The New Guy V2.0

A/N: I didn't like how the other version ended so I'm redoing the story not completely differently but different, also Jakerica is still going to be in it. Hope you enjoy the V2.0 of the first chapter, don't forget to leave a review.

Jake's POV

As we pulled into the neighborhood I saw 4 people going into some dude's house. There was a blonde haired girl, a guy with the name "Benny on the back of his shirt", a dark skinned girl, and another guy with short hair. Before they all completely went in they looked over in my direction. Between the two girls the blonde one was the hottest.

We pulled into my driveway and me and my parents got out and started unloading. I checked my phone and saw that today was Monday November 12, 2012. Later that night I hooked my laptop up to our router and connected to the internet. The first thing I did was log onto Facebook and checked my notifications. Once I did that I updated my location and changed my high school to White Chapel High. My mom said that, that was the high school I would be going to tomorrow.

I'm gonna be honest I am a little nervous about tomorrow, but it can't be all that bad. In the people you may know section I saw the same 4 people from earlier today. So there names were: Erica, Sarah, Ethan and Benny. I after viewing there profiles and seeing that they all also got to White Chapel I sent them friend requests. The first person to accept was Ethan, then Erica, then Benny and finally Sarah. I watched some TV for a little bit then went downstairs and ate some pizza. When I finished I went upstairs and went to bed. The next day my mom woke me up at 4 in the morning.

I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, packed up my school stuff and headed out to the bus stop. A few minutes later a corvette pulled up. I looked and saw Erica motioning for me to come closer.

"Are you Jake" she asked. "Yea, I'm Jake the new guy who just moved in" I replied. Just then my bus drove right past me. "That was your bus" Erica said giggling. "Yea, there goes my ride, I'm gonna have to walk to school" I said to her and turned and started walking. "Wait I'll give you a lift" she said driving closer to me. I ran to the passenger side, threw my bag in the back and hopped in.

The drive to school wasn't too bad, me and Erica talked for a bit but I felt her staring at me the whole way. We pulled into the parking and saw Ethan, Sarah and Benny.

"Hey it's the new guy" Ethan said to Benny and Sarah who replied back "We know". "So Jake where are you from" Benny asked. "Virginia" I replied. I checked their schedules and compared them to mine, I had them all in every class except History, it was only me and Erica. The day went by a usual, which for me was getting glances by everybody, joking with Benny and Ethan, eating lunch outside listening to my I-pod. Then the last period of the day was history. Our teacher assigned us a project, and gave me a copy of all the notes that we took through the year leading up to now. The Project was to be a famous couple from any time period and write a paragraph about how you feel about the other person at the end of the month. Then tell it to the class, so if someone was King Louis and someone else was Marie, we had to write about spending life with each other. Our history teacher loved romance stories, from what I heard from Ethan.

She then gave us one week to find somebody to partner up with. When History ended I headed towards my locker to grab my English textbook. I put in my combination 14, 28, 42 but the locker wouldn't open. I looked at the clock and saw that the buses leave in 2 minutes. I nearly pulled the locker out but it wouldn't open. I was thinking about kicking it when I heard Erica's voice ask me if I needed help. I looked at her and smiled. "Yea I need help" I said handing her the combination. After messing with it for about 10 seconds she got it open. "You just have to turn it two more times because the lock is messed up. I grabbed my English textbook and headed towards the buses, when Erica said that the buses had already left. "I'll give you a ride home" she said catching up to me as we headed towards the parking lot.

We climbed into her car and took off. "Hey thanks for the ride" I said looking over our history project. Erica glanced at me and then to the project. "Do you have a partner for that yet" she asked me. "No, I don't, probably because I just moved in and I don't know anybody except you guys" I said putting it back in bag. "Do you have a partner for it" I asked her. "No but I have somebody in mind" she said taking a sip of her water bottle. We pulled up into my driveway and I got out and headed in the house. When I got in my parents looked at me and then outside. "Who's that" my dad asked grinning at me. "A friend of mine" I said heading upstairs. I felt my face turning red. Once I got in my room I dropped my bag and pulled out my homework. After spending 2 hours on it I finally finished it.

Now the only thing left to do was find a partner. But I put that aside and headed down stairs and grabbed a can of Coca Cola and a piece of pizza and watched TV. It was 11pm before I headed to bed. The next day at the bus stop the bus actually stopped and I climbed on and sat next to Benny. We started talking about what we were gonna do this weekend. We talked all the way to my locker. When I opened it there was a note that said "You're my partner, Love Erica" then there was pink lip stick at the bottom of the page in the form of two lips.