Amber walked from the stage into her dressing room only to freeze in surpise.

"How did you get pa-" Amber didn't have enough time before Graverobber interrupted her.

"Oh your bitch dogs? They weren't very should have them trained more sweetie." Graverobber leaned in from his seat. "You owe my little Shilo some favors after she gave you GeneCo baby. How bout you tell me about the repoman with the pretty purple eyes?" Graverobber took out some zydrate and prepared the injector gun to further tempt the addict.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. There are about five Repomen with purple lighted 'eyes' you know? Tell me why you are even interested in a repo especially after what you got involved in last year? I might owe that bitch Shilo but that has nothing to do wit-" Amber gave the Graverobber a death glare as she was once again rudely interrupted.

"Shilo says this repo might have been her father's student. She said she remembers a student coming over for help a very long time ago. The student was the first person she saw besides her father in that cage of a house. Her father was so furious but the student stood his ground. She wants to know more about him and see if he will talk about how her father acted know some sentimental shit. So...what do you say Amber sweetie?" Graverobber leaned back then and waited playing with the trigger of the zydrate gun.

"Hahaha! Oh god really? You know the only repos that have purple eyes are female right?" Amber smiled wickedly as Graverobber looked surprised.

"Well...I had a photo and everything. Shilo...wait are you sure?" Graverobber spared a look towards his accomplice and nervously looked back at Amber. Amber gave him a look of annoyance.

"Uh yeah I guess considering I have to look after those psychos. Fuck you know what? My main body guard should be here any minute she might be. Aw! There you are my little kitten." Amber took a seat at her makeup stool and presented another woman who was only a couple inches shorter than Amber. She wore a gasmask with darkened lenses so you couldn't see her eyes. As the woman entered, her mask making noise with every breath nodded to Amber and nodded towards the two men. "No. Don't kick them out yet. They wanted to know about a certain Repoman and I am sure you can be of help to them. What do you say my little kitten?" Amber smirked and ignored the obvious bait of the zydrate as Graverobber started to practically wave the gun in her line of sight.

"I don't have a choice do I...Miss Amber." The miss Amber was practically growled out and the two men noticed the warmth in the room vanish as the two women stared at each other. The masked woman broke eye contact and walked closer to Graverobber. "What do you two need to know?" The woman crossed her arms in annoyance. Graverobber smiled brightly and was about to answer when Amber laughed.

"They have an interest in one from the purple squad kitten. Don't know if they want revenge or something. You know the protocols dear...I'm out, too fucking tired of this shit." Amber got up from her seat and opened her door to see two of her so called "best of the best" bodyguards with bruises and cuts all over them. "You two...come on. I have an interview in an hour let's leave Kitten." Amber walked past as if she didn't bother to notice the injuries her body guards sported. As the door closed Graverobber looked over the figure of the masked woman and decided she wasn't all that bad looking.

"May I tell you how pretty yo-"

"Cut the shit Graverobber. How you remain alive I have no idea but you listen to me. I won't allow you to hurt any one of the repos you hear me?" The woman crossed her arms even as Graverobber's accomplice stood up and being a foot or so taller tried to intimidate her. She stood her ground and growled in warning.

"Look you two let us not fight for this is very important. Or so Boss Baby has told me every damn time I ask him about it. Come on let's see your face pretty lady." Graverobber smiled and held his hands as if praying. When the woman shook her head no Graverobber gave his best puppy eyes. His accomplice grew tired of wasting time.

"We need to learn about this repoman. The name is Bozek and I was told to gain any information about this certain repoman so we could ask him to help." Bozek took the photo out to show it to the woman. As the woman moved to take the photo Graverobber got up and started to wander the room. The woman took the photo keeping an eye on the wandering Graverobber. She took a moment and then shook her head giving the photo back.

"Can't help you. Get out now." The woman walked to the door and opened it standing in the doorway waiting for them to leave.

"What? Just like that? You know more than you let on bitch!" Bozek yelled and prepared for a fight. Graverobber inwardly cursed his luck and then ran to Bozek's side trying to hold the angry boy from ruining their chance at learning more about the repos.

"Well I wouldn't word it as my friend did but yes...I think you do know exactly who that is in the photo. I can promise you we have no ill wishes toward that repo it's just we need to ask the guy to help...guy or girl. Heh I don't know what the gender this repo is." Graverobber smirked and then held onto Bozek's shoulders tightly.
The woman looked away from the two, grumbling could be heard as if she was talking to herself.

"Fine. That repoman is me now what do you two want? I should kick both your asses for intruding on Amber." The gasmask made her voice even more menacing.

"Eheh when did Repomen start to work as body guards?" Graverobber asked truly curious.

"When Nathan Wallace went rogue and brought the wrath of the Largo's upon us." The woman coughed then continued. "I guess I was so lucky to get this job but only a few of us got the ass end of it. The Largo's need the repos to stay 'happy' and so the main squads were left unfazed by the incident. The name's Anjasi and I am the one you seem so determined to find." Anjasi moved from the doorway to allow the door to close. She waited for the two to continue their questions.

"Um...when did repomen allow women to join?" Graverobber was truly surprised by this fact.

"Since the very beginning. The repoman is just a title no indication of which gender he or she is. We are the Repomen. We hunt those who are past due and return GeneCo's property. Is this what you wanted to know Graverobber?" Anjasi was beginning to get angry at this waste of time. She just had to return Amber and then she was off on her three day break, a rare thing among the repos. Bozek coughed caught off guard by the fact the repo they were looking for turned out to be a female.

"So...uh sorry. I guess." Bozek looked to the side as Graverobber gave him a look that would have killed.

"Anyways dear Anjasi we both have need of your...skills. At the very least would you meet with my Boss Baby?" Graverobber pleaded and Bozek almost thought that the drug dealer would actually go to his knees.

"Graverobber. Since you have history with Amber and my orders were to actually help you. I have no choice in the matter. I unfortunately have to follow Amber till my debt is paid. So yes, I would love to meet this Boss Baby of yours." Anjasi shook her head in defeat.

"Good. Meet us at the graveyard at midnight. I have some other business I must attend to and Bozek," Graverobber turned to Bozek. "Would you please go fetch Boss Baby and have him come meet with Anjasi? He might need to know that he was a she and so on. Now let's get ready!" Graverobber jumped in excitement. As this job if all goes well would get him so much cash that he might be able to get rid of his own debt to pay. 'Yeah right! Gonna use that cash for better equipment!' Graverobber walked to the door and took Anjasi's hand he kissed it farewell and then went out the door. Anjasi and Bozek were left confused, Anjasi never having to deal with chivalry and Bozek confused on how to deal with saying goodbye to the woman. The room filled with a horrible awkward silence when Anjasi nodded in farewell and left. Bozek was left alone in Amber Sweet's dressing room too angry at himself for his foolishness to leave till Anjasi closed the door.

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