Goofy's Sunshine

Summary: Goofy is good but he is a goof. Crack fics in the universe of the True-Cross cram class. A series of one-shots.

Fur Invasion




"Happy birthday Konekomaru!"

"Happy 16th birthday! May God bless you always!"

Cheers lighted up the joyous atmosphere as Konekomaru laughed in pure exuberance among the small circle of his cram class friends. Ah there's Okumura-sensei as well.

Simple feast was served in mock elegance of fake silver platters as they laughed and chatted animatedly.

Bon, finding something or exactly someone was amiss, whispered discreetly to Yukio, "Hey Okumura-sensei, where's Rin? Konekomaru seems to be a little sad because he misses his birthday party you know..."

Yukio wiped his mouth with a napkin, "Hm? Okumura-kun? Well..."


"Hey Yukio! Don't wait for me, just go first!"

"What about you nii-san? Miwa-san's birthday party will start in mere minutes from now"

Rin smiled proudly, "I have to retrieve his birthday present first. Believe me, he's gonna be flipping happy!", he then put a hasty finger in front of his lips, "Pssst, don't tell anyone!"

End Flash

Yukio smiled nervously, "Don't worry he'll be here soon"


Suddenly the double front door was opened abruptly, shocking everyone present. A silhoutte was standing at the entry. The illumination of the bright round moon behind him outlined his figure, the most conspicuous feature being two look-like-dog ears and a swishing tail.

Shima freaked out instantly, "Werewolf!"

The figure, as everyone expressed their fear, walked inside to reveal...

"Nii-san!", Yukio exclaimed then wrinkled his nose, "Urgh what's that smell? And what on heaven's name are you wearing?"

Rin smirked, "Can't you tell? I am a cat! Look at my ears and the fur vest! I've done a great job right?", the half-demon's tail swished happily. The beaming teen, as he had stated before, wore a simple black Tee topped by a dark fur vest. A pair of cat ears was perched on top of his head, with the addition of his own tail, he surely had done an exceptional job in immitating the major features of a feline.

Yukio raised an eyebrow, 'Is that supposed to be the birthday present?'

"But tha-that doesn't explain the smell...", Konekomaru piped in, "And why are you dressed like that?"

"It's the smell of first-grade catnip wine splashed on the vest! And this clothing is for attracting-

The earth rumbled and the guests panicked.

"Wha-what's that?", Konekomaru asked in horror.

Rin grinned, "Ah they're here! Here ya go!", Rin took his fake ears and vest off then placed it on Konekomaru, "Happy birthday! Hope you like the present!" With that, Rin quickly took off.

"Wa-wait!" The rumbling got more intense before...

"Meow!" "Meow!" "Meow!" "Meow!"

From the front door, a massive horde of cats burst in, trampling the ground with terrifying ferocity as they headed straight inside.

"Cats!", Bon shouted, "What the hell are they doing here?"

"It's the smell of the catnip wine! Miwa-san take the vest off quickly!", Yukio warned briskly.

Too late. The frozen cat-lover had already been tackled down by dozens of the furry felines he adored, the flood of hysterical intoxicated fur-balls fought feverishly for a mere taste of the supreme wine, with him, at the centre of the chaos. The last feline, he noticed at the spur of the moment, was Rin's beloved cat, which attacked happily on his face knocking him down to drown in the sea of meowing creatures.

Aftermath, Konekomaru was convinced that his affections were something the government had created as biological weapons that were waiting for the right moment to terrorize human-kind... definitely... someday...





~Golden Mist Fox