So I've been wanting to do this since I got that concept art book that shows (Spoilers) a picture of Jack Frost in his human form. So I was wondering, what was it like to be living in 1700's Burgess? What was his sister like? Did he have a crush? Famliy troubles? So these are collections of one shots of what I think about Jack before he was Jack Frost.

Since the name Elizabeth seems to be used in many of those classic English stories like Pride and Prejudice, I think that would be a very good name to use to name his sister. I would guess she would be around 9 or 10 and Jack of course no older then 17

The time is also, according to the concept art book, 1700's. The colonial times. Settlers were coming in. I would think maybe like the pilgremes or something but, you let me know if I've messed up my history.

I'll post the first one shot soon. I'm KikaKatTIOI, peace out!