Kissing your date on New Year's Eve is common courtesy, right? Then how come he's out here in the woods behind the Boar's Nest kissing Bo instead? It's a strange situation, one Luke doesn't quite know how to handle, sad thing is, he doesn't even know where their actual dates are. That little bit of information got lost somewhere along the way between his cousin pulling him away and his back hitting the bark of a tree. Bo's right there in front of him, pressing Luke against the tree with all of his weight 'you're going nowheres until I say so', the blonde should know that he isn't planning on going anywhere at all so long as that mouth keeps his mind on other things. Getting Bo's mind to switch tracks should be easy, that turnip in there hardly puffing along at half the pace of any other man's brain, turns out to be harder than an attempt at his cousins name, ends up sounding more like Mo than what it should sound like.

Seeing as there is not much he can do as long as his arms are trapped to his sides by the tropical vines that are made up of his cousin's long limbs, figures the best thing he can do is just letting it run it's course and do nothing about it. First chance he gets he is going to shove Bo away. First chance. Turns out first chance Luke gets he does the opposite, pulls the kid closer and wraps him up in his arms. Catches himself closing his eyes and relenting the little control he's gained over to his cousin and just comes along for the ride.

Mother nature does the right thing, breaks them apart when the need for air starts burning in their lungs, pulls them away from each other, like it should be. Except, it shouldn't. Certainly doesn't feel like it.

"Bo?" This time his cousin's name sounds like it should. One word question, more than enough, moonshiners don't need many words hardly any at all when staring each other in the face.

"You's supposed to kiss the one you love, Luke." Luke knows that Bo is talking about more than just stupid traditions, even if he is right about that part. Anyone could tell there was more to that sentence than meets the eye, ear. Three words that the Duke boy has been throwing around for the last ten years, but this time it was real and aimed at him. Holds on to those big words, doesn't know what to do with them since he's not sure he can give them back the way his cousin wants him to.

Goes for the second option and shows Bo just how much he agrees with him.