A/N This is set before Gin decides to become a Shinigami. I really couldn't find much on their background history together apart from what I've read in the manga and seen in the anime.

I'm surprised… I thought you had a little more affection for her.

Affection? I don't have any such thing. I told you the first time I met you. I'm a snake. My skin is cold. I have no heart. I use the tip of my tongue to find my prey as I slither on the ground and engulf what I like whole. That's the sort of creature I am. Isn't that what I told you?

It was a surprise when the dried persimmons that Gin was just about to eat vanished from his hands mysteriously. It was strange because the silver-haired male had been looking down at the treats with a large, genuine smile on his face when they disappeared almost instantly as if they had never been there in the first place.

Gin frowned as he looked up, knowing only one person would have been brave enough to try and steal his precious persimmons. As he suspected, Rangiku was standing before him, grinning as she held his food in her hands.

"Give 'em back!" Gin cried out as he lunged forward, intent on eating his favourite food without interference. "Rangiku!"

Rangiku laughed as she moved out of the way, knowing that Gin would never actually hurt her. Gin jumped again, trying to catch Rangiku before she got away.

"You have to be faster than that!" Rangiku giggled. "I'll eat them on you otherwise!"

"Rangiku!" Gin whined. "Rangiku, they're mine!"

"You should share your things, you know?"

Gin scowled as he witnessed his friend eating his precious persimmons. He knew that payback was in order for this transgression.


Gin smirked to himself as he heard Rangiku making a fuss. He mentally counted how long had passed before the girl turned and started yelling at him.

"What did you do with my hairbrush?!" Rangiku screeched. "Where did you hide it?!"

A small laugh escaped Gin's lips as he kept his eyes sealed and his mouth in that trademark smile. He tilted his head to the side.

"Me? Takin' ya hairbrush?" Gin's smile would have widened if it were possible. "Wha' gives ya that idea?"

"I know you took it!" Rangiku pointed an accusing finger at Gin. "I know you did!"

"But ya took my persimmons, Rangiku," Gin stated. "They were mine and ya took 'em. Now is no different."

"So you did take it! Where did you hide it?!"

Gin couldn't help but laugh as he pulled the hairbrush in question out from behind his back. He felt joy bubbling in his chest as Rangiku snatched it from his hands. So this was what it was like to have a friend…


As Gin's eyes closed for the last time decades later, he couldn't help but remember the happiness he had felt when Rangiku was around him. He was aware of said woman screaming his name, her tears falling on his face, the hatred he felt towards Aizen.

If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow, and began devouring humans, and from the same mouth you devoured humans, you cried out to me, "I love you!", would I still be able to say, "I love you," the same way I do today?

But I failed. In the end… I couldn't retrieve what was taken from you, Rangiku. I'm glad. I'm glad I apologised.

The last thing Gin was aware of before it was all over was Ichigo arriving at the scene, ready to face off against the same man Gin had tried to take down.

You are at a level where I can die and leave the rest to you…