The man heaved himself forward as he quickly looked over his shoulder. 'They're there...just waiting for me to slip up. Fucking bastards, you won't get these without a fight!' He jumped down into on of the many deep partitions of waste tunnels beneath the city. People avoided these places for they usually are filled with the many dead from repossessions. 'Damn clean up crews are lazy mother fuckers...' The man nearly tripped over a decomposing body of a woman. Suddenly he was on the ground, the air harshly knocked out of his body. Both legs were tied and he was then being dragged further into the tunnels.

"No! No! I would have payed but...but PLEASE JUST LET ME GO! PLEASE!" The man begged trying desperately to grab the bindings. Just as he finally managed to grab the rope around his ankles he was roughly grabbed by the throat. The power in his attackers hold threatened to break the hyoid bone, a threat the man knew this thing wouldn't hesitate to do should there be any "complications". Repo men were vicious in their dealings but the man thought he could truly out run them. He stared into the purple eyes of the repoman as it stared back as if daring the man to continue fighting. With a sigh the man surrendered and become listless and steeled himself to his eventual death.

The Repoman let go of the client's throat and when it was satisfied it took the fight out of the client it then turned to its' back pack. Taking out a clear info sheet, the repo then scanned the mans flank where the kidney was located. Getting a positive reading it took out a syringe and calmly gripped the man's jaw tilting it upward to expose the jugular. The man hissed as the needle went in and then groaned as he swore he tasted blood in his mouth already.

"I gave you a paralyzing agent, Mr. Hadlam. You have defaulted on your kidney and so we are required to repossess GeneCo's property. Good bye Mr. Hadlam." The repo took out a scalpel and turned the now paralyzed Hadlam onto his stomach.

'I never thought Repo's could be female...what a way to go. Killed by such a short little girl. heh...' Mr. Hadlam would have laughed but his rib muscles refused and his vision was soon turning black from lack of oxygen.

"Organ retrieved. Returning to drop off." The Repo man spoke aloud as the wrist communicator flashed in response. Bagging the organ and putting it in the refrigerated back pack the repo stared back to the now dead Mr. Hadlam. 'I fucking hate this job...' The repo started towards the entrance to the waste tunnel anxious to return to civilization. 'Just another day in Sanitarium Square'.

(so yeah...started a new story cuz I literally ran into a block with the other one...I I couldn't find anything to start the next chapter with and was just stuck. There wasn't a Repo! asscreed cross over so...I shall write one! YAY! You get to meet the purple eyed repo next chapter and how this ultimately ties in to the assassin's creed universe...oh man! I am so excited to write this...I loved the movie and just...yeah. lol hope you enjoyed! I haven't watched it recently but...does the city have a name and is sanitarium square just like...a pavilion belonging to geneco? man I need to watch it again. Also...yes she is female but since the majority are male she will still be called a repoman because she doesn't show any female characteristics for her uniform covers and binds her chest for support when running. Only her voice gives away that she is indeed a female repoman. There are other females don't worry she is not that special.)