Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young prince lived in a a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired the prince was spoiled, selfish and unkind. But then, one winter's night, an old beggar women came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the

bitter cold.

Repulsed by her haggered appearance the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old women away. But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late for she had seen that there was no love in his heart and in punishment she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose which would bloom until his twenty-fifth year. If he could learn another and earn their love in return by the time the last petal fell then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.

As the years past he fell into despair and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?

Stiles sighed in mild discontent on his way to work. The sun was shining and birdsong whistled through the air. Around him the village of Beacon Hills was waking up and everywhere he looked people seemed to be smiling at him. It made Stiles pout.

If Stiles was honest with himself he'd realize he wasn't angry at the happy villagers or even how safe and peaceful Beacon Hills was. After all, the more peaceful it was the less his father, the sheriff, had to be put at risk. What bothered him was how incredibly bored he was.

"Once upon a time.." he whispered to himself and waved at two happy barmaids who were looking in his general direction. They giggled furiously before he realized they weren't looking at him at all. "As is my life." Stiles rolled his eyes and continued walking. In the books that he read once upon a time meant adventure and excitement was about to happen. It was the starting point of an epic quest or journey and every night Stiles poured himself into those books hoping that in the morning his once upon a time would come.

At that moment, the boy whom the girls had been waving at placed a hand on Stiles' shoulder. "Stiles, did you consider my offer?" He whispered in Stiles' ear. Stiles' groaned and pushed him away.

"Actually I have Jackson, and I've decided to decline." Stiles said with a false smile.

Jackson grabbed his shoulder again. "What do you mean you decline?"

Stiles did his best not to cringe with Jackson up in his personal space. "Well, first off I don't think marrying you would be in either of our best interest. After all, you've slept with half the town already and I don't think that bods well for a monogamous relationship. After secondly, if there in anyone in this town whom I would rather stab myself in the eyes repeatedly instead of spend the rest of my life with, it would be you. So again, I've decided to decline."

Stiles looked over to see Jackson smiling back at the barmaids, "And you're not paying any attention to me." Stiles rolled his eyes and carefully slipped out of Jackson's grasp and into the small bookstore.

"Morning Red!" Danny greeted him groggily from behind the counter. Stiles smiled back and trudged into the backroom with Danny on his heels. "Let me guess, my lame best friend attacked you on the way here?"

Stiles hung his bag and jacket up, " God, could he get anymore obnoxious? Half way through protesting my dismissal of the engagement he got distracted by some sleazy pussy across the street. How do you deal with him?"

Danny shrugged, leaning against the door frame. "Eh, he's mostly harmless. He's just a little competitive."

"Competitive?" Stiles asked as he pulled three books from his bag, "That makes no sense. I'm not a trophy to win. There's nothing remotely special about me. I'm pretty sure most of the town thinks I'm crazy anyways. Hell I think I'm crazy half the time."

"Whatever you say Stiles," Danny replied, "Did you read all those last night?"

Stiles gave him a guilty look, "Maybe?"

"Do you sleep at night?"

"Sometimes. I just couldn't put them down." Stiles explained walking back into the shop.

"You're right." Danny yawned, " You are crazy."

Stiles smiled and put his books back into their rightful places. "Long night?"

"Hmm," Danny nodded, "Went to the pub last night and every two beer queer was trying to get into my pants. Ended up going home with the inventors son and screwing like bunnies."

"I could have lived without knowing that." Stiles cringed.

"Oh right, I forgot you're mister chastity." Danny sighed.

"Hey," Stiles exclaimed, "It's not that I've chosen to stay a virgin this long. I just haven't found anyone interesting enough to keep attention. Everyone in this town is so boring, with exception to you and maybe my Father. Even this town is boring. Nothing exciting ever happens. But you know what frustrates me the most?"

Danny looked up from where he had been dozing on the counter, "What?"

Stiles continued while shoving an innocent book of poetry onto it's shelf. "I so annoyed that there's so much potential for Beacon Hills to be interesting. It just misses all the marks. For one, we have a forest right outside town, but it's not forbidden or dark and it certainly doesn't have any fairies or monsters in it.

There's supposed to be castle in said forest but has anyone bothered to go see if it exists, nope. And further more there hasn't been a dragon around here in like fifty years because some dick head thought it's head would look nice above the tavern fireplace, so I can't even try and go find and ask it to send me on a stupid quest to find a mystical cup."

Danny blinked at him, "You really need to get laid."

"GOD!" Stiles shouted and throwing his hands up in the air, "Why is it that I have to live in a town where the only things to looks forward to are getting drunk and screwing? I am doomed to a boring isolated existence of utter boredom."

"Stop being so dramatic." Danny sighed, "Besides interesting things totally happen here. I mean don't you know about what Lydia Martin?"

"What about Lydia? Did she get knocked up?" Stiles asked with mildly growing interest.

Danny chuckled, "No, but from what I hear she was on her way back from the city when her carriage was attacked by wolves. But here's where it get's weird. She says that as she was running away she ran into a monster. Apparently it was like part man, part wolf."

"A monster? She just ran into a monster?" Stiles questioned "How did she even get away?"

"Well, according to her it was right before dawn and at first she thought it was some smoking hot guy but right as the sun started to rise so she could see his face his eyes went red and he like transformed into this hairy wolf thing with fangs and claws and shit. Apparently, after it transformed it ran away from her. She ran into town this morning raving about it, woke up half the town. You're father's the sheriff, how do you not know about this? He went rushing by this morning with the other men on some man hunt. Oh and he said not to wait up for him but there should be some venison left in the ice box for dinner."

"Great." Stiles huffed, "Dad's out hunting monster's and I'm stuck at home being bored. Fuck my life."

Stiles knew he shouldn't worry about his Father. Sheriff Stilanski was a capable man of the law who was very talented with a sword and a bow. However, it was nearly dawn and his father still hadn't returned home. It was another few terrified hours before Stiles heard a knock at his front door.

It was one of his father's deputies. "Is my dad ok?" Stiles asked before the man could say anything, "He's not dead is he?"

The look on the man's face fell. "We're not sure. You might wanna sit down."

"No! I will not sit down!" Stiles yelled, "I want to know what happened to my father and you're going to tell me right now!"

The man groaned, "Look kid, we were searching the area where Lydia Martin was attacked. It was nearly dusk when suddenly there were wolves all around us. And then this monster came out of the woods and grabbed your father. We tried to follow it but it carried him off towards the old castle. Night was coming, and we had to escape from the wolf pack. They chased us half way here. We're planning a rescue party but we can only assume it would be fruitless. That beast probably ripped him to shreds. I'm so sorry for your loss."

Stiles reacted by punching him in the face. "Fuck, that hurts!" Stiles whined, "And fuck you assuming the worst. If you're not gonna go save my father I will." He slammed the door in the deputy's face and went to gather his things.

Fifteen minutes later, Stiles had his red jacket on with a quiver and bow strapped to his back. A set of daggers were sheathed around his thigh and his bag slung over his shoulder. He saddled up the horse in the stable and set off towards the woods.

It was closing in on sunset by the time Stiles reached the gates of the castles. The walls were overgrown with thorn bushes and angry gargoyles snarled down from the ramparts. A icy shiver of fear ran down his spine but he steeled himself and dismounted. Slowly he pushed open the iron gates. Their finely crafted bars in the shape of a rose.

The gardens leading up to the giant doors were shrouded in twilight and the shadows turned the greenery into frightening shapes. Stiles rapped against the splinting wood of the entrance. "Hello?" He whispered, "Is anyone there?" He knocked once more and this time the door opened slowly before him.

Swallowing down another wave of terror, Stiles cautiously stepped into the darkened hall. The massive room supported by gleaming marble pillars and the last of the suns rays shining down through the massive skylight above. "Papa?" He called as he ventured up the grand staircase. As he continued down a dim hallway, he spotted a light shining from beneath a door way. Behind him he thought he heard the quite whispers of talking and he turned to call out to the voices owners, "Hello? Please, I'm looking for my father."

He turned back around when he heard the door in front of him open and he rushed through it, "Papa? Is that you?" Ahead of him the light led him up a stone staircase. "Father?"

"Stiles?" Came his father's voice from the other side of the room. Stiles immediately grabbed the torch at the top of the stairs and rushed towards him. His father was chained to the wall. Stiles was by his side in an instant. "How did you find me?" The sheriff couched harshly and Stiles suddenly realized it was freezing.

"Papa." Stiles gasped as he tried to remove the shackles around his father's wrists.

"Stiles, you have to get out of here. Leave me here. Run." The sheriff pleaded.

Stiles shook his head, "No, I'm getting you out of here."

"Son, please, you must go now before he returns. I couldn't bare to loss you too." He begged.

"Before who returns?"

Before the sheriff could reply Stiles was yanked backwards and thrown half way across the room. The torch in his hand landed in the puddle of water and extinguishing any light from the room."What are you doing here?!" A growling voice in the darkness yelled.

"Who's there? Who are you?" Stiles questioned as he pulled a dagger slowly from its place against his thigh.

"The master of this castle." the man growled.

Stiles tried to make the shaking in his hands stop as he raised the dagger towards the voice. "I came here for my father. I demand that you release him. He's sick, he needs help or he'll die!"

"Then he shouldn't have trespassed on my land!" He man spat. "He and his men were cutting through my forest like animals. They should have left when my wolves surrounded them."

"Please, I can't let him die here. Please I'll do anything." Stiles pleaded.

The man shifted in the shadows, moving towards the stairs to leave but Stiles could see the bright red glow of his eyes shift to blue momentarily before he huffed, "There's nothing you can do. He's my prisoner and he will pay for his crime."

"He'll never make it that long. There has to be something..." Stiles stammered. "Wait!" The man in the shadows stopped and looked over his shoulder at Stiles, waiting. Stiles lowered his dagger and stepped closer to the man and into the dying light of the sun coming through the cloudy window. "You could take me instead."

"You!" The man growled before his voice went softer, "You would take his place?"

Behind him his father struggled against his chains, "Stiles, no! Don't do this!"

Stiles struggled to ignore his father's protest, "If I did, would you let him go?"

"Yes," the man hissed, "But you must promise to stay here forever."

Stiles thought about this for a moment, terror coursing through him before he could find his resolve, "Come into the light." He demanded.

Slowly, Stiles watched as one clawed foot then the other stepped into the light. His gaze wandered upwards, taking in the muscled body of a man with inch long claws on each finger tip; but his breath caught in his throat as his face came into the light. The dagger fell with a clatter from Stiles' hand. In the burning light of sun set the man's wolfish features were stark. Dark hair framed his face like fur and accented his long tapered ears. Sharp fangs jutted from his teeth making his plump lips turn down in a snarl. The bridge of his nose and brow bones were furrowed in the manner of an angry dog. And once more the vicious flash of his ruby eyes left Stiles breathless and in shock.

"No, Stiles, I can't let you do this!" His father screamed, the action sending him into another fit of couching. It made Stiles' choice easier. She closed his eyes and calmed himself before stepping even closer to the beast. "You have my word."

Slowly the beast reach out and softly ran one clawed finger tip across Stiles' cheek. The action made Stiles' take in a shaky breath.

"Done!"The beast snarled and stormed past him to release his father. Stiles sank to his knees as the weight of his decision began to sink in. His father came to his side and hugged him against his chest. "Stiles, please listen to me. You don't have to do this. I'm older, I've lived my life. Don't give up yours."

However before Stiles could reply, his father was dragged from his grasp and the beast dragged him out of the tower. Stiles watched from the tower window as the beast tossed his father onto Stiles' horse and sent it sprint back into the forest.

Shortly, the beast returned. "You didn't even let me say goodbye!" Stiles yelled, "I'm never going to see him again and you didn't even let me do that!" Fury and sadness replaced Stiles' fear, or perhaps buried it. He rushed towards the beast fist pulled back to strike, but the man caught his wrist and pulled him close. Once again his eyes flashed blue.

They stayed there for a moment, and Stiles had to remind himself to breath as the beast's eyes roamed his face. "This wolf will take you to your room." At his word a tawny brown wolf came out of the shadows behind him.

Stiles blinked in surprise, "My room? But I thought..."

"What? You wanna stay in the tower?" The beast growled and released him from his hold.

"N-no." Stiles answered.

"Then follow the wolf." He said and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Stiles called, "What's your name?"

The beast stopped and looked out the window at the setting sun. Once more he reached out and stroked Stiles' cheek. "Derek, you can call me Derek. I must go now before..." He gave a pained noise and with that he was gone.

Author's notes: So yeah, I borrowed a lot from Disney but I've been having trouble starting this request. I'd like to dedicate this to Show-me-the-stars-chinboy on tumblr since she wanted this so badly. I promise more is on the way. But I wanted to get this first bit out. BTW I do not own Teen Wolf or Beauty and the Beast.