Title: Can't Smile Without You

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Story Category: Baten Kaitos

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don't own the Baten Kaitos universe. Title comes from Barry Manilow's Can't Smile Without You…I don't own that either.

Main Character: Lyude

Pairing: Lyude/OC, Lyuvann/Almarde (mentioned), Kalas/Xelha, Gibari/Savyna…

Generation: Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean

Summary: As a reward for Lyude's help for restoring the ocean to the world, the Great Whale decides to physically bring his soul mate to the Baten Kaitos world...

Chapter 1

The Great Whale wasn't finished yet. He knew that through Kalas, Lyude and his guardian spirit had bonded on a whole new level and somehow Lyude and this Myst weren't supposed to be apart. To completely summon her however, he would need both Xelha and Melodia's help to do so. 'Xelha, come.' he spoke through his mind to the young woman. He would explain to Xelha first for she was the daughter of the ocean, her line having carried the entirety of the ocean sealed within their body.

'Great Whale, why have you summoned me?' Xelha spoke as soon as she reached the beach, Kalas a short distance away. Ever since he had nearly lost Xelha, he was unwilling to let her leave his sight from then on.

'Xelha, remember Kalas' guardian spirit?' Xelha smiled, for she had liked Kalas's guardian. Every member of Kalas's group liked her. 'Since the party bidding her farewell, Lyude has missed her.' Xelha nodded as she thought about the plan and Lyude's unhappiness when the spirit left.

'Won't we need Lyude for this? I mean, doesn't he have to help guide her back here?' Xelha had a point, the Great Whale thought. He should have included the young man from the beginning. 'What exactly are you planning?' the queen asked.

'I am planning to bring her back, not as a guardian spirit, but as a person, Xelha.' The whale stated as Gibari and Savyna joined Kalas.

'Shall I tell Lyude? I mean if he is to participate in bringing her here, he should be told.' Then it hit him that Kalas should be involved as well due to the fact that Myst had been his guardian spirit. Who better than he and Lyude to bring her here?

'Tell Kalas as well' was the Whale's final response.

Xelha walked into Lyude's residence. The young man was laying down on his bed, face on the pillow. "Lyude…the Great Whale needs your help."

That made him sit up fast. "With what?"

"Summoning Myst to our world. He seems to think that you, Kalas, me, Melodia and him have the best chance of working together to bring her here." A smile filled Lyude's face, the first that Xelha had seen since the farewell party.

"Are you serious, Xelha?" Lyude asked, tears forming through his eyes. For his sake, she hoped that the ceremony would work because it was painfully obvious that Lyude had a hard time letting her go after the team had said their farewells to the Spirit.

"I'm serious, Lyude." Xelha points out.

"It worked!" Melodia announced happily when she saw an auburn - haired lithe form on the beach. She started to run up to the young woman, but Xelha shook her head and held Melodia back.

"Let Lyude and Kalas do it." Xelha advised. "We have no idea what she remembers, Melodia. For all we know, the last thing she could remember is you betraying Kalas by melding with Malpercio." Melodia nodded her head in agreement before Kalas and Lyude cautiously walked up to the woman.

She seemed to recognize Kalas and Lyude by some extension, even though she was surprised that Lyude hugged her. Then Melodia walked up and Myst greeted her by saying that she resembled a person that her father, Alex, had been guardian spirit to 20 years before. "My father never shut up about Sagi." Myst chuckled fondly, referring to Melodia's father.

"What was my father like? I barely remember him." Melodia asked. Myst tilted her head and blinked her eyes as if remembering.

"My father told me that Sagi was stubborn, like Kalas. Wry sense of humor too. But unlike Kalas, Sagi liked to see the best in people, especially in your mother, Melodia." Melodia looked at her.

"Okay, Okay…I deserved that one." Kalas laughed. Everyone else did too as Lyude helped her stand up. "Did you find what you were looking for?" Kalas asked. "I…"

"No, I didn't." Myst shrugged. Lyude let go and she nearly fell. "Agh!"

"I'm sorry!" Lyude apologized, then scooped her up into his arms as Kalas directed them to Doctor Larikush's house. "I missed you, Myst." He admitted. Her blue eyes met his and in that second, Lyude knew where she truly belonged - she belonged with him.

"I missed you too." Her voice sounded like it was about to break. "I wanted to tell you this when I was Kalas' guardian spirit but I was afraid that you might take it the wrong way…" She blushed.

"What did you want to tell me?" He was curious now.

"That I love you, Lyude." And those were her last words before she fell asleep.

"Doc, please tell me that you can do something." Kalas pleaded.

"I can do nothing for her, Kalas. The magnus that she was born with has put her into a healing coma." Doctor Larikush admitted after looking her over. "Apparently, the journey to bring her physically to our world nearly killed her. It would've certainly done so if she hadn't been born with this magnus."

"How long will she be in a coma, doc?" Kalas asked after glancing at Lyude's pained expression. He looked like he was blaming himself for her hard journey.

"Months at the very least, years at the most, Kalas. I cannot say because her injuries were extensive. I'm sorry, Lyude…but that explanation is the best that I can give you for now." Lyude nodded as he scooted his chair closer to Myst's bedside. He grabbed her hand and bit his lip. Everyone left.

"Myst, I love you too. If I had known that this journey would have hurt you, I would have insisted that they leave you back where you were. It's my fault." He started crying. "I wanted you here with me so badly…" He bent his head and kissed her, his heart racing as he did so. Then he left.

"Lyude loves you." Myst turned around to see that Sagi was watching her. The older man was sitting on a chair, a book sitting on his knee precariously.

"Sagi? You're dead!" The spiriter rolled his eyes and laughed.

"Of course I'm dead. I'm your guardian angel. Remember, I used to appear to you when you were a child?" Oh, she remembered. It drove her father crazy when she said that she had seen Sagi and Alex couldn't. "You survived because through some idiotic twist, my existing spirit melded with yours. It gave you the strength to follow your destiny."

"Doctor Larikush said I would have died if I hadn't been born with a magnus." she protested.

Sagi shook his head sadly before addressing her. "No, child. You would've died, not because you had a magnus, but because of where you traveled. Their path sent you directly into the belly of the Underworld, where I melded with you to lend you my strength because if I hadn't, you would be dead."

"Then since my journey is done…" She hoped that Sagi would leave.

"I'm stuck with you, Myst. I'm sorry to say that my quick thinking melded us beyond your journey for the foreseeable future." Myst snorted. Sagi didn't sound the least bit sorry to her. He had never sounded the least bit sorry about anything. "Okay, you're right, I'm not." Sagi declared. Her eyes widened as she realized Sagi could hear her thoughts. "At least I can see my daughter through you."

"As long you don't take over me, you'll be fine." Sagi smiled at her, well grinned at her. "Don't get any ideas, buster."

"I'm not. I don't think I can 'take over you' as you put it." Sagi admitted.

Myst's eyes fluttered open. Taking her surroundings in, she slowly sat up. She could hear Sagi in her mind, making wry comments about the room. "Myst…" Kalas comes in, surprised that she was even awake. "You're up."

"Where's Lyude?" She asked.

"He'll be back in a few days. He had some business to attend to in Alfard. Let me get Doctor Larikush…you shouldn't be up." Kalas tried to insist, but Myst stood up.

"I'm fine, Kalas." Myst argued.

"No, you're not. You were in a coma for a month and…" Kalas groaned. He knew that he was going to get it when Lyude came back. "Whatever. As long as you're still standing by the time Lyude gets back, it'll be fine. He'll be happy to see you awake and I won't get chewed out."

Author's note: I was playing around with BKO and I realized that the guardian spirit to Sagi was male, no female option, so that gave me the idea for this story and if there is any oocness, I apologize. I have finished neither game, so what I know of their futures comes from the Baten Kaitos Wiki. Please read and review! Criticism is welcome.