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It didn't take us long to get back to the road leading to my house. The train finally stopped at my house, coming to a slow stop. Alcor and I both exited the train, the feeling of nostalgia as I finally walk home the same way as I always had before the 7 days the world literally went to hell…

I looked behind me to make sure that Alcor was still following behind me, but if he got lost…. Wouldn't he be able to find me… since he is administrator the worlds…

"Move out of the way!" I was suddenly knocked over by a man in a suit, causing me to fall over. Luckily Alcor caught me before I could hit the ground, moving his head and glaring at the man.

"A-Alcor I'm okay! Really! I think we should keep going, yeah?" I quickly got up and started walking ahead of him. He stood there in shock but then quickly recovered and followed after me. I could hear his footsteps sync with the beating of my heart as he closed the distance between us. I keep walking faster, not wanting Alcor to see my blushing face, and then suddenly I trip over a fallen branch. I fell face first and heard Alcor's footsteps stop.

"Hey! Wait for me! Stop going so fast!" Daichi was running up from behind us, he seemed to have been running for a while. I was able to recover and stand back up, patting the dust and dirt off of my skirt. Daichi finally caught up to us, and he began to catch his breathe. He was breathing so hard, he was even sweating which probably means he was running for a long time….

"How could you guys just leave me like that!? Do you know how long I had to run?! Hiro, you know I hate walking home alone!" Daichi started scolding us, like a little kid.

"Oh for Pete's sake Daichi, grow up. So we walked ahead of you for a day. That doesn't mean you have to throw a tantrum…" Daichi grew red with anger and started venting his anger out on me. Alcor just watched as he and I fought over the simplest thing.

"Can we just walk home now…?" I impatiently started walking off as Daichi was still throwing his little tantrum. Once again Alcor followed closely behind me, like a duckling following its mother. Daichi noticed we were once again several feet ahead of him so he ran to catch up with us.

"Can you believe it!? We saved the world! We actually did it!" Daichi continued to celebrate over our success that happened the previous day. "We finally don't have to worry about being killed by Polaris or by the Void! Now I can stare at all the chicks I want… And I can use my driver's license!" He continued to immaturely celebrate… I rolled my eyes as he continued talking about his future plans about losing his virginity to a sexy, large breasted woman….

"Yes, I must say that our previous success is quite momentous… Right, Shining One…?" Alcor smiled as he stared at me waiting for a reply. I laughed and nodded, but I couldn't help feeling a little insecure about something…. Like as if something bad was going to happen today…

It was nostalgic to be walking home with Daichi again, since we both live on the same street. I haven't seen my home because of the recent events. Eventually we reached my apartment building, being as tall as it is.

"Well I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow… It's sorta nostalgic huh? Being able to go home again as if nothing happened." Daichi relived the recent events and eventually started walking home. Alcor and I waved him goodbye as he continued down the street to his house.

"Shall we get going Alcor? I'll try to cook something to eat for both of us." Alcor nodded and followed closely behind. As we entered the building, the guard bowed and greeted us both.

"How was your day today Ms. Kageyama? Bringing in a friend today I see?" The guard looked at Alcor then looked back at me and waited for a reply.

"Yes, He'll be staying with me for the night so I hope you don't mind…?" He shook his head and politely waved us in. We both waved goodbye to the guard as we entered the elevator. It didn't take that long to get to the floor I lived on, I guess it's because I forgot what it was like to ride on a fast elevator.

I looked at the door to my apartment to see that more piles of mail had stacked up while I was away. I sighed and knew what this meant. It meant that my aunt, who pays the rent, still hasn't come back… She's been gone for so long I had totally forgotten about her. She only comes back on weekends to check on the house. She couldn't really care about the brat squatting in her house; all she cares about is that I keep the apartment in mint condition.

My aunt was a rich producer who moved around a lot. She didn't care for her family, not even my mother who was her twin. She thought of the rest of us as worthless excuses for people. I always despised my aunt, but since my parents died and I didn't want to leave Tokyo, I had no choice but to stay at her place.

One day she just packed a suitcase and left. She left money for me to buy food and anything else I would need, and she also paid the rent every month, so I didn't have to get a part time job to just maintain a normal lifestyle.

"This is where you live Shining One…?" Alcor looked around curiously as I opened the door to the apartment.

"Yeah….Come on in Alcor, make yourself at home." I took my shoes off and walked directly into the kitchen. Alcor also took off his shoes, revealing that he was wearing black socks that matched with the rest of what he was wearing.

I took of my hoodie so it wouldn't catch on fire as I cooked, since I have a bad habit of setting things on fire as I cook food. Luckily I was wearing a white tank top underneath my hoodie. I tied up my hair into a ponytail and lit the stove. I could hear Alcor walk around the apartment as he investigated the living room and all of the electrical appliances.

Now that I remind myself… Does Alcor even eat human food? Does he even have a stomach so he could digest it? I turned the stove off and walked out of the kitchen to go search for a recipe book my mother made for me before she died. I had to look through several boxes just to find it. I wrapped it in a blue silk scarf so that it wouldn't get damaged.

-Alcor's P.O.V-

I investigated Shining One's living room… was it? I studied each mysterious appliance that filled the spacious room. A sudden explosion echoed from the room Shining One walked into as soon as we entered her residence. I quickly walked over to investigate and saw that one of her appliances had bursted into flames.

"Hee-Hoo! How fun! Agi!" A low level demon had used a skill to set a pile of white saucers on fire… "Burn this place to the ground! That human will never see this coming! Master will be pleased with us if we kill her in here! Maragi!" Another demon that seemed to be instructing his subordinate had flown in from the window. They both noticed my presence and froze. They glared as I entered and began to interrogate them.

"Where is Shining One?" I glared at the low level demons as they chuckled. Obviously they had no knowledge of who they were confronting.

"Hee-Ho! It's another human! He looks familiar Ho…" The Jack-O-Lantern flew close, however as soon as he had come too close into proximity, I had summoned one of my own subordinates to take care of the problem.

"Lucifer, Take care of the problem." My subordinate nodded and quickly went to work, disposing of the demons. Suddenly more of the demons flooded in through the window into Shining One's residence. Then I realized the fact that she might be in trouble so I quickly ran through each room, unable to feel her presence anywhere.

There are many room's in Shining One's apartment…The possibilities of her position were endless, until I heard her voice coming from the halls. I hurried to her position to lend my assistance, because her cellular device was still malfunctioning.

"Haly Dance!" Shining One was yelling out skills that she had available at the moment. It seemed that her device was semi-functional, although it was still unable to summon subordinates to when she required them. I arrived to see that Shining One was seated on the floor, exhausted from the constant fighting.

"Hee! It's the administrator Ho! We have to go back and tell Master about this! Hee-Ho!" A lowly demon fled to return to its master's side. I turned around to see that Shining One had recovered to her feet as she mumbled incoherently.

-Hiro's P.O.V-

My apartment was a mess… There was a hole in the wall, the kitchen was scorched, and there was frost damage all over the main hall. Even if I hired a professional repair crew, it would at least take a month to fix all the damage, not to mention the fact that I still have to find a reasonable excuse for all the damage… And how am I supposed to explain this to my aunt?! 'Oh some demon's attacked while I was home. Oh yeah by the way, I can't cook.'

"Shining One, are you alright?" I quickly turned around to face Alcor, noticing he was just standing there staring at me. I gave him an uneasy smile as I tried to figure out how I was going to explain this to the repair crew and my aunt. Then my brain snapped into action and blushed in embarrassment.

Suddenly he held me close and put his head on my shoulder. "I'll repeat my question… Shining One, are you unharmed?" I freaked out for a moment but then finally snapped back to my senses. "Y-yeah! I'm fine! I-I'm just trying to figure out how to resolve the damage and the costs…" I started fidgeting as I noticed how much of a complete fool I was making out of myself.

"Hey?! Hiro!? Is everything ok? I heard explosions and there's smoke coming from your apartment!" Daichi was at the door, constantly knocking, trying to make sure that I was not harmed. After a while Alcor got a little annoyed by the constant knocking, so he let go and left to answer the door.

I calmy walked into my room and jumped into my bed. My face was burning red from what just happened. But I just can't seem to calm down. My heart beat is accelerating; my head feels extremely warm… And my mind is blank. It's like I can't clearly think anymore… I can't even focus on the costs of the damages anymore… My mind's filled with Alcor… W-What do I do….? What is this feeling….? Just… What is Alcor to me?

"I-I need to calm down… I-It's just A-Alcor… I-It's not like I have feelings for him… Do I…?"

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