Change. It happens after an experience after the experiences I have had I would be shocked if I haven't changed. Not only have I changed but my ideas have changed. I thought love was about the body, but I was wrong dead wrong. Love is about the heart the heart comes first then the body. Change not only happens from experiences but from mistakes. I have had made plenty of those. Part of my change happened because of love or what I thought was love. I thought love was an attraction to someone, but it's not an attraction it's a connection. I found out that guys can fake an attraction to get affection. Love is an about a connection and I haven't found one of those yet, and I'm ok with that because the longer I wait the stronger the connection will be and the stronger I will be. I'm glad I've changed when the mirror I don't just see eyes, lips and a body I see tears, smiles, scars and scratches. Not only have I changed but I have moved to a higher place full of knowledge, wisdom, acceptance, and even thou I'm not in a relationship I feel full of love. I feel like I'm changing like I'm moving like I'm ….growing.