Disclaimer: I don't own teen titans or the song entitled Crazy weirdo.

This is just a silly little one-shot between Beast Boy and Raven.

One afternoon after Beastboy had been teasing Raven for quite some time, Raven finally burst out


The TV burst due to how mad Raven was.

Beast Boy smiled a mischievous grin and responded,

"Cause I'm a crazy weirdo."

I know grown-ups say this doesn't really happen, but honest to goodness Raven

had steam coming out of her ears. She was about to respond, when she suddenly heard music.


Raven looked around to see where the music was coming from, and saw

Beast boy holding a microphone, and he began singing the fast paced song.

I'm a crazy weirdo and I'm calling you.
I've really got nothing better to do.
I dial up your number
and I let the phone ring.
Two minutes later
I'll be doing it again.
You might think I'll be moving along,
But you would be WRONG.
I've got no life at all,
So I continue to call.
I'm a crazy weirdo and I'm calling YOOOOUU!

As Beast boy finished the song, he looked up expectantly at Raven.

She just stood there looking totally emotionless except for

a single eyebrow that was raised rather high.

"Ok, now that that idiotic song is branded in my brain, I'm just going

to go stick my head in a garbage disposal."

And with that she turned and left a disappointed Beastboy.

But what he didn't notice was Raven trying her very hardest to stifle a laugh

as she walked to her room.

"He's such a crazy weirdo."

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