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October 20, 2007

A lot has happened in the past four months. Most importantly, my baby and I are now back in our house in Seattle. But it has not been easy.

We moved here about a month ago, right after Bella's birthday. When we arrived, we received a couple not so kind letters. Nothing was too serious to report to the police, but they still upset my little girl, which I was not happy about. I tried to hide them from her, but she always seemed to find them somehow.

They were from some low-life piece of shit that was obviously jealous of what I had with my baby. I tried not to let them phase me, but it was hard sometimes.

I had just received the third one this morning, and it left me a little on edge. The fucking bastard actually threatened to steal my girl from me. I knew I would never allow that to happen, but just the very thought of someone attempting to do that pissed me the fuck off.

I couldn't let Bella know about it, but I needed her desperately. I needed to remind myself that she was here and she was mine – my little girl. So when she woke up and walked out of our room this morning, I jumped on top of her, not even letting her get a single word out.

"Fuck, little one," I grunt out.

I'm currently banging my little girl into oblivion. We're on the couch in the middle of the living room, and she's underneath me with her legs straight out beside mine. It's providing the perfect angle for my pelvis to rub up against her clit each time I thrust into her warm cunt.

"Oh, Daddy," my baby screams out. "It's too much!"

I feel her breath coming out in short pants on my neck as thrust into her slowly but roughly, each time making sure to rub myself on her clit.

"Ooooooooh, ah!" My little girl moans again. She lightly bites onto my neck, the pleasure overtaking her. "It feels so good, Daddy."

I can't help the feeling of possessiveness that overcomes me when she calls me her Daddy. "That's right, little girl."

She starts scratching up and down my back as I continue my onslaught on her pussy, and then she digs her nails into my back – almost like she's hanging on for dear life because of the beating that I'm giving her cunt. And let me tell you, it feels incredible and I feel my sperm stirring in my balls, wanting to get inside my baby girl's womb.

"All mine," I say, feeling really fucking possessive.

I feel my little girl's already tight pussy tightening up even further, and I speed up my thrusts. Sweat starts to bead on my forehead, and I look down at her. Her head is thrown back with her eyes closed, and her tits are jiggling roughly each time I thrust into her. I bring my hand up to cup her beautifully huge, round breast and squeeze it gently, loving the feel of it in my hand. She moans as I do this, and I continue pounding her cunt, like a fucking savage.

"Give me your spermies, Daddy," my baby whimpers innocently, looking into my eyes. All the blood has rushed to her face and her eyes are filled with lust. "I want them."

I grit my teeth and buck into her hard, turned on by her innocent dirty talk.

When I feel my baby girl fluttering around my thick cock, that's when I know that I'm done for. I blow several streams of my ejaculate into her, and collapse onto her, feeling her thick body under mine, and my softening cock still resting inside her little girl sex.

She cuddles into me, her eyes closed like she's about to take a nap with me still resting inside of her. I enjoy that beautiful moment of complete peace and bliss, before I hear glass shattering.

I'm immediately alert. Not knowing what the fuck just happened, I look down at my baby first to make sure she's okay, and she is. She just looks really fucking terrified and there are tears forming in her eyes as she points across the room. I look to where she's pointing and see the brick sitting by the fireplace. There's glass fucking everywhere. And there's a huge hole in our front window.

My mind shoots to that letter and I know it has to be that fuck – the one that threatened me this morning.

"Shhh, baby, everything is okay," I tell her while trying to quickly comfort her. I kiss her forehead and jump up, putting my pants on and grabbing my gun from the closet in our room. "I want you to go into the bathroom and lock yourself in there. And don't come out until you hear my voice saying it's okay. I love you baby." I kiss her hard on the mouth and make sure she gets into the bathroom before running out the front door.

I am fucking livid. I can feel the anger seeping through my veins and I'm out for mother fucking blood. If this fuck thinks he can bring his bull shit to my house, and scare my little girl, then he has another thing coming.

I walk down the steps from my front door. "Show yourself, you pussy!" I scream out, looking around the wooded area surrounding my house while having my gun cocked.

I walk around outside for a couple of minutes, but I don't find anything. Not even one single shred of evidence to clue me into who it might be.

Defeated, and still pissed, I walk inside to get my baby. I know that she'll be able to calm me down.

When she opens the bathroom door, I see that she's crying and she runs into my arms. I hug her tightly to me, rubbing her back that is now covered by my black robe that is huge on her. She looks so cute in it, but it kills me having to see her like this.

"Daddy loves you, baby girl," I tell her softly. "Daddy will always be here."

I know now that I'll have to tell her what is going on. But that can wait. Right now, she needs me – her Daddy.

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