Chapter 14: While You Were Sleeping

When Fitz arrived back at the hospital, Abby was in Olivia's room. Stephen had already left to go back to the office. Cyrus gave him an update from the doctors before he went back to the White House. Abby was sitting by Olivia's bedside reading her Pride and Prejudice. It is one of Olivia's favorite stories. She was up to the part when Mr. Darcy asked Elizabeth to marry him and she says NO. When she heard him enter the room, she looked up, kind of smiled, and kept reading to Olivia.

"Abby." As he sat down on the bed next to Olivia.

"Mr. President." Abby glared at him.

"Okay, you can cut the Mr. President boo-hookie Abby. Please call me Fitz."

"Now why would I want to do that? It seems it aggravates you some. It is your name, isn't it not?"

"No, it's my title, not my name. Olivia only calls me that only when she's mad at me, or when we are in public."

"Well I am mad at you then."

"Why's that? I didn't do anything. It's been almost 8 hours since I've been here. You wanna arm wrestle?" Fitz smiled at her.

Abby tried to hold back her giggle but couldn't. "I am immune to your Grant charm you know."

"OH really. Then why are you smiling at me now."

"Because…Because…Oh hell. You win this round okay. I don't want you hurting her like you have in the past. She's been through hell and back because of you. I have known her a long time. She NEVER told me about you two. I mean I understand why but I wish she would have confided in me. I would have been there for her. Every time you came on the TV I saw how she watched you. I knew you both got close during your campaign. She wouldn't date anyone. Now I understand why."

"Do you know why she walked away from me?" Fitz asked her.

"No. When she started her firm she just told us she left the White House because she did her job and got you elected. She had everything in place for her to leave you in capable hands. I know it killed her to walk away. Then the sex tape, Amanda Tanner, and now this. She has been hurt so many times. I am worried about her." Abby paused and touched Fitz's hand.

Abby then continued… "Look, I know I can be bossy, moody, and overprotective of her. It's my job as one of her best friends. But I know that seeing her with you yesterday was the happiest I've ever seen her. She seemed complete. That is because of you. I know you'll make her happy. I just have to get used to the idea of you being the President and in love with my best friend that's all." Abby smiled at him now.

'It's okay Abby. I think she's still getting used to the idea too. Even though I've been in love with her since the day we met. Look I am sorry Abby for ALL of her pain. When she left the White House it was because of me. Our relationship was becoming too much for her to handle. I was not going to give her up then. We had a fight right before my first State of the Union address and she was scared of what we had together." Fitz slipped his arm underneath Olivia.

Fitz sighed and continued…"She didn't want to be the other woman. She never was the other woman. She's the ONLY WOMAN. I can't exist without her. I love her Abby. Olivia is the love of my life. I can't sleep, eat, and go through my life without her. I belong to her as much as she belongs to me. All these feelings back then, and now scare her. I would give it all up to run away with her if she'd let me. I would do it in a heartbeat." Fitz scooted close to her and her head was now wresting on him. He kissed the top of her forehead.

"I. Love. You." Fitz said to Olivia.

Abby listened to Fitz and wished that she had someone who loved her like this. Then her eyes became as huge as saucers.

"Fitz, look at monitors!"

"Abby what's wrong?"

"Fitz look at the monitors!"

Fitz looked up at the monitors and Olivia's brain waves changed. Her heart beat was different. His heart starting to race and his breathing increased. He lifted her face up so when she awoke she would see his eyes looking down into hers.

"When you got next to her on the bed Fitz, it did something to her. Oh my. She MUST know you're next to her. Keep holding her in your arms. Don't move." Abby told him.

"Go get Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey. Something is going on." Fitz told Abby as she ran out of the room.

"Olivia. Liv. Livie. It's Fitz, sweet baby. I am here. Open your eyes. I am here holding you. It's okay. I love you Olivia. Open your eyes and look at me. Livie, look at me."

Fitz stayed on the bed next to Olivia. He kissed her lips. He touched her face. He pulled her closer to his chest. He started talking to her more. He talked to her about how they met, what she said to him, the campaign, their first night together, everything. The more he spoke to her, the more he hoped it would increase the chances of her opening her eyes to him.


While You Were Sleeping;

"Where am I? Am I alive? Someone is holding me. I feel an arm underneath me. HE is next to me, holding me. I know this touch. It's HIS touch. My skin feels alive. I feel so warm and safe in his arms. It's only HIS touch that can send my skin a blaze with fire and heat. His touch makes me crave more of him night and day. It's a touch I can't be without, nor resist. He's lifting my head up to face his.

That scent. I know that smell. I recognize this smell. It's HIS smell. My heart beat is slowing down but speeding up at the same time. This smell can bring me to my knees and make me miss him more when he's not near me. A "navy" shirt flashes in my memory of HIM that I keep. When I miss him I wear it so I can be close to him, his scent.

I hear the sounds of a beating heart. I know its rhythm. It's HIS heartbeat. This heart that only beats for me, and no one else. The sound of his heart soothes my worries. Every beat of his heart matches mine exactly. In each other's arms our hearts become one never to be separated. When our hearts our separated, they reach out to the other across time and space to find its mate.

I can feel him breathing. His breathing matches mine. Our breaths sounds of us inhaling and exhaling are in perfect unison. When I take in a breath, HE does as well. We breathe in sync. How extraordinary is that? I am so relaxed and at peace listening to his chest rise and fall with mine.

He kissed me. I know those lips. Those lips are HIS lips. When they plant kisses all over my body, my skin begins to yearn for more. Each kiss brings me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. With each kiss from HIS lips I find myself wanting more and more. When our lips touch, I can't imagine myself kissing anyone else for the rest of my life.

Grey-Blue eyes. I remember their color. They are HIS eyes. These eyes of HIS can bore into my inner most feelings and can render me speechless. They make me weak in the knees. They are acutely aware of my every emotion, body movements, curves, and most importantly they are the window to my soul. HIS eyes can plant me in one spot unable to move. I fear these eyes and love them all at the same time. If I look into for too long I get lost and forget everything that exists unless it pertains to him and I.

I know that voice. It's HIS voice. He's saying my name. His voice melts my heart. The richness of his voice, makes me forget the world. How I dream of waking up to it every morning. IT's the last sound I want to hear at night before drifting off to sleep. It's the sweetest sound in the world. It's the only sound that matters most to me. It's the only sound that can bring me to my knees in sorrow because I can't be near him.

His voice is calls to me like a light on a light house calling me home from the "perfect storm." A storm that has sent me away from him on the deadliest of seas.

I hear him say "Olivia. Liv. Livie. It's Fitz, sweet baby. I am here. Open your eyes. I am here holding you. It's okay. I love you Olivia. Open your eyes and look at me. Livie, look at me."

I feel myself coming out of this darkness. I am walking into this light where this man is waiting for me to bring me home. I keep listening to his voice. It's calling me home to him finally after the storm is over in my mind. I won. I beat it. I will be okay. I will be ME!


Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey came running into the room with Abby. It only took a few moments to find them. While en-route to locate the doctors, Abby called everyone to come back to the hospital and let them know something was happening with Olivia.

Dr. Shepard looked at the monitors. "Something is happening Mr. President. We will stay with you both in case she is waking up."

"Liv. It's Fitz. Open your eyes sweet baby. Look. At. Me."

At that precise moment Olivia OPENED HER EYES and looked at Fitz! "Olivia!" Fitz's voice began to tremble. "Oh my god you're awake. Thank you god! Abby she's awake. Oh Liv, it's okay I'm here."

Olivia kept looking at him blinking. She found herself at peace with him being so close to her. His eyes gave her peace. Peace that she was okay and alive. But what is going on she wondered.

"Miss Pope. Look at me." Dr. Shepard said. "Miss Pope." Olivia turned her head him now looking away from Fitz. Fitz was still holding onto her.

"Miss Pope. If you can understand me, I need you to blink." She blinks for him.

"Good, now I am going to ask you some questions. If the answer is yes I want you to blink ONCE. If the answer is NO, blink TWICE. If you are not sure I want you to move your index finger. Do you understand?" She blinks ONCE.

"Okay. Do you know how Dr. Grey is?" She blinks ONCE and looks at Meredith.

"Good. Now do you see a Miss Abby Whelan anywhere?" She blinks ONCE and looks at Abby. Abby grabs her hand and squeezes it. The tears were coming out of her eyes.

"Do you know what year it is?" She blinks TWICE.

"Miss Pope it's 2012. Do you understand?" She blinks ONCE.

"Do you know who I am?" She moves her index finger up and down. "Okay I am Dr. Shepard. I am Dr. Grey's husband. We did your surgery. You are in the hospital. You just woke up from brain surgery. Do you understand?" She blinks ONCE.


Fitz's pulse was racing. He was becoming more impatient. He let go of her and moved to the chair beside her bed. He was holding her hand in his now.

"Miss Pope. Do you know who the President of the United States is?" Meredith asked her finally sensing that Fitz was becoming worried.

Fitz held his breath. Instead of blinking right away she looked up into Fitz's eyes and blinked ONCE. Fitz smiled at her then. He's was feeling a little better.

"Miss Pope. Can you say something for us? It doesn't matter what you say. Just one word. Can you do that? We need you to try." Olivia blinked ONCE answering Meredith.

Olivia was looking at everyone in the room. Her heart was racing. She was trying desperately to form any word. One word to let everyone in the room know that she was okay. Fitz was still holding her hand giving her the courage to speak.

"OUCH!" Olivia got out finally.

"Oh Livie you spoke. Thank god." Fitz said to her squeezing her hand.

She knew his touch. It was giving her "tingles" all over her body. But why am I having these feelings. "Why are you here?" Olivia asked Fitz.

"Where else would I be?" He answered her touching her cheek.

"Mr. President, shouldn't you be at the White house?" She finally got out, moving away from his hand. His touch was so comforting to her. It was calming her down.

"Olivia you're scaring me. Why are you calling me Mr. President?" He asked her. "Do you know who I am?"

"You fired me from your campaign. I stayed on to help you get elected. I worked for you in the white house. Right? I left."

"Olivia!" Fitz's voice was trembling.

Abby jumped in sensing that Fitz was ready to lose it again.

"Olivia, honey, Look at me. It's Abby. What do you remember?"

"I left the White House. I was in charge of something. I worked in the West Wing."

"Do you remember anything about you and Fi-I mean the President."

"Ummm," her voice trailed off. "He's married, with two children, and Leader of the Free World. Cyrus hired me too help fix his campaign."

She has these feelings looking at the President. He's looking at her in such an odd way. She senses that she KNOWS this man better than anyone. It looks like he's going to cry. Her breathing matches his, but why?

"Liv? It's me, Fitz. Don't you remember us? You and me."

"What you and me? We weren't ever together. Were we? We're FRIENDS right. That's why you're here?" Olivia sounded very confused now. "What's going on?"

"Olivia, say my name." Fitz asked her.

"What? That would be inappropriate Mr. President." She answered him back. He looked like the wind was knocked out of him now.

Fitz could not answer her. She DID NOT remember them. His heart broke in his chest. He reached back squeezed her hand. She did not try to take it away from him. He knew that she felt the connection still between them. He made a promise to her not to walk away. He was not going to break it now. It was going to be not only up to him, but all those who love her to help her find her way back to him, to them. His love for her was going to pull her through this.

And now the journey begins again…


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