The Potion

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Jake's POV

"Okay so Benny, you're telling me that Erica is under some kind of love potion you made for Ethan to get to Sarah" I said to him as we sat down at the lunch table. "Yea, but it might have slipped into her drink" he said, taking a bite of his burger. "So what do we do about it" I asked him. "I'll get working on the love potion, it's gonna take me a while since I don't really reverse love potions, so in the meantime just wait it out" he said and pulled out his book of spells.

I finished up eating and decided to just chill in the hallway. My phone started vibrating, I pulled it out and saw that I got a picture message from Erica. She looked good. Under the picture there was a text that read: "thinking about you" then it had a kissy face. I put the phone in my pocket right as the principal walked by.

"What was that" he asked looking down at me. "That was nothing" I said, looking up at him. "Give me your phone" he said holding out his hand. I reluctantly gave him my phone and the message of Erica was still open. "Sexting in the hallway, Jacob come with me" he said and motioned for me to follow him. Once we got in his office he called up my parents and told them about my apparent "Sexting". I'm glad it was my dad and not my mom talking to the principal. Later when I got home everything was normal, my dad told me that he's not gonna tell mom about it because she'll flip out. In my mind sophomore year isn't too bad. Though the first Monday in December our history projects are do. I'm completely done with my part, now all I need to do is wait till Erica gets a costume and then all we have to do is present.

The next day was alright despite Erica talking to me every chance she got. The Principal called an assembly in the auditorium and we had a thing about Sexting and couples and what not. Our principal (being the asshole that he is) deliberately had told the school about one student (me) Sexting another student (Erica) when all it was, was a picture of her. I sunk low in my seat and tried to hide my face. The only problem was Erica was sitting right beside me. My mind was only thinking one word at the moment and that word was Fuck.

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