Summary: Written for 100-word comment-fic at LJ. Prompt: Parker and Neal, "I was here first!"

Yes, another dialogue-only fic. But seriously, it's only two people, so I'm sure you'll be able to figure out which is whom.


"I was here first!"

"No, I was!"

Two horrified gasps. A crash.

"You made me drop it!"

"You made me drop it!"

"Ha! Butterfingers!"

"Wait a minute…Hey, aren't you…?"

"Aren't you?"

"I'm a fan. Totally a fan."

"Same here. That job you pulled in the Lilliput Museum of Egg Art? A classic heist."

"Thanks. And you, you are a legend yourself."

"I know!"

"You're not supposed to say…"

"What? Is that one of those normal people social things?"

"Uhh…never mind."

"Oh. Okay. Guard! Gotta go!"

"Hey, can I have your autograph?"

"Why? You wanna forge it or something?"

AN: Time to play the "spot the English lit" game...It's easy.

EDIT: Side note, isn't it interesting how whenever I post something on this site, there's generally another story that is in a similar category to mine posted/updated on the same day? Weird. I've had this happen so many times now. And it's not like there are a gazillion stories being posted in the Leverage and Leverage crossover categories all the time, either...