I thought I was just going to do a oneshot…

"Are you ready for round two, little girl?"

Bella looked up at me with excitement, and eagerly nodded her head yes. I chuckled seeing my girl so excited at the prospect of making love again. At the tender age of twenty-three, she had a quality about her that was so innocent and child-like, and it was part of what made me fall in love with her.

My cock was still resting inside of her, already hard again. She made me, a man at the old age of thirty-five, feel like a horny sixteen year old high school kid again. I was always horny around her, and I was constantly fighting blowing my load too quickly whenever I was inside her.

I began moving my cock in and out of her slowly, urged on by Bella's mewls and groans.

I was literally lying on top of her while thrusting in and out of her pussy, putting all of my weight on her. Bella loved feeling me on top of her like this, and I loved being so close to her. I could feel her breasts pressed up against my chest, moving with each thrust of my hips. My arms were placed under her back and came up around to hold onto her shoulders, allowing me to thrust more efficiently.

"You make me feel so safe and so loved, Daddy," Bella cries out.

"Daddy is always going to love and protect you, baby." My mouth is on her ear, licking, sucking, and nibbling. "You're always going to be my little girl."

Bella whimpers, and I can't tell if it's from her being emotional or horny- probably both. Whatever the case, I can tell that she needs more. And I'm here to give my little girl whatever she needs. I tongue her ear and then her mouth quickly before pulling out of her pussy. Bella cries out at the loss and looks up at me in confusion.

"Turn over, baby girl. Daddy wants to fuck you from behind."

The child-like excitement comes back into her eyes, and my baby hurriedly gets up on her hands and knees, and arches her back, sticking her ass straight up in the air. My hands immediately go to that ass- so thick and round and pale and perfect. I spread her ass cheeks apart and gaze down at her perfect pussy.

I finger her quickly, checking to see that she's ready for me before lining up with her sex and easing in.

Bella and I both sigh in unison at the feeling of coming together again. My hands come to rest on the pale globes of her ass, and I start a steady, hard pace.

This is by far my favorite position, as well as Bella's. The clapping sound that is made when my hips meet Bella's fat ass is like music to my ears. Feeling her full bottom shake in my hands is nothing short of amazing. Watching her ass jiggle like the waves in the ocean each time we meet makes me painfully hard.

"I wish you could see what you look like right now, little girl. Fuck, you're making Daddy so horny."

I have to look away from her ass, because I'm about to blow my load in a matter of seconds. I shift my gaze to her face. She's looking back at me with her mouth hanging open, and each time I thrust in and hit her g-spot, she makes a little mewling noise. I start picking up the pace even more, becoming a little bit rougher in my thrust and I feel her ass jiggle with more fever in my hands. Bella's moans gradually get louder, and I throw my head back while continuing my thrusting. Her pussy just feels that fucking good.

"Mmmm, get it, Daddy. Fuck your pussy!" Bella moans out.

I lean forward and continue to thrust with my front to her back. I move my hands to her swinging breasts, feeling them move from the momentum of my thrusts.

"Put your head down on the pillow and rub your clit for me, baby," I whisper in her ear. "Let daddy do all the work."

My baby girl quickly obliges. I lean back and place my hands around her hips, feeling the crease of her meaty flesh. God, my girl is so fucking hot. It spurs me to move my hips faster, and I watch her ass bounce off my abdomen, relishing in the ripples that form on ass once again.

"Fuck yeah, baby. Your ass is so fucking beautiful," I say while admiring the art that is her bottom. "Next time I'm pulling out the video camera."

She moans loudly at this and clamps down on my cock. I guess my baby girl likes the idea of filming our most intimate act.

I start going caveman-rough on her. Really giving it to her good, and pulling her back to meet me each time I thrust forward. Her ass is jiggling over time, and judging by the way her pussy is gripping me, she's about to come.

I give her three hard thrusts and hear her screaming and clamping down on my dick like a vice before I spill my seed into her. I shoot four or five good long streams into her before falling on top of my baby, my dick still encased in her warmth.

Bella looks like she's going to be out of it for a while, so with that, I regretfully pull out of her beautiful pussy, and go check on our little man. I doubt he slept through all of that.

Thoughts? Should I continue?