I have no claims to the show Scandal. Neither do I own any of the characters, places, etc. They all belong to the truly talented Shonda Rhimes. I didn't think that another show could steal my heart like Grey's Anatomy did, but I was SO wrong and happy about it.

This is my first fan fiction. I have never done anything like this before. Ever since I found this site a few weeks ago my mind has been going crazy with ideas. I decided for my first one I would do a crossover story merging my first love Grey's Anatomy with Scandal. That way I can have both "McDreamy" and Fitz in the same story. Talk about eye candy. Hope you all enjoy.

There is also a trailer on you tube for this story. I did not create it. It was created for me as a belated christmas gift by my good friend and 'OLITZ' soulmate THUNDERBRAT. The video is the same title as this story. Check it out...it's good and a good peek into this story.

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Chapter 1…Letting You Go…

Olivia had been pacing back and forth in her office when her phone rang. It was Cyrus, "Our place 15 minutes." As she walked into the restaurant she noticed that he wasn't there yet. She gave the hostess her name and was seated. She played with her cell phone and noticed that the restaurant became very quiet. At that moment she looked up and saw the secret service walk in. "Oh great now what, she thought." She obviously knew it was Fitz but why was he meeting her here of all the places. At least it was public and she would have to keep her emotions somewhat in check.

As Fitz walked in he saw Olivia sitting at the table. She looked annoyed but beautiful. As he got closer to her, his heart began to race and a sadness grew over him. He knew what he was about to do but he wasn't sure he had the strength or will power to get the words out.

"One of your people could have told me this over the phone." She said.

"I wanted to see you."

"Why what's the point?"

"I am going to the G8 tonight. I wanted to know if you wanted to hitch a ride on Air Force One," Fitz said with a smirk that could have melted the polar ice caps. God she loved it when he smirked at her like this.

Olivia breathed in deep and SO BADLY wanted to say yes but didn't. "I don't see how there can be a future here. Where is this going? Besides me joining you in the mile high club, seriously where is the going?"

"You must really hate me, for falling in love with you," Fitz said trying to hold the tears back. Olivia looked at him with shock. She wanted to say , "Because from the moment I met you, you captured my heart, and soul. I didn't believe in love at first sight until that day," but she just looked him.

"Okay fine. We're done I am letting you go. You go your way. I go mine." I am not going to break down I can do this Fitz thought. I got the words out. But this is SO not what want.

"What?" Oh My GOD! He's listening to me. He's actually letting me go..WTF. What the heck was I thinking? Olivia thought…I mean I know I asked him to but I didn't think he would actually do it. Holy shit!

"I mean I'm married, with a new baby the way. It's not fair to you, Mellie or the country. This is for the best right?" Fitz said so HOPING that she would say no and tell him that she wanted to be with him no matter the cost. But she just looked away. He knew that he was hurting her but this is what SHE WANTED.

All Olivia could get out was "Right." But in her heart she was crying.

After the "official break up" they both just sat and stared a while not saying anything. When he was getting ready to leave she finally got up the strength, grabbed his hand, and said "One Minute." She could feel the tears in her eyes but stopped herself.

Fitz stopped. Olivia looked back up at him again and said "One Minute, please." He was so shocked that he sat back down. He felt like his heart was going to come out of his chest and fall onto the table into a million pieces with hers.

As they sat staring into the others eyes, Olivia did something that only surprised Fitz but herself. She reached up and touched his cheek. Fitz almost pulled away but stopped himself. They both knew they were in public even though the restaurant was empty. If this was IT, then she wanted their last parting to be like this, not him just walking away. She kept her hand there and he almost raised his hand to hers but she moved away before he could touch her.

After Olivia placed her hands back in her lap, she put her head down because she could not watch him walk away. Fitz watched her for another few seconds then finally got up and walked away. Each one of the steps he took, a piece of his heart broke and fell onto the ground like rose petals. Her heart went with him also and she knew that it wasn't coming back and whole and healed anytime soon.

She sat at the table and began to cry almost uncontrollably. About thirty minutes later her head began to hurt. She had gotten headaches before but nothing like this. She thought it was just due to what happened, took some med's and left the restaurant.

By time she hit her office her headache was better but the pain still lingered. Edison came in which made things worse but luckily he didn't push anything. He knew she was upset about "someone" but didn't ask. He knows Olivia will only confide in him when she is good and ready, as do her "gladiators."