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The house was silent, but it was far from a comfortable silence. It the tense, teeth grinding silence that robbed my of the air I needed to breathe as well as what little sense I had left.

I watched Rose as she picked at her food. She still was as beautiful as what she was the day I had met her. We were sixteen and she was the new girl at school. She was an angel amongst the average back then and still was now. There was a glow about her that just drew me in. It made her fierce and fucking amazing all at once.

"You're staring at me," she whispered without looking at me as she picked that the overdone chicken she had made for us, but neither of us were eating. How could I not stare at her? She was mine and I was on the verge of forever changing that.

"I can't help it. You're beautiful," I said with a quiet sigh as I watched her look away from me. She was always looking away from me like she could not stand to actually look at me. It hurt and made me hate her at times since all I ever wanted was for her to look at me.

"Well, stop it," she whispered in a quiet, pleading tone that made my heart bleed in my chest.

I let the silence settle around us once more. It was vibrating and causing my knee to bounce under the table as I sat there.

"You know we don't have to do this," I said in a quiet tone, but the way Rosalie flinched it was as if I had screamed at her.

"We could adopt," I said as I watched her, but she remained still as stone.

"We could explore all our options before doing this," I continued on as she slowly began to shake her head at me.

"We could…" I began to say, but trailed off into silence as she finally met my gaze. Her ice blue eyes were stormy with emotions that I could not name.

"What did he say, Emmett?" she asked me in an almost terse sound as I sat across from her. This was my chance to lie, to tell he no, to refuse this, but by doing that I was refusing her and her dreams.

"He said he'd do it," I admitted and then watched my wife let out a sigh of relief, but I had no idea if that relief was from finally having her chance with or from the thought of carrying my brother's child instead of mine.


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