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It was another typical 7:00 am morning in Jump City. The birds were serenading each other in their usual giddy whirl; their wings just a small trace of an assortment of black and white patterns temporarily etched into the spacious blue skies, the sonata of traffic was screeching and sinisterly twisting up the already impatient minds of passengers and pedestrians, and of course, the infamous Teen Titans were still locked up in their sweet slumber and serenity…or so presumed, anyway. Robin's muffled snoring echoed throughout the T-shaped tower causing a still sleeping Starfire to resume her hourly previous round of Tamaranean nursery rhymes…yeah, don't ask. Cyborg was still bundled up under the covers snuggling Mega Monkeys 5 as an attempt to protect it from a certain green teen's excited gloved hands. He definitely didn't want Beast Boy getting a head start on this certain new video game without him. This left 2 titans who may or may not be awake: said changeling himself and our favorite little half-demon, Raven. The latter figure was deep set into her 2nd hour of meditation, the continually repeated phrase of "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" awakening Beast Boy himself from his deep sleep.

Huh, I guess I should be getting up right now, he mused to himself the moment his emerald coated eyes shot open. Blinking a few times, he groggily rubbed the back of his neck and in a walking-dead sort of state, he swung his legs out of his pizza box and sock covered bed and stood up. Ah, what a lovely morning. He yawned softly, turned towards the door, and made his way into the hallway as an attempt to shake the sleep away from him.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos," Raven's chant bounced off her room and into his ears. Excited shivers cascaded down his spine at the sound of her calming voice. Hehe, Raven was awake, his brain happily told himself. Beast Boy felt a smile instinctively curl on his lips. Even the sound of her name was enough to keep him awake at this time of morning. Raven. He loved her name and the way it rolled off his tongue, even mentally, so simply and beautifully. Raven, Raven, Raven, Raven. It was quite evident to him already and has been for a while now: he liked her. A lot. He liked everything about her from the pristine, porcelain skin that enveloped her entire body to the somewhat short, slightly toned and impressively curvy properties her legs possessed. From the minute he laid his eyes on this mysterious character, he had felt something brim unwillingly inside of him. At the time, he couldn't quite pinpoint what it was…he knew it wasn't love, but it wasn't just mere attraction, either. It didn't help that she had actually called him funny, either. Beast Boy was a bit of a bird brain as he had been told so many times by his former affiliation, The Doom Patrol, so receiving compliments, especially from the empath herself, was kind of new.

"You know what? You're kind of funny." played itself over and over again in his mind like an old-fashioned record player that could not seem to function correctly. She had called him funny. Oh God, why does she do this to me, he wondered as his mind continued to replay ever single yet lovely moment he experienced with her. It was even worse when they touched. The feeling of her cold skin was too much for the green teen to handle. And that time they hugged? Man, that was really situational. He felt the odd sensation in his heart come back to him as it continued to thud mercilessly. Groaning a little bit too loudly for his tastes, he clutched his chest; not quite noticing the fact that he was standing right in front of Raven's room.

The door abruptly slid open, and Beast Boy let out a very unmanly scream as he came face to face with his lady love. Her usual blank stare was inscripted onto her unamused face as he could feel himself sweat-dropping by the millisecond.

"Uh, h-hey, Rae. I didn't think y-you'd be up this early," was the first sentence scrawled into his head and the first sentence that poured out of his mouth. Smooth, he cursed at himself.

She wore the same blank mask on her face. "I'm always up this early. Thanks to you, my meditation has now been ruined." With that, she began floating down the bare hallway and into the commons room.

"Hey, Rae! Wait up!" Like a startled goose, Beast Boy began chasing after her at such a pace that he tripped over a stray video game controller and landed face-first into the couch. "Oof!"

Raven was in the kitchen making her tea and of course, decided to comment on Beast Boy's blunder. "Faster than the speeding turtle, I see. With some practice, you'll win a marathon and destroy a whole city all in one take," she drawled in her sarcastic monologue; the kind that made Beast Boy blush madly.

He scratched the back of his neck nervously and grinned shyly. "Oops, heh heh. My bad."

The empath chose not to respond as she took the beverage in one hand and a book in another and began the descent back into her room. Unfortunately for her, she was interrupted by the arising of Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg.

"Friend Raven, why are you returning to your sleeping quarters? You have barely just awoken," Starfire questioned stopping Raven dead in her tracks.

"Yeah, girl. Don't you wanna have some breakfast with your best buds?" Cyborg inquired. An "mhm!" was uttered out of Beast Boy's mouth as Robin nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, Raven. You spend too much time alone. It'd be nice to spend more time with your teammates."

The empath defeatedly shrugged with a huff and floated back to the couch next to Beast Boy who was still crimson all over. Get a grip, dude, he thought to himself. It's just Raven. Why do you care, anyways? She's mean to you and creepy, and all she wants to do is lock herself up in her room and read one of those nasty old books. He repeated those statements to himself while trying to muster up the courage to look at her without getting a whoozy feeling bubbling up inside of him. He saw a small smile begin a crescendo on her face as she turned a page of her book, and he immediately looked away and felt the butterflies in his stomach flap their wings faster and faster. She just smiled. Raven hardly smiled at all, and he had almost forgotten how it felt like when she did. It was the most magical thing, really; to witness this lonely, misunderstood, usually emotionless, and strikingly different girl show any sign of feeling; even if it was just one small little curl of the lips. He loved seeing that smile appear on her perfect little features and secretly wished that he could be the reason for one of those smiles; that he could make her laugh…that she could spare one, just one, glimmer of a smile just for him. Maybe then-

His innermost thoughts were interrupted with the sound of Starfire squealing in her typical girly and enthused voice. "Oh, boyfriend Robin! A picnic breakfast would be most glorious at this time of morning! It would be the most perfect moment for Raven and us 4 to do the 'hanging out'!" A bone-crushing hug was sent in Robin's way as finally, Raven dug her nose out of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

"A picnic?" she questioned, her voice unwavering with its usual lack of inflection.

Robin bobbed his head up and down in a wimpy little nod. "It'd be ideal, actually. Like I've said before, you hardly ever spend any time with us. Being alone too much has to be unhealthy for people…even you, Raven." At this, Raven let out a frustrated puff of air in a way of saying you-don't-know-me and attempted at concentrating in finishing another page in her book while Starfire and Robin began to sort through the kitchen of the necessary supplies needed for their picnic adventure.

A picnic, huh? Beast Boy thought as joy surged through his veins.

"Yeah, Rae! Come on, it'll be lots of fun! I'll make you your lunch, too!" the changeling exclaimed.

Cyborg grinned. "Yeah, Raven! I'll even let you drive the T-Car…if you're careful. I don't want you hurtin' my baby."

Beast Boy furrowed his brows. "Duuude, what is your deal? You'll let her drive the T-Car but not me? Does the term 'best friends' mean anything anymore?"

Cyborg waved his comment off with a mechanical arm as Raven just crossed her legs; her eyes trying to scan her book in peace.

Beast Boy seized this opportunity to playfully nudge the empath in the ribcage. She glowered at him, but he didn't seem to notice. "Come on, Rae. You know you wanna spend more time with meeeee." He bared his teeth into an excruciatingly large grin, his stray fang sparkling at Raven's unenthusiastic stature. She secretly found this facial expression of his quite adorable.

"Don't call me Rae, and no, this picnic will be an extreme waste of my valuable time."

A heartaching frown replaced Beast Boy's former smile. "Come on, Rae..uh, ven! Puh-leeeease! I promise you'll have the best time of your life!" With that, he morphed into a small, feeble, but still green colored kitten and flashed her "The Face". She flashed him a quick glance before returning to the still unfinished page in her book. "Don't look at him", she muttered to herself. "Don't fall for 'The Face'."

Cyborg decided to join them on the couch, sliding in on Raven's left. "Oh, Raven. You know you can't resist the face." He put on his best impersonation of a frightening character you would find in a horror movie. "No one can resist 'The Face'!"

Beast Boy the Kitten hopped into Raven's unprepared lap and purred persuasively. The violet-haired teen rolled her eyes and reluctantly began to stroke the kitten's fur. "Fine. Whatever."

Starfire and Robin looked up from their pantry raid, grins illuminating their faces while Cyborg smiled in triumph. "YESSSSSSS!" they all cheered.

Not realizing he was still inhabiting a spot in Raven's lap, Beast Boy morphed back into his normal form. "Awesooooome!" he declared. His victory cheer was cut short when a glare from Raven penetrated through his soul, sending perturbed shivers down the changeling's spine.

"What?" he questioned innocently, completely oblivious to the crime being committed.

A faint blush began to blossom on Raven's pale cheeks as she tried to maintain the icy glare she currently wore. "You. Are. Sitting. In. My. Lap."

It was then Beast Boy's turn to flush scarlet once more. "Uh, haha, I'm sorry about that." He hurriedly glided out of her lap and onto the position in the couch he had acquired before the whole kitten situation.

Cyborg was still seated on the couch with them as a smirk began to drip off from the corners of his smug mouth. "Beast Boy and Raven sitting in a tree…"

Beast Boy fought the urge to grin. Huh, he read my mind, he mused. The book fell from Raven's grip as the red on her face began to glow fervently. "Stop it," she scowled frigidly.


Poor Cyborg did not get to finish his sentence because before he could belt out the last two letters, he heard an "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" and soon enough, a football, soccer ball, and a hockey stick took a full-on collision with his previously smug-looking face. Robin snapped out of his sandwich making phase and made his way to the couch in order to control the madness unfolding before him.

Wow, Beast Boy thought. That escalated quickly. Boy, I'm just really glad that Raven agreed to the whole picnic thing. Ooooh, this is your moment, man. You've felt this way about Raven ever since you first met. Maybe this was your moment to tell her, maybe you won't have to hide it anymore, maybe she'll actually-

His pointed ears drooped intensely, and his heart sank in a Titanic-like manner as he tried to finish the rest of that thought, mindless to the Raven/Cyborg/Robin brawl occurring in the background. Who am I kidding? Raven…Raven would never like me out of all people. She was always putting me down or trying to ignore me every time I try and do something nice for her or just try to get her attention in general. We've had some moments, I know, but…whatever, maybe I shouldn't tell her.

Beast Boy couldn't help but sigh as he mentally began hitting himself in the face. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I wish I was good enough for her. He sighed once more as he began thinking of ways for her to develop mutual feelings towards him.

While Starfire and Robin were in some sort of silly, yet nonetheless heated debate over whether to put mustard in the 3 layer sponge cake being made for the picnic, Cyborg addressed a vital question regarding the said picnic.

"So, where exactly are we gonna have this breakfast picnic?"

Starfire dropped the bottle of mustard in her hand, and it landed on the floor with a squlsh. "I do not know." She turned to face her beloved Boy Wonder. "Boyfriend Robin, where are the 5 of us going to partake in our breakfast food celebration?"

Robin grinned sheepishly, still slightly new and adjusting to the whole "relationship" thing with Star. "Hmm…I'm not sure. Raven, what do you think?"

Currently not reading her book, Raven was sprawled onto the couch, her legs, to Beast Boy's delight, on his lap merely shrugged in a carefree manner. "Do I look like I know about picnic locations?" She picked up her book and flipped over to where she left off last time.

"True, true," Robin agreed. His eyes shot up to look towards the ceiling in order to contemplate on possible ideas for the picnic's location. "Hmm…how about Jump City Park? It's really close by, and it's probably going to be kind of empty over there." He glanced at his watch and found himself smiling a little bit. "After all, it's only 7:20 am."

Beast Boy's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets, disturbing Raven's attempt to resume her reading. "Duuuude, no way! I woke up that early?"

"No. Not at all," Raven grimaced as she slammed her book with an earshattering "thwack". It's official. I give up reading in this unfitting environment, she thought irritably.

Beast Boy uplifted his lips into another sheepish smile as he looked at his love interest one more time before finally standing up to get ready for the picnic. He filed out of the commons room and into his own bedroom where the battle and uprising panic for "what to wear" struck his mind dreadfully. I have to impress Raven. If today's gonna be the day she finds out, I at least have to look decent for rejection. He began sorting through the racks of clothes he owned.

"All right, team," Robin commanded. "We have to be ready within the next 2 hours."

"Two hours to make breakfast? Easy peasy," Cyborg confirmed, already heading into the kitchen.

Starfire beamed at her boyfriend. "Glorious! I will go ahead and prepare my favorite Tamaranean breakfast foods!" The 3 Titans shot each other unsure and nervous glances as her tall, lean figure immediately zoomed to the stove.

Raven slumped her shoulders and clasped the book to her chest. "Well, I can't cook, so I might as well get ready." A sigh was released from her small lips as she began the walk, err, flight, back to her room.

Robin nodded in agreement. "That's the spirit. Alright, then. Titans go!"

And within the blink of an eye, our heroes' home was buzzing with the sound of microwaves beeping, toasters screaming, recalcitrant laughter, and the sound of Starfire's joyous 1000-versed hymns.

Um, well hopefully this wasn't too bad for a first chapter of my first fanfic. This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, so I guess you can say this is the prologue to the one-shot..? Eh, I don't know. Well, stick around for some updates! Don't forget to review!