Ch.9: Happy ending

It has been a few month since her adventure of the Twilight Kingdom. But, thanks to that adventure and the Cat Bureau, she had mature and was stronger from before.

Her hair reached down to her shoulders, since she got it cut and needed one. She was healthy now, thanks to the visit to the doctors that were amazed from her health since the accident. Her mismatched eyes were still glowing with life.

She even started to wear brighter clothes. She was wearing a white turtle neck that matched with her beige skirt as the necklaces she haves glowed brightly in the sunlight's reflection.

As she got to the crossroads, she stared around. "Maybe I can get another book in that bookstore. They had many sections that I'm interested in." She said to herself. She then saw Drake.

He seems to stared at her surprised. "H-Hana? Is that you?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Guilty as charged." She said. Drake looks at her and blushed. "I...didn't recognized you for a second." He said.

Hana smiled softly. "Yeah, I get that a lot." She giggled. Drake laughed. "Say, Hana...I was curious. like to go out with me?" He asked. Hana stared at him and smiled sadly as she shook her head.

"Thank you for asking me, but I'm not really interested. But I like to become friends, if you don't mind." She asked, holding her hand out. He stared at her shocked, then smirked.

"Sure." He said as he shook her hand. "People told me that you had a crush on me, but I see that you moved on. Did something happened to you over break?" He asked. Hana stared at the clouds, smiling sadly.

"You could say that."

He stared at her, cocking his head in confusion. "You okay?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Hey, I never have been better." She laughed. Hana stared at him. "But, since we were on the subject of dating, I know a girl that you can be interested in." She said. Drake stared at her.

"Her name is Shizuka. She actually was the first one who actually likes you. She's just been too shy to ask you." She said. Drake stared at her. "You sure?" He asked. She smiled.

"I am positive." She said. Drake smiled. He then saw the time. "I gotta go. I promised my dad that I see him at his workshop. I'll see you Monday?" He asked. Hana smiled. "It's not like I'm going anywhere." She joked. Drake laughed as he waved good-bye Hana.

Hana sighed softly as she sat at the restaurant at the crossroads.

Just then, something landed on her lap. She looked down and gasped.

It was Muta!

Hana wrapped her arms around the fat feline, giving him a tight embrace. "Chicky, you're choking me..." He gasped.

Hana smiled as she released the cat from her tight embrace. "Sorry, Muta. It's just that I missed you guys." She said as she scratched Muta's brown ear; earning a soft but loud purr in return. There wasn't a lot of people walking around at the crossroads since it was early in the morning.

Muta smirked. "Yeah, we missed ya too, Chicky." He said as he curled up in Hana's lap; purring up a storm. Hana giggled and kept scratching his ear. "How are the others doing?" Hana asked. Muta smirked.

"Why don't you see for yourself?" He asked. Hana stared at him, then eyes went wide. "I...thought that-" Hana was then interrupted from something perching on her shoulder.

Hana turned to see a familiar black crow perched on her shoulder. She smiled. "Hello, Toto." She said. He nuzzled the side of her cheek. "Hello, Hana." He said. She stroked his feathery neck as Toto then perched on the table.

"How have you been?" He asked. She smiled. "I'm getting a lot better at school and everyone was utterly shocked from my new appearance; even Drake was shocked to see me." She laughed.

"Who's that?" Muta asked. Hana smiled. "He was a guy that I once had a crush on. He tried to ask me out but I turned him down, so I merely asked for his friendship and he took it pretty well." Hana said. Toto smirked. "That's good to hear."

"Do you want to see the Bureau again, Hana? Baron want's to hear how you are doing so far after the adventure we had." Toto asked. Hana stared at him surprised. "He doesn't mind?"

Toto smirked. "Of course not." He said as he perched on Hana's shoulder. Since no one was around, Toto puts a ring on her finger; making her shrink down to size like she did when she was in the refuge.

Toto turned around; urging his head to tell Hana to hop on. As carefully as she can, she settled between Toto's shoulder blades as he flew into the air with Toto right behind him; taking the way he knows while Toto sailed high in the sky.

Hana then remember last week when she was with Teruko; now that she is queen of the golden eagles. Zirnitra managed to find his own clan again, but she was welcome in the black dragon clan; thanks to Zirnitra explaining that she rescued him.

As the refuge came to a view, she saw Baron waiting for them; along with Muta who managed to beat Toto to the Bureau. As carefully as he can, Toto hovered over the ground, then safely lands.

Baron came up to Toto and held his hand out to Hana. She smiled as she placed her hand on his arms as he gently puts his hand on her waist to help her get down from Toto's back.

As she was safely on the ground, she wrapped her arms around Baron's neck; embracing him tightly. "I missed you." She said. She felt his arms around her; returning the embrace. "I did as well, Hana." He whispered.

Baron pulled away; looking at Hana's new appearance. "You seem to change." He said as he stroked the silky black hair that reached down to her shoulders. She smiled. "Everyone around me is getting use to it, but they were completely shocked from it." She laughed.

Baron chuckled. "Well then, I see that everything is well?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Yep. Damien and Snow came to me a few months back and gave me this charm." She said as she showed the miniature dragon with emerald green eyes. "This lets me go to their kingdom when I decide to visit them. Doleium hasn't left his cave since our escape. He's too scared to face me." She laughed.

Baron stared at her. "I trust that all is well in the kingdom?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Yep. Damien is now the new Dragon King and Snow is expecting her dragon hatchlings to be hatched within a month or two." She said. Baron smiled. "I'm glad that everything is settled over there." He said with a gentle smile. Hana smiled sadly. "Yeah."

She then noticed something. "Hey, where's Auron? I don't see him anywhere." Hana said. Baron smirked. "Don't worry. He went off to do something, but I think you'll see him soon enough." He said. Hana stared at him.

"Why are you smiling like that? I don't like it..." She said while crossing her arms over her chest. Toto tried to contain his cackles as Muta covered his muzzle with both of his paws; trying not to laugh.

Hana was confused. "Okay, what's going on?" She asked. Baron's smile grew wider. "You'll see soon." He said. Hana stared at the time.

"Shoot, I have to go. I'll be late for school." She said. She quickly hugged Baron, Toto and Muta good-bye. "It was nice seeing you guys again." She said. She then ran out of the refuge; then noticed that she didn't return to her normal form.

"What happened?" She asked.

Toto smiled. "Take off the ring I gave you! You'll grow back to size!" He yelled. Hana slowly took the ring off; returning to her normal height. Hana smiled. "Thanks!" She then darted off.

As Hana came and went through the school day; glad that she made it on time this morning, she noticed how one boy was glaring at her. It was Drake's friend, Hoshi. Hana always haves the shivers every time she was near him.

He walked up to her. " turned down my best friend?" He asked. Hana sighed. "Look, Hoshi. I know how you feel and I respect's just that he's not the one for me and you're not either. But I know that a nice cute girl somewhere is out looking for you." Hana said.

He kept glaring at him. "Still! You had a crush on him for about three years and you just got over it over the break!? That's not you, Hana!" He said. Hana winced from his yelling; knowing that it was really loud.

"Ah, there you are."

Hana then felt a supporting arm around her shoulder. "Sorry if I'm late. I had to get use to the new school grounds." The familiar voice that sound too familiar. Hana looked up and saw a boy with pearly black/grey hair that matched his electric blue eyes. He was wearing a black suit that matched his sunny yellow vest and polka-dotted navy blue bow tie.

"Who are you!?" Hoshi demanded. The mysterious boy chuckled. "How rude of me. My name is Auron Humbert von Gikkingen."

Hana's eyes went wide with shock. Auron was here!? As a human!?

She stared at Auron shocked. He seemed to smile softly at her. "I just recently came from England from my vacation and Miss Hana here was kind enough to show me around Japan and let me enjoy the Dragon New Years." He said.

Hana blushed from being held by Auron. Hoshi glared at Hana, then at Auron. "How come Hana never told me about it!?" He demanded. Auron smirked. "Well, that's because you're making her quite uncomfortable. Say Hana, would you like to join me for some tea at the Crossroads?" He offered. Hana smiled.

"Sure, Auron." She said as he held her hand. They soon left; leaving a shocked Hoshi standing in the same spot.

As Hana and Auron turned a corner, she gently grabbed Auron's arms and made him face her. "Explain. Now." She said. Auron chuckled. "Well, since Lune still owe Baron for helping him in the Cat Kingdom a while back, Baron asked him to find a potion that can make me transform into either my creation form or my human form." He said.

Hana stared at him. " can be with me?" She asked. He nodded as he held her hands in his. "Look, Hana. I may be rusty on this...but there's...something that I wanted to tell you for quite some time but...I just didn't have the courage to tell you." He said. Hana stared at him.

"Yes...Auron?" She asked.

He took a deep breath and lets it out. "Do you...remember when I kissed you...a few months back?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Yeah. You actually stole my first kiss. Why are you bringing that up?" She asked, blushing from the memory of that kiss.

He smiled as he held her close. "The truth is...that I" The words turn up in jello inside his throat. Hana was making it difficult for him to speak and he never looses his mind-

Hana then wrapped her arms around his neck; still looking at him as tears started to swell up in her eyes as she smiled. "I think I got it loud and clear." She whispered.

Auron smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist; his bangs touching hers. They soon started to lean forward, knowing how exactly how they felt for each other.

Auron's lips were pressed against Hana's; giving her a soft and yet passionate kiss. Things could never been better.

As Hana pulled away, she gave Auron a tight embrace; her arms still around his neck as he returned the tight embrace. "...I love you, Auron.' She whispered into his ear.

He smiled as he tightened the embrace. "...I love you too, Hana." He whispered as he kissed her cheek, glad that he can be with Hana for the rest of her life. He didn't want to see her suffering again.

But...he will be with her at all times

The End!

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