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I kiss her chastely again, and pull her in for a hug, being mindful of our son sucking on her breast.

"I'll always love you, baby girl."

I'm so wrapped up in my angel, that I almost don't hear the gape that comes from behind me. Turning around quickly, wanting to see who the fuck is interrupting this special moment of ours, I see that the prick from before is back, and he is staring right at my wife's exposed breast.

Anger surges through me, making it difficult to see straight and turning my vision red. Quickly shielding my Bella and our son from this fucker's prying eyes, I help her cover herself up further. She is clearly embarrassed, and ashamed at having him look at her in such a way. Tears start forming in her beautiful brown eyes, and I kiss her eyelids and try to calm her down.

"Baby, don't cry, okay? Daddy's going to take care of it," I tell her. She is still visibly upset, but I kiss her lips quickly knowing I'll be able to comfort her when I'm done with him.

I turn back to the fucker standing stock still at the end of the table. I'm angered further than I thought possible when I see that he is sporting a bulge at the front of his pants.

I turn back to Bella to make sure she is okay and I tell her that I'll be right back.

Turning to the waiter, I say, "I need to have a talk with you outside, now." I get up and walk past him and he's still standing at the table, looking like he's shit his pants. "I suggest you hurry the fuck up," I seethe at him.

He quickly runs past me outside, and I lead him to the side of the building so we can have some privacy.

"Listen the fuck up. That's my wife in there, the mother of my child, and our son needed to be fed. That does not give you the fucking right to ogle her like a piece of meat," I say in a scarily calm voice. "We're going to go back in there, and you will not send one look my wife's way. You have already made her feel uncomfortable enough as it is." I speak in a very clear and low voice so that he understands the next part very well. "If I ever see your pathetic face anywhere again, I will kill you. I mean it. I will take extreme pleasure in draining the life from your body. Do I make myself clear?"

He nods incessantly. "Y-yes, s-s-sir."

I look down to see that the fucker had wet himself. Pussy.

"Good." With that, I pull on his shoulders so that he's bent over and I knee him in the stomach hard, knocking the breath out of him. I leave him the on the sidewalk gasping for breath, and rush back inside the restaurant to gather up my babies, hoping that nothing else went amiss while I was gone.

I turn the corner to see Bella looking anxious and holding our son in her arms.

I run over to her and pull her to my chest. "Bella baby, are you okay, sweetheart?"

"Yeah, daddy, I'm fine. I was just worried about you getting hurt," Bella says.

I chuckle and begin to pet her hair. "Baby, I had at least a foot on that douchebag. Daddy doesn't like anyone disrespecting you. I took care of it, no worries."

I tilt her chin up to my face and smile at her, wanting to reassure her. She smiles back and puckers up for a kiss. I can't deny her.

We pay the bill, the owner giving us a significant discount, and make our way out to the car.

"Baby, how are you feeling?" I ask before starting the car, wanting to make sure she is okay.

She turns to me with love and determination in her eyes. "I just want to be with you, Daddy. I just need to know that you're here. I need to feel you," she whimpers.

"Bella, little girl, we'll be together when-"

I'm abruptly cut off by her lips attacking me, frenching my mouth. She is quick to maneuver herself around the center console and she plops her round bottom down in my lap.

"I mean now. I need to feel you now, Daddy."

"Oh, baby girl." She mauls my mouth again, and starts grinding on my hardening dick. Her heat is seething through her jeans, warming my dick. I put my hands on her fat ass and help her ride on it, tongue fucking her mouth in time with each thrust of my hips.

I am quickly brought back down to earth by our son, Jackson, making a little whimpering noise.

"How are we going to do this with Jackson, baby girl?"

Bella gets a mischievous glint in her eye, opens the door and hops off my lap. She runs to the back of the SUV and opens the trunk, turning down the third row of seats, making it into a mini-bed. It's not ideal for my large frame, but it should work.

I hop out of the car and run around to join her in the backseat. Thank fuck our windows are tinted, I think to myself.

I peak over at Jackson in the second row of seats. He is awake but he's calm for the most part and playing with his binky. It does make me a little apprehensive, knowing that I'm going to be fucking my little girl with my son no more than two feet away.

Bella senses my apprehension. "Daddy, Jackson's going to be fine. If he starts fussing, we can always stop and take care of him," Bella says while working my shirt over my head. I doubt either of us would want to stop once we got started. Maybe she could lean over the seat and play with him while I fuck her from behind or something.

"Okay, baby," I say. "Come over here and let Daddy undress you."

Bella slides over to me and I make quick work of taking off her shirt and jeans, leaving her in black lace panty and bra set.

"Mmm, my naughty little girl," I say as she climbs on top of me, grinding on my dick again. But I've already had enough of that. I lay her flat on her back on the mini bed, throw her meaty thighs over my shoulders lower my head to her covered pussy lips. I bite them through the fabric, loving her reaction and the way she squirms when I do so. Soon, after tonguing her pussy relentlessly, my face is drenched from her wetness seeping through the fabric.

"Pleeeease, Daddy! You're driving me crazy," Bella whimpers, writhing back in forth as best as she can with my hands holding her full hips, keeping her in place.

Not wanting her to get pissy, I pull her panties off and unhook her bra, while taking my pants and boxers off, knowing my girl needs my dick in her ASAP. I lay her back on the mini-bed, and spread her wide, gazing down at her beautiful pink pussy. Before I slip in, I peak over the seat to make sure that Jackson is doing okay, only to find that he is fast asleep.

I start playing just the tip with my little girl, knowing how she gets when I tease her, and knowing how hard I get when she gets flustered. I stick my thick cockhead in her for a moment and then pull it out, repeating the act several times. Eventually my little girl gets frustrated and sits up, creating a little roll in her tummy that I just love.

She pushes me into a sitting position with my back against the window. I hold my dick for her while she straddles my legs. Before she lowers herself onto me, I finger her sex to make sure she's ready for me. I'm satisfied with what I find and I move the hand to her fat ass while she lowers herself on me.

"Ooohhhh," Bella moans at my girth. This position always proves to be a challenge at first, just because my little girl is so tight and my cock is so thick, but we always end up making it work.

"That's it baby, nice and slow," I coo to my little girl, watching her pussy swallow my dick painfully slow. "We don't want to hurt your little cunny, do we?" I murmur sweetly.

After almost a full minute, I look down to see that I'm fully sheathed in Bella's meaty pussy lips. I rub her labia, and she mewls, starting to move on me extremely slow, still getting used to my size. Her tits start leaking, and I'm there to drink that shit up. I rest my hands on her bubble but, squeezing roughly while she works herself up and down on me, and start to suckle on her pretty pink nipple.

Bella starts moving on me pretty roughly, and it's getting difficult to keep her nipple in my mouth. So I lean my head back on the window and just enjoy the fucking view, just as Bella leans back and rests her hands above my bent knees, spreading her torso out. Bella's big titties are jiggling so nicely and I put my hands on them, just feeling them bounce and shake in my hands. I start kneading them, and Bella starts getting loud.

I quickly put my hand on her mouth, silently telling her to keep quiet so that we don't wake Jackson. She nods her head and keeps going at the same pace. I return my hands to her jiggling tits and shift my gaze down to her pussy gripping me like a vice as she goes up and down on my dick. Her pussy swallowing my dick makes the most beautiful sound. God, I really wish I had the video camera right now.

I look up to see Bella's face all scrunched up, focusing on her pleasure. "That's it, baby girl. Get yourself off on Daddy's dick," I tell her quietly while helping her by moving my hands underneath her large bottom, feeling it jiggle each time she sits on my lap.

I start to feel my balls tighten, knowing that I'm going to blow my load inside my girl in a matter of seconds. Bella starts clamping down on my dick, and I know she's a goner. That's when I lose it.

My orgasm is so powerful, and it knocks me out for a second. I come back around to find myself squirting my semen deep into my girl's womb, with her pussy still pulsing around my cock.

"Fuck, little girl. You just knocked Daddy out," I say jokingly while holding her face in my hands, rubbing soothing circles on her cheeks and staring into her eyes, still properly sheathed inside her warm cunt.

My little girl's eyes light up and she giggles. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean it."

"It's okay, baby girl. I know you didn't," I murmur to her. "Daddy loves you."

"I love you too, Daddy."

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