how tight I gripped or how fast I pumped... Nothing. It felt good but not enough.

It wasn't enough.

Okay, so maybe I just need to get more in the mood?

Pulling of my shirt... I stared down at the marks that Shizuo left on me, my free hand caressing the skin.

Still tugging and starting to get very frustrated, it felt better but still, not enough. I becoming impotent?

It is true that Shizuo was the only one I've ever really gotten hard over.

Oh the irony...

What if it's only Shizuo?

Thinking of the night that we fucked, I started to stroke myself faster. I picked apart every perspective of the night, and before I knew it, I was almost there.

So close.

Using my nails, I traced every bruise, every scab, reliving the experience.


Releasing my free hand from my body, I used the back of it to cover my mouth as I pumped harder and felt the long awaited release.

"Uhnnn! Shizu...zu...cha...ngh!"

The building pain in my wrist and the taste of blood in my mouth surprised me but it helped me realize why it was suddenly easier to get off.

I had been biting my poor wrist the entire time...

Feeding off the pain...

Shizu-chan, you're right.

I'm a parasite.

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