Waking up in the mornings seems to be a whole hell of a lot easier since Bo decided that his own bed wasn't good enough - and moved on over into Luke's. Blondie seems to be contend with this new arrangement, after his design of course. I get this here big part and the right to cuddle all I want, you can sleep over there on the edge and cuddle back, is more like it. It's no fair considering the fact that he's almost getting shoved out of his own bed, tried to migrate over to Bo's empty one a few times, but the kid just got up and followed him. Yes, getting up is a lot easier when that's the only way he can get back his own personal space, that is, until his cousin gets up too. At least that's why it started out being easier.

Somewhere along the road things changed, discovered that the more he cuddled back the more space he got. Now that the split was fair everything started evening out. Found himself not bothering to get comfortable until Bo got under the overs with him, even throws them back the second his sleepy cousin finds his way into their room after cleaning up for the night. Doesn't even complain anymore when that stick of a man wraps himself around him and finds a spot on Luke's shoulder to use as a pillow. Feels a lot better to wake up spooning Bo's long body than it did when all that was wrapped in his arms was a pillow at best, if anything at all.

Finds he doesn't care that much if Bo decides to sleep naked either, too hot, is the excuse which is fine by Luke. In fact sometimes he finds that it's too hot himself. On those nights neither of them have much to complain about in the mornings, except waiting for Daisy taking her sweet time in the bathroom. Dried sweat is some nasty stuff to be covered in, plus, they'd better get it off before they get found out. What they do on those too hot nights is no one's business, but theirs, but that doesn't mean Uncle Jesse won't have nothing to say about it.

Showering has gotten a new arrangement too. Saving water, is their excuse on this one. They go skinny dipping together all the time, why should showering be any different? Jesse gets the logic of it, or maybe he just hasn't got much to say. Their female cousin knows better though, probably remembers her own words, 'Never stopped anyone in this family before.'. Although, they don't catch onto it themselves until Daisy finds Bo eating Luke's face off out in the barn and her only reaction is hardly a twitch of the eyebrow, just goes about doing what she came to do and leaving with an egg-sucking grin on her pretty face while they just sputter and stare stupidly. Funny how this all started with Bo getting tired of his own bed.

Even if Daisy doesn't seem to mind much she still gives them an earful about it when their uncle goes out to run an errand. Warns them to be careful, she does, and they are. Keeps everything to a low when they're at home, and never somewhere they might be seen, walls it in to places like the hay loft, their bedroom and the bathroom. When they're home alone on the other hand, well, they'd better hope and pray that Daisy doesn't discover some of the places they've been christening around the farm.