Hello! I'm back with a new fanfiction! But don't worry! I'll work on my other one as well! I just don't want this idea to go away since I write from scratch, without any plot settings… To please the readers of course. :3 So now Enjoy my Devil Survivor 2 Fan fic!

The day we went to defeat Polaris was the day we wanted to change the world. We didn't want to be controlled to the point we weren't allowed to show our true potential. Alcor, the Septentrione who helped us accomplish all that we had, stood by my side as he prepared to take the heavenly throne from Polaris and create a world where we decided what our fate is.

"Are you sure you are ready for this Shining One…?" He stood and stared at me with a somewhat worrisome expression. Daichi, Io, Otome, Fumi, Jungo, Keita, Airi, Yuzuru, and Hinako all chattered behind us about a good plan to defeat Polaris once and for all. They all sounded excited, we were about to change the history of the world… We were going to make a world where each person decides their own fate.

"Yeah, I'm sure. We have to do this… Or else all our efforts would have been for not… Right…?" I patted Alcor on the shoulder, letting him know that I was confident in my choice. He smiled in satisfaction as he focused his squinted eyes towards the teleporter.

"Here we go guys! We're finally going to rewrite the world!" Those were the final words I said before we rushed to battle with Polaris.

After the defeat of Polaris (to avoid spoilers for those who have, or will be playing the game)

"We…We did it!" Daichi jumped in celebration, his yellow scarf flying all over the place.

"It seems we did… Now I can get back to my research in peace.. Yes?" Fumi fumbled around with her computer as she continued to do her intensive research… Since it was all she had left. Io and Otome hugged and cheered for their success.

"… Jungo will be safe now…Right…? I'll make some chawanmushi for everyone…" Jungo smiled happily as he started planning ahead to make as much chawanmushi as he could… I bet he wants to see the cat he saved, Jungo, again…

I turned to Alcor who seemed to stare at the scenery surrounding Heaven's Throne… He seemed to be in a somber mood… I patted his shoulder, and to my surprise… He was crying…

"What's wrong…?" He had a surprised look on his face as he tried to wipe his tears away… This was the first time we had seen him so full of emotion… He quickly turned his face toward me and smiled…

"It's time… To say goodbye to all of you…." We stared at him in shock, he would make our celebration so short….

"… I guess it is… We don't have much time now do we…?" Alcor shook his head, then he looked to the ground… His tears fell to the floor as he stared at the alien-marbled floor.

"Goodbye… My friends…" He looked up and smiled… Tears still left his face…. I walked up to him and wiped the tears off of his face with my sleeve… Then grabbed him by both of his shoulders…

"Never forget, you'll always be our friend… So we'll never forget you…!" Alcor nodded and cried some more… I let go and walked back to stand with everyone as we said our final farewells… Our wish will be coming true now… We'll live in a world where we decide what our fate will be….

"Goodbye… My friends…" He raised his hand and a bright light suddenly flashed before our eyes. It quickly turned to black, hearing nothing but silence; I lay there in something fluffy.

"Hiro…? Hiro…!" I woke up in one of the beds in JPs HQ…. But something felt… Off….

"W-What happened…?" My voice sounded higher, my chest felt heavier…. And I felt more feminine….

"I-I don't know how to explain this b-but…." Io quickly rummaged through her bag and pulled out a mirror. My hair had grown to my shoulders; my face became more feminine… And I had a girl's chest… The odd thing is… I can't remember ever being a guy.

"W-What the…" I poked my face, then turned to Io… She stood there in shock… I looked at her blankly… Not aware of the situation… I quickly hopped out of bed and found I was wearing skinny jeans similar to my old ones….

"T-The wounds on your face healed so quickly!" Io suddenly bursted out, unsure if I was going to grow gills next…. I got up and patted her on the shoulders to calm her down.

"Io… You have to calm down ok…? If you hyperventilate it'll be bad for your health…" I mocked her a little bit…. She playfully punched me on the shoulder, and then we both sit and laughed about our recent success.

"What do you think Alcor's doing now…? Probably watching over the universes now… Right…?" Io laughed and nodded in agreement. I noticed on the desk, my phone sat there with a new message waiting to be opened. I flipped it open and rotated the screen when I opened the message. The only things in it were the words:

You have a new world…

Let's Survive.

Suddenly my phone switched off, but for some reason Io's hadn't. I quickly ran over and checked her phone… It was operational and still on, meaning hers hadn't received the message like I had…

"Hiro! Io! You have to come out here and see this!" Hinako pounded on the door to my room and quickly ran down the hall again calling the others. Io and I looked at each other and exited the room. I quickly checked my phone one last time to see if it would turn on again…. But with no luck I shoved it back into my pocket and ran to the conference hall.

"Quite a crowd here… Daichi… What's all the fuss about…?" Daichi looked back at me and quickly grabbed my arms. He pushed me to the front of the group and pointed up at the clock. There was a portal… It looked like the one the teleporter usually opens when we use it to go to the other stations. It sat there, swirling in front of the clock as all of the JPs Members and civilians stared at it.

"W-Wait… Isn't that…?" I quickly noticed a shadowed figure coming out of the vortex… White strands of hair gleamed as rays of sunshine reflected off of it. The white blouse standing out from the red and black striped shirt… Those squinted eyes covered in white make up…. He was back….

"A-Alcor…?!" Everyone quickly ran up to him and gave him a hug; I was right up against him hugging him with all my might… And also trying not to suffocate under everyone else. When I was laying against his chest for a few minutes… I noticed that he had an accelerated heart beat… I didn't even know that he HAD a heartbeat…

"I see you are all doing well…" Alcor smiled as everyone got off of him, he turned his eyes in my direction and smiled. He's as mysterious as usual… Which gives him that serious appearance compared to those around him. He slowly walked over to me, and examined me for a second… He tapped his fingers on his chin and then nodded in satisfaction… Which made it even MORE suspicious.

"I-I thought you were supposed to be watching over the world as its administrator….? So why are you here….?" I stared at him in confusion and with a serious face. He once again gave me that mysterious smile and chuckled…. Lately he's been showing more and more emotion when he's around me…. And it's ONLY around me…. Whenever he's with the others, he tries to hide his emotions.

"Ah… About that Shining One… I am watching over the worlds… I just sent a copy of myself to spend time with friends." He smiled and stared in a daze, with a hint of satisfaction in his voice. Everyone started gathering around again asking how it was like to be administrator of all the worlds, if he was super busy, if he could do whatever he wanted… And Alcor answered each question in detail.

Suddenly Yamato walked by and waved me over to him. "You, have been busy have you not…?" Yamato stroked his long yellow tie. He examined me slowly and then quickly smirked.

"I have a mission for you Hiro… I want you to take Shijima, Nitta, and …. Alcor to investigate a series of demon sightings in Ikebukuro… I believe you can handle it…. Yes…?" He glared at me, as he tried to intimidate me…

"Heh, No problem." I smirked then began walking back over to the group assigned to the task… As I walked towards them Alcor looked at me through his squinting eyes as they followed me while I walked toward them. He smiled at me as he walked Daichi and Io in my direction.

"Ok, we've gotta mission. There were some demon sightings in Ikebukuro, so we need to go check it out to make sure they just aren't some lousy pranks…" Alcor quickly held out his hand and closed his eyes. There was a moment of silence as everyone stared at what Alcor was doing. Suddenly he opened his eyes and smiled in satisfaction.

"The sighting was just a low level demon, I've already taken care of the problem." We all stared at Alcor in shock. We didn't even leave the building and he had already completed our mission.

"Wow! That was fast! Looks like we don't have to go do patrol anymore…" Daichi tried to crack a joke… But of course no one laughed. Io stayed silent and looked at the floor, AAlcor continued to smile as he stared at us, and I rolled my eyes at another one of Daichi's terrible jokes. I quickly walked over to Yamato and reported to him what happened… For a minute there he looked like he was in disbelief, but when he asked one of the JPs Members to scan the area of the sighting.

"… It seems the situation has been handled… Congratulate him for me…" Yamato walked off stunned, and dissatisfied…. He pondered as he walked off, clearly showing that he was in deep thought.

"I guess this means your duties for today are done Shining One…?" Alcor walked behind me and smiled as usual. I nodded and looked back at Yamato, then looked at Alcor again.

"I suppose I should be heading home…" Alcor stared at me in confusion, then he nodded.

"Shall we be going then Shining One…?" I blushed and stared at him.

"W-What do you mean… We….?"

"Is it not okay for me to be staying at your residence Shining One…?" He looked depressed which made me feel sorry for him.

"N-No… it's just… A guy and a girl… Staying under one roof is… A little…" I couldn't finish my sentence as I thought of the consequences… I tried not to ruin his innocent mind… If he even had one… I just don't know much about Alcor….

"Just come on…" I hid my flustered face as I walked off with Alcor following closely behind. We walked to the closest train station that was next to the Diet Building, and waited for the train. Alcor looked around at some of the common things like they were alien to him… But why wouldn't they… He's originally a Septentrione…. They wouldn't really know much about human life would they?

"Shining One… What is that pink cotton on that stick over there…?" Alcor faced the direction of a cotton candy stand as he examined it.

"It's cotton candy. It's sweet, and melts in your mouth instantly…. Would you like some…?" Alcor nodded curiously, so I quickly rushed over to the stand and bought 1 for him and me. I ran back right before the train came into the station. Alcor and I sat together as we waited for it to depart.

"This… Cotton candy… Is a food… Right Shining One…?" Alcor looked and poked at the cotton candy curiously. I laughed as he tried to figure out how to eat it…

"You're supposed to eat it like this." I took a fluff of cotton candy and stuck it in my mouth. Alcor watched me intensely as he tried to learn from me how to eat it. Instead of picking it up with his fingers, he took a bite out of it. I blushed for no apparent reason as he continued to chew on expression changing as he tasted the flavor and sweetness of the cotton candy.

When he looked up he looked like a kid who had just had sweets for the very first time. He had a curious face, and his mouth was covered in cotton candy. I laughed as he tried to figure out the source for my laughter.

"Why are you laughing Shining One…? Have I done something amusing…?" He licked his lips and then suddenly covered his mouth, wiping off the excess cotton candy. The train suddenly started to move, which startled me a little bit. Alcor of course just curiously stared at me, as he was trying to understand humans and their emotions….

"Humans… Are so different… So… Interesting…." He smiled as the train began to accelerate leaving nothing but the sound of the train tracks.

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