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Jack was outside the by the small lake, sketching random things he saw like trees, birds, and flowers. Hey tried drawing the lake many times, but he never got how to make his drawings look like water.

Jack was on his third attempt on drawing the pond when he heard something snap behind him. Jack smiled and said, "Next time watch your footing."

"Aw…" a small voice said in an annoyed tone. Jack turned and saw Elizabeth walk out from behind the bush. "I'm not exactly one too be as quiet as a cat."

"Cat's aren't quiet, they meow too much."

"Ok, let me refraze. As quiet as a rock."

"That does make sense."

"What are you drawing?"

"The pond."

"Looks like a blob with hair."

"Dang it!" Jack turned the page in his book of sketches and tried again for the forth time. "What am I missing. The lake can't just be a circle." Elizabeth leaned down closer, her brushing against Jack's cheek making it tickle. Jack giggled a little.

"What?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nothing." He said, keeping his eyes on the paper.

"You always laugh for reasons."

"Your hair just tickled me, that's all."

"You're ticklish?" Elizabeth asked sitting down.

Jack looked up quickly, "No!"

"Yes you are."

"Are not."

"Are to."

"Are not."

"Are not."

"Are not."

"Are to."

"Ok then." Elizabeth said after tricking Jack. Then she took her hands out and started tickling his stomach.

Jack fell over on to his side laughing, trying to move away from Elizabeth's reach. But it was no use. "AH- HAHAH-NO ELIZ-EL-ELIZABETH STOP-HAHAHAH."

Elizabeth then started to chant, "You are ticklish, you are ticklish, yes you are!"

"AM-HAHA- AM NOT!" Jack rolled over towards Elizabeth. He intended to garb her and tickle her as well. But when her rolled, she fell backwards. Elizabeth pulled on his shirt to keep from falling, but instead, she pulled him over her. The rolled down the bank, and into the water.

They siblings found themselves sitting up on the shallow end of the pond. Jack looked at Elizabeth and she and turned stared back. A few second later, they burst into laughter. After they were done, Elizabeth pointed at Jacks head. "Lily Pad."

Jack put his hand on is head to find a Lily plant leaf lying on top. Elizabeth giggled as Jack grabbed it and threw it back in the water. He looked at the water to see ripples emmenating from where his body was submerged in water. "Ripples."

"What did you say?" Elizabeth asked.

"That's what I was missing. Ripples."

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