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By: Ominae


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Chapter 2: After Action

September 13, 2011

6:40 AM

Salang, Parwan, Afghanistan

Reese and Hex were now deployed almost early in the morning in Afghanistan's Parwan Province, specifically at the District of Salang. The CIA had obtained reports that an armed group was seen at Parwan according to reports provided by the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's main intelligence agency in charge of domestic affairs, to the agency as well as to ISAF.

Because of this, the two SAD operatives are deployed alongside several Counterterrorist Pursuit Teams to help them liaise easily with Afghan security forces and the locals so that a situation won't start due to any potential misunderstandings.

"Very cold." Reese murmured. "Not that cold since I got to Afghanistan after the Taliban was toppled from power."

"Better than the heat we're getting south of the country, Reese." Hex murmured back. "Nice to have something for a change."

To cope with the very cold weather, Reese and Hex wore softshell pants and jackets with hoods, balaclavas to conceal their entire head, tactical gloves and boots to get around Parwan. Since they're SAD, they get to wear anything they wish to use. Especially with clothing that will not allow even the most ordinary of civilians to identify them as American commandos with the CIA. The same thing goes for the CTPT, although they wear a mix of military and civilian clothing or just wear military clothing without any patches on. Which is sort of okay with the SAD since the CTPT aren't agents per se, but are trained to conduct special forces-based activities in Afghanistan alongside the CIA and its allies to combat Al-Qaeda forces.

"All quiet here in this side of Parwan." Reese commented, seeing Afghan soldiers and police officers questioning civilians after they were the first ones to cordon off a large section of Parwan, which includes the Salang Pass, after loosing sight of a group of Al-Qaeda-linked fighters who were last seen traveling in a van in the province with important documents that needed to be secured ASAP. He didn't know why they were given orders to stick in this checkpoint with American soldiers. But orders are orders as they say, something he stuck on with ever since he enlisted in the army and back.

"Very quiet indeed." Hex seemed to agree with Reese, seeing that nothing extraordinary is happening in Salang Pass. Aside from the routine questioning of civilians in a makeshift Afghan Highway Police checkpoint. Afghan and American soldiers were also seen assisting them by either providing security or by helping police question travelers.

"You know, Hex. I don't know if being here is such a good idea at all."

"You mean being in an Afghan-American checkpoint?"

Reese nodded.

"I don't blame you at all, Reese."

"Hmm... I wonder how the other guys are doing?"

"I don't know. Can you ask them over the network?"

"I can try. But the last time I did that, I got in trouble for using the network like a mobile phone to ask the others on how they're doing..."

Hex laughed it off about Reese's sense of humor.

But that was until the two could hear what sounded to be gunshots coming from the rear of the checkpoint.

"Gunshots." Hex was alert to hear the gunshots, preparing her Colt M4 outfitted with a tactical foregrip (with a flashlight built in) and EOTech sight. Reese did the same thing when he saw Afghan civilians either keeping their hands down or simply run away from the line of fire. His M4, on the other hand, had a similar tactical foregrip and a red dot sight on the upper receiver.

"Everyone, keep your head down!" An American soldier shouted, who gestured to his colleague to engage the armed gunmen. His Afghan counterpart did the same thing.

Afghan policemen kept the checkpoint at lockdown, one of them requesting for anyone able to come and reinforce them while trying to help to get the civilians away from the area.

"Let's move." Reese said, shouldering his M4.

"Right." Hex did the same thing as she shouldered her M4 and set her carbine to fire at three rounds. Reese's M4 was set at semi-auto after initially using three rounds to fire at gunmen trying to hide by using abandoned cars as cover.

"Dammit!" Reese shouted, firing his M4 after spotting an AKM-armed gunman trying to shoot at him. He fired a few rounds into his chest, watching the armed man spin to his left before going down. "They've snuck up behind us."

"Can you radio for help?" Hex asked Reese, firing her M4 while using an abandoned Toyota pick-up truck for cover.

Reese nodded. He ceased firing his weapon and got on his radio, requesting for immediate assistance since he and Hex are under attack and most of the Afghan and American soldiers are also engaging the armed gunmen while the checkpoint is under attack from the rear.

Hex spotted another gunmen taking shots at her. But since she was gaining the upper hand by firing at his position, which was an abandoned Toyota Land Cruiser, the gunmen simply chose to ran away.

Right at my sight. Hex scoped the back of the fleeing gunmen and fired a few times with her M4. She saw him go down.

"Let's move."

Hex and Reese moved out, using the abandoned cars for cover as they moved on to see what the source of the gunfire was about.

While Afghan and American soldiers would secure the Salang Pass, Hex and Rex traveled down the cliffside towards the Salang Tunnel after getting reports that more gunmen were spotted trying to flee through the tunnel.

"This ought to be easy." Reese commented as they were approaching the tunnel by sliding a bit. "Ought to be better than just walking."

"Come on Reese. We're about there." Hex told Reese as they were nearing the ground next to the tunnel. The two SAD operatives were met at the entrance of the tunnel by several CTPT operators, already armed and waiting for orders on whether to proceed inside the Salang Tunnel or not.

"Sir. Madam." A CTPT operator, who wore ACU camos, web gear and a balaclava, greeted Hex. He was armed with a AKM assault rifle with a sling.

"What's the situation?" Hex asked the AKM-armed CTPT operator.

"More gunmen are inside the tunnel." The AKM-armed CTPT operator informed Hex. "We're waiting for orders on how to proceed."

Hex glared at the tunnel and at the CTPT operator before she said her next instructions.

"Crush them."

"Yes, ma'am!" The CTPT teams assembled before they stacked up near the mouth of the tunnel. Flashbangs were then tossed inside the tunnel to disorient anyone, friendly or hostile, before the CTPT teams got inside and began to open fire at anyone hostile.

"Come on, Reese!" Hex shouldered her M4 and opened fire at hostile gunmen inside the Salang Tunnel. She turned the flashlight on her tactical flashlight foregrip to light up the way.

"Right behind you, Hex!" Reese fired his M4 at semi-automatic, hitting a gunmen trying to switch cover from one abandoned car to another.

"Allahu Akba-!" A gunman was about to hurl a Norinco Type 59 and take off the safety pin when Hex fired at him. The gunman accidentally dropped the grenade after being shot while being able to remove the safety pin.

"Down!" Reese shouted at the CTPT operators. They obeyed instructions and ceased fire when the Type 59 exploded, killing a fair number of gunmen at the other side of Salang Tunnel. Some of the abandoned cars were damaged thanks to the Chinese-made frag grenade, which was different from the Russian-made RGD-5 due to the amount of fragments since the Type 59 has a heavier body.

"We shouldn't worry about a lot of opposition now!" Reese told Hex after he heard the grenade explosion go off.

"Advance!" Hex shouted, ordering the CTPT operators to resume fire and advance. She advanced with Reese, keeping low and firing their M4s when needed.

Another gunman was about to reload his AKM by standing up next to an abandoned sedan when a couple of CTPT operators, who had a mix of ACUs and softshell clothing, opened fire with Colt M4A1s outfitted with tactical foregrips and red dot scopes.

The CTPT operators continued to advance further, taking out several gunmen alongside Hex and Reese.

"We've spotted what appears to be a Ford Ranger pick-up truck with a few gunmen getting inside."

Hex frowned at a radio transmission she got from a CTPT operator on the last remaining gunmen trying to flee while conducting suppression fire.

"Let's go after it!" Reese suggested to Hex.

Hex nodded and started to run towards the end of the Salang Tunnel. She later caught sight of a Ford Ranger, which had a red color. The SAD operator saw that a gunman had just boarded the pick-up when one of them started to open fire.

"Damn it!" Hex got prone and continued to empty her M4 at the truck. So far, she struck the vehicle with a bullet holes and broken glass.

Reese assisted Hex by picking up an unused Type 59 and hurled it at the fleeing truck after remembering to take off the safety pin. He watched the primed grenade land near the truck and explode. This forced the truck to crash onto a ditch after rolling over a few times.

"Come on!" Reese began to run after the truck. Hex joined up with Reese and ran after the crashed truck.

The two SAD operators saw one of the dazed gunmen escape from the crashed Ford Ranger and was about to shoot his Tokarev TT-33 when Hex took the initiative by shooting at him, emptying the few remaining bullets from her M4.

"Got you." Hex murmured as she and Reese prepared to check the Ranger. While they were visually inspecting the interior, Hex reached inside to secure a folder from the floor.

"What is it?" Reese said after he was done talking to a CTPT operator.

"Found this." Hex showed the folder to Reese.

"Let me see." Reese frowned when he began to inspect the contents of the folder. "I got something Hex."

Reese showed Hex plans for an attack on Kabul ranging from the American Embassy to several government buildings, including headquarters of the NDS. The map also outlined attacks on other diplomatic buildings and where the attacks will take place from.

"I don't like this." Hex told Reese after seeing the map. "Looks like the Taliban might be starting another attack at the Afghan capital."

"Question is what time they'll launch their all-out assault at the capital and whether they'll be able to pass by the Ring of Fire manned by the police?" Reese told Hex his thoughts.

"I'll go and radio this in." Hex said before she got in on the radio.

Reese called for a CTPT operator to see him.

"Yes, sir?" This CTPT operator had a balaclava and wore black softshell clothing and Adidas tactical boots. He was armed with an AKS-47 assault rifle as his primary weapon.

"Radio for support and tell them to get a helicopter ready at once. We're heading to Kabul to warn the proper authorities."

"Understood." The AKS-47-armed CTPT operator gestured to his colleague for a radio. A manpack radio was given to the operator, who reached for the handset and began to request for a helicopter at Parwan at once.

September 13, 2011

9:59 AM

Bagram Air Base, Bagram, Parwan, Afghanistan

Hex, Reese and most of the CTPT operators who traveled with them from Salang to Bagram had been able to resupply their ammunition for their weapons while being able to pass on with the intelligence that they were able to obtain. The CIA and the NDS has concluded that the presence of the gunmen in Salang was possibly a distraction to get the attention of ISAF and Afghan forces away from Kabul. Although Reese had wanted to go to Kabul, he and Hex had been given new orders to be diverted to Bagram to pass the intel to CIA officers stationed at the base. And since they were there, Hex and Reese decided to get some bullets in order to be resupplied at once.

"Hex, we've got a Black Hawk ready to take us to Kabul for a deployment." Reese said after he saw Hex load a fresh magazine onto her M4, waiting inside the main building lobby of the base.

"Does the CIA know if the intelligence we obtained in Salang is genuine?" Hex asked her SAD colleague.

Reese nodded. "They seem to think so. Agency's trying to get the CTPT to make contact with locals to see if they got any idea."

"Anything so far?"

"None yet. They're still working on it. President Karzai's been warned of a possible attack. He, in turn, informed everyone in the Afghan security forces of the matter."

"I just hope that it's a false alarm anyway."

"Me too, Hex. Me too."

A CTPT operator in civilian clothes ran up to see Hex and Reese.

"I have some news."

"Let's hear it." Hex told the CTPT operator.

The operator nodded and told Hex. "We've been ordered for a deployment to Kabul ASAP."

This new stunned both SAD operators.

"T... that's great." Reese said, feeling relieved that they can go to Kabul and stop the threat. "Who gave the order?"

"The Agency, sir."

"Alright, we can move out then." Hex said as she adjusted the sling of her M4.

"This way." The CTPT operator escorted the two towards the outside where a couple of MH-60M Black Hawks were awaiting them with the rotors in operation.

"All abroad!" The pilot of the first MH-60M said when Hex and Reese started to get inside.

"How long can we get to Kabul?" Hex asked the pilot after getting to her seat.

"We should be there in an hour or less than that." The pilot informed Hex. "As long as turbulence doesn't start to bother us pilots."

Reese started to get to his seat with at least four CTPT operators getting inside.

"As soon as you guys are comfy," The co-pilot spoke to Hex and Reese. "get the door closed at once and I'll start to get the bird off and the ground and proceed to Kabul."

"Please do." Reese told the co-pilot. One of the CTPT operators proceeded to close the cabin door after being the last to get inside.

"You got it." The co-pilot gave a thumbs up before the MH-60Ms proceeded to take off from Bagram as they began to move towards the direction of Kabul.

Hex and Reese hope that they can stop the Taliban from attacking the capital.

September 13, 2011

11:03 AM

Airspace over Kabul City, Kabul, Afghanistan

The MH-60Ms had just arrived in Kabul City airspace when the pilots witnessed some RPG rockets fly towards them.

"Hang onto your seats! Incoming RPG rockets!" The pilots shouted.

"Put on your seat belts!" The co-pilot gave the passengers their instructions.

Hex, Reese and the four CTPT operators proceeded to wear their seat belt as the MH-60M began to conduct maneuvers to avoid getting hit by one of the RPG rockets meant for the cockpit.

"Dammit. We're too late." Reese murmured, banging his clenched fist on his seat.

The MH-60M was able to maneuver successfully that they were able to avoid being hit.

"Where did that RPG come from?"

"I don't know, but I'm getting a transmission from the Afghan Air Force that they're launching their gunships right now."

"Set us down in a safe spot!" Reese told the pilot.


September 13, 2011

11:07 AM

Kabul City, Kabul, Afghanistan

After a few minutes of evading a few more RPG rockets meant for MH-60Ms, the choppers began to hover over the rooftop of a deserted three-story building. Hex, Reese and the four CTPT operators were able to jump down safely.

"We gotta go! If we linger any longer, we could get hit by those RPG rockets and start another Black Hawk Down incident or something like that!" The co-pilot informed Hex and Reese after they all disembarked from the chopper.

"Okay! Get out of here now!" Hex shouted at the co-pilot.

"See you on the other side!" The co-pilot saluted Hex before the MH-60M started to move out of Kabul City airspace.

"Move out." Reese informed the CTPT operators who accompanied them. They proceeded to use the nearby fire escape staircase to head down to the street level, where they would make contact with the other four-man CTPT team that landed in another area of Kabul.

"Who do we liaise with once we're in the streets?" The CTPT operator who spoke to Hex and Reese back at Bagram asked, already preparing to use his AKS-47.

"As usual, we'll liaise with your colleagues and friendlies with ISAF and Afghan forces. I heard that NDS is deploying their own forces to back them up." Reese gave his answer.

"Yes, sir."

While the group could hear a massive amount of gunfire with the occasional RPG rocket launch, they were safe from any attack until they got to the street level.

Hex pointed to Reese that the second group of CTPT operators were now running towards them, going across the now deserted streets of Kabul while ducking low to avoid getting by a stray bullet.

"What is the plan?" A CTPT operator, who is decked in ACU camos, but wore a black tactical vest with a balaclava worn to cover his entire head except nose, asked Hex and Reese. He was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle.

"Word is that the first wave of the attack will target the American embassy." Hex said while crouching down. "Let's move there and keep your head down. We need to meet up with friendlies. From there, we'll launch a counter-attack against Taliban forces."

"Hope you guys understand what we're going to do next." Reese spoke to the CTPT operators after Hex gave the instructions.

The CTPT operators nodded without any objection.

Chapter 2 END

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