There's a new girl in town, daughter of a city slicker come to live out in Hazzard. She's pretty, too. Hair black as night and eyes the color of summer grass. She's pretty, and both boys are out to get her despite of Daisy's watchful protection. Watching to make sure that neither her cousins or the pretty lady gets hurt, stung by the dangers of physical attraction.

Her name is Amanda and her father is a lawyer, better be careful then. Not that it's kept in mind when they both descend on the unsuspecting girl at the Boar's Nest. Luke is a gentleman and buys her a beer while Bo turns on the Duke charm intending to charm her straight into his bed, give him enough time and could lure anyone into his arms. She's stubborn though. Takes no notice whatsoever to Bo's obvious flirting and Luke's more toned down version of it, just accepts her drink and smiles at them both. But the boys aren't ready to give up just yet.

They brag and throw compliments, fighting for Amanda's attention for long than a minute a time. Daisy laughs at them from behind the bar and the youngest Duke throws her a dirty look. Yet, despite their intention to get her alone they also vouch for each other, they're cousins, that what they do. At least that's what they've always done, what they've been raised to do. Talk about heroic escapades, gun fights and big jumps with the General. Only problem is, no matter what they do or say nothing seems to win her over, as if she's immune to Duke charm. A small hand on each of their chests pushing them away is answer enough. The impossible has happened.

Daisy laughs at them some more and gets them each a beer on the house to compensate for the loss of a nights company. There are plenty of other girls at the Boar's Nest tonight and they've hardly even begun. With or without Amanda it's still going to be a good night.