Warning: This story contains adult breast feeding. If that ain't your thing, then I don't want to hear it in a review. Just don't read it.

Alright, this is my first attempt at writing. I was just in the mood for something a little smutty. I don't really think anyone is going to read this anyways, sooooo yeah. Oh, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoy it!

Her smile, her deep brown eyes, luscious and full red lips, her sweet heart shaped face captivated me from the moment I met her. I always knew one day that she would be the mother of my children.

When I met her, Bella had an average body type. Now, after giving birth to our son last year, she had filled out quite nicely, in all the right areas.

Her breasts are so fucking big and delicious, much more than a handful. I love motor boating them any chance I get. Her hips are so much fucking wider now and I love holding onto them as I pound in and out of her tight little pussy. And that ass, don't even get me started on it. It's so fucking round and beautiful, and it brings me to my motherfucking knees.

My little girl made me so horny. Especially right now, watching her breast feed our three month old son. Seeing her give the being that we created together nourishment turned me on like no other. Jack's little mouth was greedily sucking on Bella's perfect puffy nipple, his little hand resting on the side of her full breast. I loved that she let me watch her feed our little man. Some women didn't like their husbands watching that shit, but not my baby Bella. Not only did it make me want to fuck her, but it made me fall in love with her even more.

I tore my eyes away from our son and Bella's breast, looking at her face to see her blushing from the attention I was giving her. When she looked down and saw my hard-on straining against my pants, her face became even redder if that was even possible.

"You're making Daddy so horny, little girl," I whisper in her ear while playing with the nipple that Jack wasn't sucking on.

"Daddy," Bella whimpers, needing little Jack to hurry up so she can put him down and Mommy and Daddy will be able to get down to business.

After a few minutes of me stimulating Bella's nipple and Jack sucking, he's ready for his nap. Bella gets up and I follow her to Jack's room where we lay him down. We don't even fully make it out of the room before I start molesting her, grabbing a handful of that sweet ass while my other goes to squeeze DD cup breast.

"I can't wait to get in that sweet pussy of yours, baby."

After finally making it in our room, I peel Bella's pants off, leaving her in Daddy's favorite pair of ruffled pink panties.

"Did you wear these for me, little girl?" I ask while running my fingers down the front of her fat pussy lips through the lace of the panties. My little girl is so fucking wet.

Bella sucks in a breath and grips onto my broad shoulders. "Yeah, Daddy," she whimpers in her little girl voice, making me impossibly harder. Bella, sensing my need for some sort of relief, starts stroking my hard cock through the material of my pants.

"Oh, fuck, Bella." My head drops to her shoulder, while continuing my ministrations on her beautiful pussy through her panties. She is soaking through them even more than she was before, and practically begging for me to fuck her.

"Go sit on the bed, baby."

Bella rushes over and sits on her full bottom, dipping her fingers into her panties to play with her neglected pussy. I take my pants off and let my cock spring free, stalking over to her.

I descend upon her body, first sucking the left over milk from her puffy nipples. Bella fucking loves this shit as much as I do. She rubs her needy little cunt on my thigh that is in between her legs, as I assault her tits. Just fucking sucking, seeing no end in sight. I can tell when she's getting close to her peak.

"Ungg, Daddy. Please fuck me, Daddy," my little girl begs. I choose to ignore her since I'm still going to town on her perfect, full tits, her nipples providing me with the sweetest milk. God, I fucking love my baby girl.

"Fuck, little girl," I mumble around her nipple. She's driving me insane. I squeeze her tit and watch some milk drip out of the nipple, swooping down and not letting it go to waste. She is getting hornier by the second, continuing to ride my thigh for all she's worth.

Right when my little girl is about to orgasm, I pull away and rip her panties from her body.

I sit back and stare at her pussy for a few minutes. It is so fucking beautiful. Ever since her body filled out, her pussy lips did, too. They have just a little meat on them, and they're perfect. I love watching her pussy lips eat my dick when I feed it to her.

Diving in face first, I suck that shit up, feasting on her sweetness. Bella is mewling and writhing and burying her hands in my hair. My tongue goes to her entrance, where I start thrusting it in and out and my nose is buried in her engorged clit. I can barely breathe with the way she is grinding her pussy is grinding on my face.

"Oh, fuck. Daddy, oh, yes! Fuck!" My little girl creams all over my face. I crawl up to her and tongue fuck her mouth, letting her taste herself on me.

"Do you like the way you taste, little one?" Bella licks her lips, savoring her taste.

"Mmm, yes, Daddy," Bella says. "Do I get to suck your lollipop now?" She asks innocently.

"Not tonight, baby girl. I'm too eager to fuck your pussy," I say while rubbing my cock up and down her slit, making my girl go wild from the sensation. Her little pussy is so fucking sensitive. "Do you want Daddy to fuck your sweet cunny, baby?"

Bella moans, her eyes filled with lust. "Yes, Daddy. Please fuck your little girl."

Not waiting any longer, I hold her legs apart and push past her meaty pussy lips, thrusting my ten inches into my girl's tight fucking pussy. This is my absolute favorite place to be- heaven.

I relish in being in her hot, tight, velvety pussy for a few moments before Bella gets frustrated tries moving herself on my dick, making her full tits jiggle.

"Patience, little girl."

Bella huffs, clearly irritated. "Daddy, my pussy is so hungry. Please!"

"Bella, I'm warning you," I say sternly while rubbing her clit, still not moving my dick any. "Let Daddy take care of you, okay? Daddy loves taking care of you. Please let me, little girl."

Bella relaxes at hearing this. She loves being taken care of. And she knows that Daddy knows what is best for her. She just needs to be reminded sometimes.

Slowly, I pull myself out of my little girl, and thrust back in hard, watching her huge tits move up and down with each thrust. My eyes travel up to her face, looking straight at me with her eyes hooded with lust and her full bottom lip caught in her teeth. I stick my thumb in her mouth, allowing her to bite on it.

"You're so fucking sexy, baby," I murmur while sliding my other hand on the outside of her full breast, down to her narrow waist.

My eyes shift back to her bouncing breasts, and I stare at them, mesmerized at the way they jiggle in time with each of my thrusts. "Daddy loves your titties so much, baby girl." Thrust in, titties up, titties down. Pull back out, thrust in, titties up, titties down.

I pick up my pace, and I'm rewarded by seeing her tits jiggle even more. Not being able to resist them, I move one hand to hold on to her big luscious tit while it bounces, and the other starts rubbing her clit, wanting her to come before I fall over the edge.

"Oh, fuck yes, Daddy," Bella moans. "That's it, Daddy. Right there! Oh, oooohh- fuck!"

Bella arches her back, and screams out her orgasm. Her pussy clamps down on my rigid cock, and I fall over the edge with her.

"Fuck, Bella! My sweet, little girl!" I continue coming down from my high while slowly thrusting in and out of her with my softening cock.

After coming back down to earth, I tongue her mouth slowly while staying nestled inside her, showing my love and appreciation for her. "Daddy love you so much, Bella. You're the sweetest little girl, and you have the tightest pussy, baby." Bella clings to me, and I kiss her again, not letting her reply right away.

"I love you too, Daddy," Bella smiles, tears forming in her eyes. "So much."

I wipe away the lone tear that had fallen. "Bella baby, don't cry. Daddy loves you so much. I hate seeing you cry." I cradle her to me and kiss all over her face. Bella smiles sweetly and giggles. I hiss, my cock feeling her pussy clamp down around me, hardening my softened cock once again.

"Are you ready for round two, little girl?"

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