It was 9 AM on a Wednesday morning, and Emma Swan was nursing one of the biggest hangovers of her life. The incessant droning of the funders at the stupid meeting didn't help either, speaking delicately about refunded projects and reimbursements and account relocations. Emma didn't know why Gold had insisted on her being here. Sure, she had been the star of the show, but she had nothing to do with this side of it. This was all Regina's department.

"We appreciate your concern, but we can assure you that all refunding will be taken care of by our more than capable financial division," Regina's voice declared from the seat on her right. Speak of the devil, Emma mused. By whatever divine (or less-than-divine, for that matter) intervention, the pair had somehow ended up sitting next to each other at the circular table. "Kathryn is assured to have the assets organized by then end of the week," she continued, nodding at the blonde financer to her own right. Kathryn smiled broadly at the brunette in response, and Emma's stomach flipped again. From the alcohol, she told herself. She glared at the woman anyway, as a precaution.

Regina was going off on another self-serving monologue, and Emma had to resist the urge to just collapse onto the table. She made her best attempt to keep her head up and her eyes open anyway. Stay awake, she though, drumming her fingers on the table, trying to focus on the rhythm. A pointed glare and nudge in the stomach from Regina quickly stopped that.

"Bitch," Emma muttered, so quietly she could barely hear herself. Regina had, however, judging from the way she had rubbed her leg against Emma's before promptly stomping on her canvas-enclosed feet. With her black stilettos. Painfully.

Managing to resist the cry that tugged at her lips, Emma merely winced, which still earned her a concerned look from Gold and half of the table. She smiled reassuringly back at them, hoping they'd just think she had contracted particularly bad cramps or something.

Turning her attention back to the woman on her right, Emma's mind whirled through possible (and mostly illegal) revenge plots. In the end, she decided that she preferred simple, immediate revenge over something more complicated that included handcuffs and a lot of leather. A smile twisted her lips as she lowered her hand and began drumming her fingers once more.

The brunette immediately stiffened in her seat when she felt someone's touch on her leg. She narrowed her eyes at the woman next to her, who returned a smirk at Regina's reaction. She had never wanted to throttle someone more than she did at that moment.

"You were saying, Regina?" Gold's voice stirred her from her murderous thoughts and back to the waiting table. "Yes, sorry," she continued. "There are several potential pilots we have ready for revision, but we'll need more time to look over them." The fingers had stopped drumming and had begun tracing the outside of her thigh through the tailored skirt.

"Actually, that's one of my purposes in calling this meeting," Gold replied. "And it's why I asked Emma along." The blonde nodded at her name, not ceasing the movements of her fingers. Regina clenched her thighs uncomfortably. "I want you to work on an entirely new show, Regina. And I want Emma to help you."

"What?" The exclamation escaped Regina before she could stop it. "Sorry, I mean- that's a highly unusual request." That much was true at least. Actors working with writers was not unheard of, but those actors were experienced, and often largely in charge of the projects – not barely heard of starlets.

"Oh, I understand that. But, as I'm sure you can agree, Regina, Emma is one of our station's greatest current assets, and she's contracted for the next two years. I need you to create a role that fits her perfectly, to push her into the spotlight, so to speak." Emma's fingers were now toying with the lower lining of her skirt, dancing over her knees before sliding the tips over the cotton edge. Regina was definitely planning to push her into something, yes. Preferably a bear trap or an elevator shaft.

Attempting to regain her composure despite Emma's fingers, which were now pushing her skirt further up her leg, Regina smiled and nodded at the older man. "Of course. I'll get started as soon as I can reassign the other projects." She needed this meeting to be over, now. She could deal with manipulating her way out of this project later.

Gold returned her smile. "No need, Regina. I took the liberty of reassigning them myself. They're in good hands, I assure you." Regina simply nodded again, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Well then, I think that's everything covered. Anyone have anything else to bring up?" He inclined his head to the rest of the table. Amongst a murmuring of 'no's', Emma took the chance to slide her hand all the way up Regina's thigh, her fingers gently caressing the lace of her underwear. "Meeting adjourned, then." Regina shot up faster than she thought was physically possible, straightening her skirt to its former length in the process. A few glances were tossed her way, but she ignored them in favour of the woman to her left.

"Ms Swan, shall we have a few words in my office? I feel we should discuss this… project." Her accompanying glare transformed Emma's grin into a look of horror within mere seconds.

They had barely crossed the entrance into Regina's office when Emma tried to speak. "Regina, I-"

"No, Ms Swan. No talking. Sit." Regina gestured to the leather lounge. Emma swallowed and sat, but did not try to speak again. Regina took the seat opposite her, remaining silent, a single raised eyebrow lingering as Regina gazed at the blonde. Several more moments passed before Regina spoke.

"Ms Swan. If you ever pull a stunt like that again, especially while I am working, I will have you thrown out of this studio faster than you can imagine. Consider yourself lucky that Gold is taken with you, otherwise I would have no qualms in dragging you out myself."

"Regina, I really don't get what you're so worked up about. I was just having some fun."

"Fun? This is what you call fun?" Regina wrenched off the black scarf around her neck to reveal a rather blotchy red mark. "I call it harassment. It's going to take days for this to heal. I don't know what else you consider fun, but rest assured I want no part it in."

"Really? Because that's sure as hell not what it felt like last night, Regina. You fucking kissed me back." The brunette shot her a venomous look and stood up, swiftly crossing the small space between them in a matter of heartbeats. Usually, this intimidated whoever Regina was meeting with enough to have them scrambling from the office. She was surprised when Emma smirked back up at her. "So, Regina?"

"So what, Swan?"

"So, Mills, I think you're bullshit. I don't think you could get me out of her, even if you wanted to."

"I can assure you your presence causes me no satisfaction whatsoever. Your departure, yes. I have no great desire for you to remain in my office."

"Prove it, then."


"Make me leave." And suddenly, Regina was being pulled down as Emma roughly claimed her lips again. She felt herself being flipped over roughly and pinned to the seat by Emma's knees on either side of her. Emma's hand was at the back of her neck, twisting in her black tresses as the other greedily grabbed her ass to pull their hips together. Regina felt herself giving into the blonde's ministrations almost instantly. Emma Swan might have been the most infuriating woman she had ever met, but Regina had to admit she was also one of the more talented kissers she'd experienced.

"Do you know how mad you drive me in those fucking skirts?" Emma asked breathily as she trailed kisses down Regina's jawline, punctuating each word with a nip of her teeth. "How could you expect me not to touch you, when you're being so goddamn arrogant and bossy in those meetings? I didn't want to touch you under that table, I wanted to lay you on it and-" Regina shut her up by pulling her back down for another kiss, against her better judgement. "Remember what I said, Ms Swan. No talking."

Emma moaned at Regina's command and ground their bodies together again, producing what could almost be considered a whimper from the woman beneath her. Still kissing furiously, she repeated the motion, and again, hoping for Regina to repeat the noise. She wasn't disappointed as the brunette sighed beneath her. Emma felt a sharp pain in her back as Regina's nails dug in, and another one as her other hand gripped her ass. She was sure that there would be indentations, even through the tight denim of her jeans.

"Fuck, Regina. Are you trying to hurt me?" Emma breathed into Regina's ear – breaking the 'no talking' rule, but she really couldn't care less – before nibbling on it sharply.

"Yes," Regina retorted, harshly biting on Emma's neck. She could feel the vessels breaking beneath Regina's teeth, and possibly the trickle of blood, but Emma just gasped, bucking her hips into the other woman again. "Dammit, 'Gina." Emma sat up, still pinning the brunette between her knees, and laid her hands on the first button of Regina's shirt. "Should I take it off?" She breathed teasingly. Regina glared up at her with lust filled eyes, daring her. Emma simply smirked, her fingers toying with the first button as Regina's hands trailed up her sides, grasping her hips and rolling into them. "Do it, Swan." Emma slid the first button through the hole, her fingers gently stroking the newly exposed skin, delicately lingering over the bruise she had made the night before. Impatiently, Regina groaned, thrusting her hips into Emma's once more. "Just take it off. Now!" Emma shrugged, but a wicked grin crossed her face. "Your wish is my command, your majesty." Roughly gripping both sides of the blouse, Emma pulled suddenly, tearing most of the buttons off. Regina almost cried out at the damage to her shirt, but a hand instantly moved to caress her lace-covered breast, cupping the warm flesh gently, and her indignant cry turned to a breathy moan. Emma lunged in for another kiss, slipping her fingers under the lace to seize a peaked nipple. A whimper escaped Regina's mouth as Emma lowered her mouth to circle the peak with her tongue before sucking intensely. She arched herself into Emma's touch, struggling desperately to gain more contact. Emma's lips twisted into a smile around Regina's nipple, giving it another hard suck before pulling back.

Regina groaned. "Stop playing around, Ms Swan."

"Who's playing around?" Emma grinned, dancing her fingers over Regina's skirt. "I have my eyes on the prize. It just might not be so hard to get to it if your skirt wasn't so tight." Regina's brown eyes met Emma's as she raised her head to whisper huskily.

"I distinctly remember you just saying that you liked my skirts."

Emma groaned deeply, nodding her approval; her fingers busily running down Regina's exposed skin before hooking the lower edge of the grey material. "This isn't gonna come off easy, so forgive me for taking a shortcut," she said, grasping the edges of the skirt. She slowly pulled it up as far as it would go, revealing inch after inch of soft, unmarred skin. "Oh god, Regina," she breathed, as the scent of the brunette's arousal hit her at the same time as a hint of the sight of her lacy black underwear. But still her fingers lingered, grazing over skin, closer to her target with each stroke.

"Get on with it, Ms Swan!" Regina uttered, almost whimpering as Emma's fingers drew even closer.

"You know, Ms Mills, I'd almost think you wanted me."

Regina's eyes flashed, a mixture of both arousal and anger. "Fuck you."

"Gladly," Emma replied, as another voice called, "Regina?"

"Fuck." Regina sat up, easily flipping Emma onto the floor. "That's Gold."

Emma, wincing from where she had landed on her elbow, shot a glare at the other woman. "So?"

"S- so? So this!" she whispered indignantly, gesturing to her torn shirt. Beyond the wooden doors, Gold called again. "Regina, are you still here? Sidney's on lunch." Eyes moving frantically, Regina locked on to Emma's red jacket, still slung over the arm of the lounge.

"Nuh-uh. No." Emma followed Regina's steps to the jacket. "That's mine."

"Well, that shirt was mine. One of my favourites, in fact. Now hide yourself before I have to hide your body!" She swung the jacket on and zipped it up to her neck, hiding most of the damage to her shirt. "Coming! One second," she said in a raised tone, while nudging her head in the direction of her desk.

Reluctantly, Emma swiftly crossed the short distance between the lounge and the maple desk on her knees, wincing all the while. Settling herself into the painfully small opening, she prayed to – well, something – that Regina could get Gold out of the room quickly.

"Regina," Gold greeted the still slightly dishevelled woman. She nodded in return. Gazing around her office scathingly, he returned his eyes to hers with a look of mild confusion. "Is Emma not here? I understood that the two of you were discussing the task I set you." Regina looked almost frantic at his words.

"Yes!" She replied, far too quickly and far too loudly. "I mean, yes," she tried again. "She was just here, in fact. We've discussed several possible routes. Ms Swan decided to think them over in her own time – try to get the feel of the characters. You know the game."

"Indeed," was his only response. Regina tried not to appear uncomfortable as he dragged his eyes over her form, lingering on the abominably red jacket. "Well, I want to hear from the two of you as soon as you decide on something. Pass on the message for me, dearie?" Regina nodded stiffly, willing the older man to move faster, leave quicker. Her internal sigh of relief was almost audible when his hand finally rested on the silver door handle. "Oh, and Regina?" He added, twisting his head around, the hint of a smile gracing his lips. "Try not to let her rough you up too much."