Author's Notes: This is my first Soul Eater Fanfic.. and I know. This is incredibly fluffy. I cant even comprehend how fluffy this is, even though I wrote it... Anyways Enjoy!

When Maka finally got home from school she was humming something... Which lead to Soul being scared. And not the regular run-of-the-mill, scared-of-a-Maka-chop scared, no Soul was in-the-kitchen-cooking-dinner-to-get-on-her-good-side scarred.

Maka never humms... Answer she NeVeR skips. Even if it is Christmas... and she got a special edition hard cover book... and her mom was coming over.

Soul decided to get some answers.

"Maka?" He carefully asked.

"Yes Soul?"

"Why are you skipping? Did someone ask you out tiny-tits?" This was the ultimate test. As Soul prepared for a Maka-chop... and when it didn't come, Soul understood that there is defiantly something wrong.

"Actually someone did," Maka started to set the table... and Soul almost burnt his hand.


"His name is Natsu, and he is a really rare type of weapon." Maka continued oblivious to Souls freaking out. "Remember those elemental we studied in Sid's class? Well he is one of the fire elementals out there. The coolest thing is that he is also a scythe!"

"Oh." was the only semi-intelligent thing Soul could come up with after that.

During dinner Soul could not focus on the conversation. He knew this Natsu person was new because every other guy in the DWMA knew that Maka was off limits, unless the guy wanted to die a very gruesome death. He also knew that the guy was spotted at the at the library at least once or else Maka would have never agreed to go on a date with him.

"Soul...Soul? SOUL!"

"Wa? What?!"

"What were you thinking about?"

"Huh? How did you know I was thinking?!"

"Firstly I am your miester. Secondly, you would have told me you wern't listening. Thirdly you made that weird face that you make while you think. And lastly you haven't touched your food... So what were you thinking about?"

"Oh," Soul brought a fork of meat to his mouth, "I was thinking about Natsu... The guy is new so maybe i should meet him?"

"Oh, sure... Wait... How did you know Natsu is new? I never told you that?!"

"Well all the other guys who were at the school longer then a week know to stay away from you and sense this guy asked you out..." Soul explained without thinking.

"What did you just say?... It is your fault that all the guys, except Black*Star and Kid, that I try to talk to tend to look at me in fear, mumble something, then run away like their life depended on it?!" Maka was now shouting at her partner.

"Umm... I can explain?" Soul tried to cover up his mistake.

Maka by now was fully raging, "Explain what?! That you are too scared of looking your miester to someone else, and you are to big of a whimp to ask me out?!"

Soul stared at his miester and Maka glared back.

"Yes." Soul whispered.

"What?!" Maka stopped glaring, and was now looking at her partner in suprise.

"You re right." Soul continued, "I threatened every single guy in the school that if they so much as talked to you I would murder them. I was that afraid of loosing you as a partner and a friend. I was afraid that if anyone asked you out, well, then you would stop being my partner sense I am already a deathscythe and you completed your promise of making a weapon stronger then your father. And because... Well... I..."

"You really thought that I'd leave you for some idiot? You have that much faith in me?"

"Um.. Well," Soul looked uncomfortable.

Maka smirked at the boy and walked over to him, "You idiot! I would never leave you." she told him.

Then she stood up on her tippy-toes and kissed him. When Maka pulled away, she looked him in the eyes and smiled. "Why do I need someone else if I have my very own death scythe right here."