It started with a flutter.

Max had never felt anything like it. The moment her heart fluttered she was staring into those beautiful blue eyes and she hesitated momentarily. She loved and hated the feeling. It made her feel weak and strong at the same time.

That flutter was the start of something amazing. When she first felt that flutter, she never could have comprehended how spectacularly her life would change. How much heartache and pain and happiness and comfort she would experience. She would eventually realize that she would not have even been able to comprehend what she would feel at 21 when she was 9. She would come to realize how much her world had changed because of that flutter.

That flutter was the most amazing thing Max had ever felt in her short, tortured life. That flutter, and every flutter she felt every time she had felt every time she saw him, lead to the most amazing thing the world could ever see. A love so pure, it would soften the heart. A love that would change everything.

That flutter lead to comprehension. A comprehension of something so wonderful that would befall her. She did not think that such a tortured soul could feel such happiness. She had been with quiet a few men, some of whom had been decent, but this one was amazing. He had changed her view of life as well as her faith in herself. He had believed in her when no one else had.

That flutter lead to a happiness. It lead to a happiness she would never have dreamed of as a child. It lead to a dream of a future that had previously been out of her reach.

It ended with a family.