Hi everyone! So, it took some time, but I finally can present you with the first volume of 'Love After Love Drabbles'! These stories serve as sequels and continuations of my one-shot 'Love After Love'. For those of you who didn't get the memo, this is BRoken (aka Rook/Ben). That means slash (guy on guy) and xenophilia (cause they ain't the same species XD ). Now, as you will soon see, I have only written drabbles for episodes 3, 4, 6, and 8. This is because episodes 5 and 7 had NOTHING for me to work with! Now, if you have an idea for a drabble that takes before just before, during, or just after episodes 5 or 7, let me know; I'll consider writing in a future volume.

Now then, my plan for this is that each volume will contain 4 drabbles, one from each episode. Suggestions are welcome, but for the most part, these will be my own ideas. I can't promise how long this will last, but since BRoken is my current 'ship', I intend to whore these two out as much as I can.

Ben 10 and it's characters don't belong to me...unfortunately.


Episode 3: A Jolt From The Past

(Takes place the day after 'Love After Love')

The next day was...interesting...for Ben and Rook. First of all, Rook woke up at 6am (as he had trained himself to do so that he could complete his morning workout before reporting to Plumber HQ) and found himself lying in an unfamiliar bed next to an unfamiliar body. It took him about three seconds to remember the previous night. He blushed before looking at the boy behind him and smiling; Ben was rather cute when he snored and had drool hanging from the corner of his mouth.

So Rook started his day completing twenty push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping-jacks in Ben's room; the boy slept like the dead!

At about 7:45am, Rook decided that it was time for him to report to Max for the day. He quickly scribbled a not for Ben before leaving.

Ben woke up at around 8:06am and took notice of a folded piece of paper in his hand. After reading it, he blushed as the memories of the previous night flooded his mind. It wasn't until 8:15am that Ben came to a near-satisfactory conclusion about his feelings and intentions toward his new partner. Still needing some time to think before facing the handsome alien, Ben decided that a trip to Mr. Smoothy was necessary.

It was about 9:42am when Ben stepped out fo the elevator and into Plumber HQ sipping on a smoothy. He approached his grandfather and quickly noticed Rook next to him. Ben desperately tried to hide his blush while Rook looked on in embarrassed satisfaction.

"Sorry I'm late," Ben said to his grandfather, who had his arms crossed and was looking displeased.

"You're not on your own schedule any more, Ben," Max replied, "You can't keep you partner waiting." Max motioned with one arm towards the young Revonnahgander.

Ben looked to Rook before smiling ruefully and said, "I was off saving the universe?"

Max took one look at Ben's smoothy cup and then Ben. Ben could only shrug, ruefull grin still in place. Max just rolled his eyes and smiled before walking off, leaving the two boys alone. There was a slightly awkward silence for a moment or two before Ben said, "Come on, Rook, let's go. I'm parked over here." Ben pointed, with his thumb, behind him. Maybe once they were in his car they could talk in earnest about the previous night?

"We'll take mine," Rook said with an easy smile. Behind him, Ben noticed a black and silver tank with a mounted dorsal-cannon. Before Ben could even begin to drool, the tank drove off revealing a rather plain and boring cargo truck with the "Max's Plumbing" logo on it.

"Wow," Ben said, when nothing else came to mind, "I bet the boys all start screaming when they see this ride rolling down the block." It was a foot-in-mouth thing to say, but Ben never could keep his comments to himself.

Thankfully, Rook appeared to take it in good humor, going so far as to smirk before saying, "Males are not afraid of my vehicle, but they probably should be." Rook then pulled out a remote from his pocket and pressed a button, causing the seemingly boring track to transform into a badass ship.

Ben could only gape in amazement before saying, "Now that is awesome!"

Episode 4: Trouble Helix

Ben was quite exhausted after a long evening of being target practice for two galvan who clearly weren't as smart as they thought they were. Ordinarily, Ben would have picked up a bag of chili fries and gone straight home. However, things weren't ever ordinary for Ben Tennyson.

Instead, Ben took an underground tram from the main Plumbers hub to an underground apartment complex. There were a few dozen Plumbers currently stationed on Earth that weren't actually from Earth, and so long-term living arrangements had to be made until they either asked for a transfer or were handed one by their superiors.

Ben took a lift up to the fourth level of the complex and down the hall to the sixth room. This was Rook's apartment. Ben giggled as he thought back to a week ago when, on the road home after the Megawhatts incident, Ben had asked Rook where he was staying. Ben then learned about Rook's apartment and had asked to see it, wondering what secrets it might divulge regarding Rook's personality.

To be frank, his apartment had been the very definition of spartan. The walls were chrome plated and unadorned with pictures, holo's, or anything else. The floor had a standard, thin, black carpet, and the bed had simple white sheets and a blanket. Ben had made the mistake of informing his mother about this, and so Sandra had insisted on throwing Rook a house-warming party. This had also lead to a private discussion between mother and son about how Sandra would support Ben no matter the gender, or species, of the person he liked. Later that evening, after everyone had left, Ben popped the question to Rook, who had emphatically agreed.

Presently, Ben was sliding a key-card through the reader, which then gave a positive chime and a green light before the door itself opened with a mechanical squeak. Ben had been making a habit of hanging with Rook in his apartment, since they were now boyfriends. After the fourth day of this, Rook offered Ben a key-card to access it on his own. The gift had been met with a big smile and a quick, chaste kiss.

Ben stepped though the open door and into the living room, which had been altered drastically at Sandra's behest. The carpet was now a rich chocolate brown, the chrome walls had been replaced with off-white bricks, and the room itself sported a love seat, a coffee table, a couple of lamps, and a television set.

Rook was sitting on the love seat, reading something on a datapad before looking up at Ben and smiling.

"How did it go?" the Revonnahgander asked.

"It went, alright," Ben said before plopping on the other side of the love seat, with his head in Rook's lap and his legs dangling off the other end. Rook was most amused by this.

"Dreeba and Blukitch spent more time arguing with each other than they did actually accomplishing anything! I just stood there, just letting the laser blasts hit me," Ben said in a huff.

"The important thing is that you kept your promise to them. I'm proud of you, Ben," Rook replied with a pleased smile.

Ben blushed and said, "So, does that mean I get a reward for being so virtuous?"

Rook's smile turned into a mischievous grin before he bent low and kissed Ben. Only this time, Rook's forked tongue became involved.

Episode 6: It Was Them

Ben stalked back to his boyfriends truck, and frowned when he say Rook sitting there, innocent as can be, eating his lunch.

"So this whole time," Ben grumped, "you've just been sitting here eating...?"

"Mysecian swamp hoppers," Rook said, before offering Ben the container and saying, "Would you like some?"

"Ugh, you and Grandpa Max," Ben said in response, wondering a.) how his boyfriend could stand to eat that stuff, and b.) why his boyfriend didn't help him out! "Couldn't you have given me a little help out there?"

Rook smiled knowingly and said, "You should have said something."

"Like what?" Ben asked, suspicious of the look on Rook's face.

"Like...'Rook, help me!' "

"I didn't need help, I..." Ben stopped when he realized Rook's look was pointed right at him.

"Ben, you've never been alone in this. You've always had your grandfather, your cousin, even him, so why do you insist on trying to go solo when you know it's impractical?" Rook asked, trying to teach his boyfriend a lesson in both humility and teamwork.

"Fine, whatever," Ben said. He was about to investigate the state of his lunch, but Rook interuppted him when he grabbed Ben's hand and said, "No, not whatever. You are my most important person, Ben. I don't want to see you get yourself into a situation that you can't handle and get hurt!"

Ben's face changed from a scowl to a tender smile, and said, "Rook, that's not gonna happen."

"And why not?" Rook asked, now scowling himself.

"Because my big, strong, over-protective boyfriend won't allow it!" Ben replied with a grin.

Rook smirked before placing a quick kiss on Ben's lips


Later, in Dr. Animo's ant hill, Ben (in the form of Rath) found himself in a tight spot, all on his own. His boyfriend had gone after a lone ant carrying some piece of alien tech. Ben wasn't exactly claustrophobic, but all these giant ants on top of him made him very uncomfortable.

Almost immediately, though, a series of laser blasts caused the ants to scatter. Rath looked over to see Rook running towards him, alien tech tucked under his arm, and looking absolutely murderous.

"Get away from my boyfriend!" Rook commanded, venom in his voice, promising unending to pain to any who defied him.


"Oh dear," was all Dr. Animo could say.

Episode 8: Hot Stretch

Ben and Rook were chasing the strange teenage girl, and their chase had lead them to a sewer drain. Ben was already formulating a plan of attack; the omnitrix was due to time out soon, so he had to choose his next alien carefully. He didn't notice his Plumber-partner/boyfriend silently seething behind him. That is, until said boyfriend spoke up.

"Are you going to stay like that?" Rook asked rather brusquely. Ben wasn't sure, but it felt like there was a deeper meaning to that question.

"Just till the Omnitrix times out," Ben replied, uncertain.

"How long does that take?" Rook asked.

"Uhh, fifteen minutes or so," Ben replied uncertainly. Ironically, about the time he finsihed speaking, the Omnitrix did in fact time out. "Guess that's it," he said before turning around to his boyfriend. What Ben saw made him worry.

Rook frowned deeply as he growled, "I think our thief appreciates this Ben Tennyson a little more."

"Huh?" Ben replied.

"She did express interest in some other form of yours," Rook replied, almost accusingly.

Ben couldn't believe it, Rook was jealous...of a girl! Did he tottally miss the memo about Ben Tennyson being gay? Deciding to play stupid for a bit longer just so he could teach his boyfriend a lesson, Ben replied nonchalantly, "Oh, she must have meant Ditto. According to the fan sites, that's my cutest alien."

"That's not at all what she meant!" Rook growled, fists clenched, but posture still ramrod straight and perfect, and his frown deepening.

"Aww, is someone getting jealous?" Ben replied with a smirk, before replying in a sarcastic tone, "It's a good thing I'm straight, otherwise your concerns would be justified."

"Not funny, Ben," Rook replied, his voice only slightly calmer, "It does not matter who or what it is that is interested in you; that they are interested at all does." He then got right into Ben's personal bubble before roughly lifting Ben's chin with his right hand and said, "You are mine! No one else is allowed to look at you or say anything about you!"

Before Ben could retaliate, he was pulled into a rough yet highly passionate kiss.

Making his boyfriend jealous was now Ben's favorite pastime.